A/N: Hello! This is Jazola, here with a collection of Lucky short-fics. It was spawned mostly by an article I was assigned to do for my school paper- the ten commandments of a high school relationship (which I have no idea why I was assigned to, thank you much). That's why the 'commandments' sound super corny and juvenile. :D Since I had no idea what to write, I put it in the perspective of my OTP, which made it much easier. This is just a boredom project that I'm doing now to polish my Lucky muse every now and then, so please don't expect updates regularly. (More regularly than I usually update, anyhow.)

Commandment: Don't Lie. This means about even the smallest thing, because as we all know, the worst scenarios always start with a miniscule ignition. From what you got on a math exam to what you were doing over the weekend, honesty is always the best policy.

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: T for language.

Credits: Katsura Hoshino owns all~!!

1. Don't Lie

There had been a multitude of emotions that poured through Lavi's mind when his supposed lover had accidentally let him see the ring. At first, the exorcist had thought it a joke- maybe one of Road's childish gifts to her uncle. But when a dark hand reached up to brush a strand of red from his face, his emerald orb followed the sterling silver, reading the elegant script inscribed on the metal. 'Tyki & Lynette'. The words burned his throat, and he frowned, grabbing the hand lightly.

"Tyki… What is this?"

The Pleasure froze, gaze drifting from the ring to the Bookman. He curled his fingers tightly, pulling away from the younger man. "It's just an engagement," he answered softly, slipping the band off his digit and tucking it into the pocket of his dress pants.

"What?" The word came out wrong, insipid and not half as furious as Lavi had wanted it to be.

"Shush, pet, we can discuss this later." Tyki covered the redhead's quivering lips with his own, silencing him effectively, a long hand curling gently around the pale neck, as if crouching to strangle any further protests that were considering voicing themselves.

But the exorcist couldn't lie there and feel any of what the Noah was doing to him without thinking of the ugly words sketched on the ring. "Stop," he commanded tiredly as the elder man tried to unzip his white pants. Sitting up, Lavi yanked his shirt back on from its corner on the hotel's bed, and pulled his knees up to his chest tightly and suddenly. "Who's Lynette?" Tyki's eyes, he noticed, instantly averted his own.

"I don't love her the way I love you," the brunet admitted quietly, "I don't even like her, Lavi."

"Then why are you engaged to her?" the exorcist demanded, his voice cracking with hurt. A soothing arm wrapped around his waist, and a pair of lips apologetically placed themselves on his jaw-line.

"It was my brother's idea to get me married for societal benefits. I was going to still come back to you." Golden irises blinked truthfully down into one peridot.

The redhead bit his lower lip in consideration. "Were you ever going to tell me about Lynette?" The name rolled off his tongue, reeking of bile and ashes. (He hoped that was what she really tasted like.)

Tyki's momentary hesitation as he visibly fumbled between truth and lie was all the indication Lavi needed. The boy made a revolted noise of frustration, though if it was to himself or to the Portuguese was unclear. Kicking his legs over the side of the bed, he stood and fled the silent bedroom, broken breaths left in his wake.

It was too dark outside for any light to illuminate the hotel's hallways, so the exorcist blindly stumbled through the cold corridors. A groping hand found the railing to the stairwell, but still sightless, Lavi miscalculated his footing, and fell down a series of steps, yelping in pain as he landed with his legs bent grotesquely beneath his weight. Savagely biting the insides of his cheeks, the boy winced through the agony, struggling to find a grip on the wall to pull himself up by. "Fuck…" he groaned, as his fingers failed to feel any purchase.

Just then, a depressingly familiar scent came behind him, and he was grabbed around the pelvis and gently helped to his feet. Lavi contemplated rejecting the Noah's help and letting himself fall again to further distort his swelling knees, but the arms embracing his middle locked him in such a warm grip, he reluctantly submitted to his love. "I need fresh air," he mumbled, trying not to lean too far into the firm torso that was pressed to his back.

"Of course," Tyki agreed quietly, lifting the redhead's legs off the ground so he could carry him in a cradling position, though he still attempted to evade eye contact with the boy.

Once they'd passed through the walls of the simple building, the Portuguese carefully deposited his exorcist on the sparse grass, so Lavi could lean his back against the hotel. "Love, I would've kept her a secret from you, because this engagement is a formality and nothing more."
For a moment, the redhead said nothing, only pulling at the frayed ends of his scarf. Once he'd unwound a full three rows of weaving, he asked hoarsely, "Have you slept with her yet?"

"Yes, but Lavi, I'm—"

"Don't feed me that shit about being the Noah of Pleasure," the exorcist growled, though his tone was eerily steady. "You haven't been with anyone else since you first told me you 'loved' me—" Tyki blanched at the dead edge to the boy's words, "—except her now. It has to be more than a 'formality'."

"I don't love her, Lavi," the Noah snapped, losing his own patience. He dropped to his knees to be able to glare into the smaller male's half-lidded orb. "I didn't think you'd react so strongly to finding out about someone else!"

The look in the younger's expression became one of disgust and scorn. "Of course I would. I thought maybe," the rapid catch in his tone couldn't be missed this time, "Maybe we could've done this, even being an exorcist and a Noah."

Tyki could've protested this pessimism easily, but he felt that the boy only needed this time to sort out his emotions on his own. He was wronged however, when a moment later; the redhead lifted his face to trap both of them in a seemingly unbreakable eye lock.

His voice shook now more than it ever had before, but his words couldn't be mistaken, not with the look of drowning misery that entered Lavi's eye as he spoke. "You can betray me… You can even leave me. But why did you have to lie to me?"

Tyki had no answer.