My head shot up and I looked around to see who had just taken my picture, it was a little girl who was still holding up the camera staring at with her mouth wide open

"Mommy?" the little girl whispered to the lady standing next to her reading a magazine

"What dear?" she replied without looking away from the magazine

"That guy over there" she said while still whispering, "Who is he?"

Her mom finally looked at her daughter then at me and gave a silent gasp 'oh my' I heard in her thoughts

"I don't know dear but stop staring" and with that she got back to her magazine. The little girl however did not stop staring, I tried listening to her thoughts but to my shock I heard nothing, she started slowly walking over to me, her mom didn't even notice.

"Hi." She said to me softly, and again I was shocked humans don't usually approach us

"Hi?" I said but it sounded like a question

"You're beautiful!" she said without thinking but then looked down at her shinny black shoes and blushed

I laughed inwardly and smiled down at her

"Thank you!" I said and she started smiling back

"What is your name?" she asked me

"Edward," I replied when I was about to ask hers, her mom noticed her daughter was not standing next to her anymore and when she noticed the girl was over by me a look of horror crossed her face, the little girl noticed right after I did and she quickly tugged on my arm till I came down to her level and she whispered to me

"Edward, one day I am going to marry you!" then she skipped off back to her mom who had decided it was time to leave

"Bella!" her mom quietly rebuked,

I just stared after them with a look of wonder on my face, but then I shook my head and went off to go find the rest off my family, when I found then I realized right away that Alice was hiding something from me she was singing that's what girls do in her head to block me out.


We were all waiting for Edward to come back from wherever he went when I had a vision

'A little girl was slowly making her way over to Edward,

"Hi." She said to him

"Hi?" He said back

"Your beautiful!" she said then seemed to be embarrassed

"Thank you!"

Then the little girl asked his name then she tugged on his arm and told him she was going to marry him one day'

I came out of that vision and went right into another one

'I saw Edward dancing with the same girl but she was older and in a beautiful white dress, I heard Edward whisper

"I love you Bella"'

I smiled and knew I had to keep that vision to myself so I started singing songs that I knew Edward hated so that he would not see that vision on accident.

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