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Commandment: Don't Take Your Anger Out on Your Other. Everyone explodes once in a while, and that's one of the dreary parts of being human. However, this most certainly does not mean that your partner should be the one to take the hit, especially if s/he had no relation to your agony. If anything, cry on your Other's shoulder, and take a moment to confide in him/her.

Genre: Angst/Tragedy

Rating: T for moar language.

Credits: All to Katsura Hoshino. Who may not own the Devour Hand thingy that the Crow was using, but she didn't mean to plagiarize!!

2. Don't take your anger out on your Other.

As soon as Tyki stepped into the forest clearing where he and Lavi had agreed to meet, he could feel the poisonous atmosphere, already at work tainting the air. A whirring noise filled his ears, and he ducked instinctively, but that wasn't enough to evade the glowing hammerhead that lunged at his stomach.

"Oof," he grunted, as he was crushed against a tree. Stepping backward through the trunk, he rubbed his aching torso, golden eyes turning to hazel as he shifted back to his human form. "Lavi?"

"Fuck this!" the boy's voice cried out in rage, stepping from behind the edge of the clearing. The Bookman apprentice was obviously disheveled, his bandanna draped over his neck, and hair strewn into his face as his entire frame shook violently. "Fuck it." His hammer shrunk back to its original size in his hand, and he shuddered weakly.

"Lavi!" the Noah barked in concern, appearing quickly at his love's side to brace the boy. "What's wrong?"

"You," the redhead snarled, wrenching himself out of the elder male's hold. "It's fine for you—you don't have Central stalking you on every mission you do, making sure you're not a traitor. I hate them." The boy suddenly crumpled back against Tyki, fists curling in the man's dress shirt tightly.

"Central?" The Noah demanded worriedly, cradling the younger male soothingly. "Did they follow you here?"

"I don't think so—" Lavi groaned then, slipping out of Tyki's arms, clutching his skull in internal anguish. "Fuck," he whispered softly, now kneeling before the Pleasure.

"Hey." The brunet bit his lip, knowing what this was about. It was hard enough for the redheaded youth to maintain being a Bookman apprentice, but his growing feelings for his friends, and now his love for Tyki added onto it, were blending the edges of the path he'd walked on most his life, and he was becoming more and more confused every time the Noah saw him. Central guards were now involved as well, apparently…

"Lavi," the Noah repeated, though he was instantly repelled by another surge of Innocence. The hammer still grasped in the boy's hand grew to the size of a baseball bat, and he braced it on the ground as a crutch, staggering to his feet with the aid of the weapon.

"Get away," the redhead hissed, now aiming to swing Nyoibo at the older male. "I'm serious. I will kill you if you touch me again."

Though the Pleasure doubted Lavi could murder him, especially in this mental state, he knew there was something deeper than Bookman problems in the boy's heart to coax such a poisonous threat from his lips.

The exorcist snapped his head up, glaring at Tyki hatefully. "I want to kill you," he confessed bitterly, struggling upright to hold his hammer in front of him. "Gouka Kaijin: Hiban." The serpent burst from the materialized seals, seething toward the Noah with a rage he'd never seen in fire before. He barely had time to summon the large Tease from within him, barring the snake from striking his otherwise unprotected body.

"Lavi! What the hell is wrong?" A smaller hand curled around his wrist then, though he didn't quite know when the boy had approached him amidst the attack.

"You were going to run away from me in the end, weren't you? Just like everyone else…" The redhead reduced the hammer to its minimum size, his other hand tightening violently on the Pleasure's arm. "When 'Lavi' disappears, you'll forget about him. It's not my fault though. I didn't ask to have emotions. It's everyone's problem that they made my heart grow back, and now I have to leave Lavi behind… All your fault."

Golden eyes dilated in numbed shock. "You're leaving the Black Order..?"

The redhead's fingers quivered, tapering over Tyki's pulsing vein. "…As soon as we get back. Bookman warned me… I couldn't let ink come alive… And I did." The boy bit furiously down on his lower lip, a breaking of skin penetrating the silence.

The Portuguese man watched in sick horror as crimson slowly trailed from the bite wound, Lavi's green eye dulling over as he leaned heavily into the older, shakily inhaling the perfume of smoke and spices.

"How do I let 'Lavi' go?" the redhead asked, the sharp scent of metal filling the air as he spoke. "Could I kill you? Would that help to detach some of him?"

Tyki didn't reply, only wincing as the vice on his wrist tightened painfully. At the same time though, he couldn't seem to allow his ability to make him untouchable, he couldn't bring himself to watch the boy's hand close on thin air and take away the one thing he was allowed to hurt. Against the white dizziness that spread over his vision when Lavi's fingernails dug through his dark skin, the Noah allowed his blood to seep through their intertwined arms, for the sake of appeasing his love.

"Why don't you leave me?" The exorcist questioned bitterly, staring as black blood trailed down his arms, as if it were his own wound. "You can forget me now, just like everyone else at the Order will."

"No," Tyki gasped suddenly, his voice breaking uncharacteristically. Snapping his free arm out, he snared Lavi about the waist and held the younger male to his chest, his grip unyielding even when the redhead's digits buried deeper into his skin. "Lavi, I won't forget. Really. And maybe I can even still see you…" Without the war between them when the boy left the Order, it could work better, even if he would still be a Bookman. "I'll stay with you," he promised, pressing his nose into the red strands.

The boy said nothing, but slowly retracted his fingers from the Noah's skin with a regretful sigh. And for Tyki, that was good enough.