I didn't faint.

I couldn't feel my arm though so I just stopped looking at it. I was in a numb state of mind where all emotions, pain, and understanding vanished. I could barely remember my name, I tried so hard to figure out the reason for this unbelievable feeling of nothingness. It was enjoyable. Not that I could feel joy at the moment. I wondered if I had been drugged.


A stupid mutt kidnapped Bella? Well that's what Jasper was insisting so it must be true.

I raced out of the house and ran as fast as my vampire legs would take me. I was headed for Bella's house and sure enough the smell of dog was clearly identifiable, I was doing my best to resist the urge to plug my nose (as if that would help) and started following the trail the repulsive werewolf left behind.

It led me far, about twenty miles away and into a wooded aria where I lost the scent.

(He sounds like a dog himself lol)

But up above, I saw a plane flying just low enough for me to hear the thoughts of those onboard.

Aro better be pleased we got her…

Ugh! she reeks of that nauseating dog we were forced to work with!

And that was all I needed to know. They were taking her to Aro, in Italy. It looks like I will be using the family plane shortly.


I got home to an eerily empty house.

"Bella?" I called trying find out if my daughter was here.


What was wrong? She was supposed to be home!

"BELLA!?" I yelled louder

Still the silence was bothering me even if she wasn't home.

Getting no reply after a few more tries I made my way up to her room. Maybe it was my years working as a police officer that made me aware of when something wasn't right, it was the feeling that you would be needing your gun soon. I knew that feeling well and had mine ready.

I entered her room and found it perfectly clean and everything in its place everything except a piece of paper lying on her bed. I bended down to pick it up and what I read shook me so bad.

Dear dad,

My days here have been awful! I'm miserable! I hate my life! Doing the same thing over and over again is starting to drive me insane!

I love you, but I need out of this life.

The last time you saw me will be the LAST time you ever see me!

Tell mom I love her it also and that its nobodies fault.

I'm not really sure how one goes about writing a suicide note but I am sure that this is be mine.

Love, Bella

I found my secret stash of rum and started drinking.


The wall opened and I giggled.

"That's funny!" giggle "A WALL DOOR!" Then I started laughing.

I couldn't stop! Whatever they were using to drug me was some good stuff!

A small girl walked in she was maybe eight or nine (if even) and had an evil smile on her face.

"Guess what? Daddy says I can bite you!" She told me

That made me laugh even more, at least, till her teeth sunk in.


Couldn't this plane go any faster? Rose was driving and Alice kept trying to glimpse what was going to happen to Bella but she kept pulling up blank.


I was running around reading peoples thoughts trying to find out if anyone knew where Bella was being held.

I couldn't figure anything out! Why would Aro want Bella? What could he possibly use her for? The only truly special thing about her was that I couldn't read her thoughts and that her eyes were the prettiest shade of brown… I shook myself out of it, now was not the time to think about how pretty she is.

Finally we just went to Aro himself, it seemed a rescue would be fruitless.

Aro stood in front of us now in a room where we had asked for a hearing.

"So what is it that brought you all the way over here? Just to speak with you?" He asked in his weedily voice.

"What do you want with Bella?!" I asked getting straight to the point

In stead of answering my question he told me to hold out my hand I did as was asked already knowing what was going to happen.

I would never get used to someone else knowing every single thought that ever entered my head and not to mention all of those thoughts I had heard from other peoples.

I felt as though my mind had turned into a stack of photos and Aro was shuffling through them… one at a time

"Ah so you want to know what I want with Bella?" He said pleasantly and then continued on to tell "First let me tell you about a new friend of mine, his name is Albert, I first met him a few years ago when he came to introduce himself.



"My name is Albert, and I believe I have some information you would like to hear"

Instead of waiting for him to tell me himself I took his hand and knew all instantly

Albert could see the future as it was going to happen. No wonder the poor vampire went into hiding.

Edward Cullen was going to fall in love with a human and would end up changing her. She would end up with the most powerful gift of all

Her power would turn off everyone else's when she was a certain distance away. She would end up over throwing the Volturi and ending my rein over the vampire would. She would become their new queen with Edward at her side unless I changed her before he could.


And it's a good thing I did. Now we could use Bella as a weapon keeping her far enough away from myself of course.

I smiled

And Edward reading my thoughts growled and then…

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