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Summary: What if Lily and Petunia got along? What if the Dursleys didn't hate magic? What if Dumbledore was a conniving, controlling meddler without the best of intentions? How would Harry's life change?

This has been rolling around in my head for some time blocking work on other stories. So, I sat down and wrote this in about half an hour last night. It was late and I was tired; I tried to proofread it but I'm not sure how well that worked. Please point out any mistakes/problems.

Oh, and I know the Dursleys will be OOC. Since I'm changing something so fundamental to their characters in the book, canon for Harry's home life is getting defenestrated.

Dear Petunia,

This is the last letter I will be able to send you for quite some time. I really shouldn't even send this one but I did not want you to worry when you don't hear from me. The war is heating up; I feel that it will soon be over, one way or the other. It has intensified enough that James and I are finally going into hiding. Sirius has agreed to act as a diversion while Peter is the true Secret Keeper. Dumbledore will be coming this evening to cast the charm.

I fear this will not be enough, Tunia. Peter is a weak man and has been acting increasingly nervous though James is convinced it's only my imagination. I would feel much more comfortable if Remus or Sirius were the Secret Keeper but Sirius swears that he is too obvious and Dumbledore is persuaded that Remus' condition will drive him to support the Death Eaters.

You should be safe at least. I've made sure never to mention you and while it is well-known that I am a muggleborn, very few are in a position to find out whether I am an only child. Those who already knew of you, I, well I suppose "convinced" is the best word after all, convinced you died in the same accident that killed our parents. James and Dumbledore know the truth but only James knows that I correspond regularly with you.

I suppose I should get to the point of this letter. I'm very uneasy. Dumbledore has become obsessed with a prophesy that he swears tells of the end of the war though he refuses to tell us the whole prophesy. More than that, he is certain that it is Harry who will destroy the Dark Lord! The very idea is ludicrous but I am frightened to think of what Dumbledore might do to force it to fruition. I can no longer trust Harry's safety to him.

I have taken steps to protect Harry. I had been researching ancient magics in an attempt to find something that could be used against the Death Eaters but I changed focus once I learned about the prophesy. Many of the protection spells have precise requirements but I will have time to fulfill them once we're in hiding. As a precaution, I'm sending you a copy of my research though I sincerely hope it will be redundant. Part of the protection is that if anything happens to James and me, whoever takes Harry will feel compelled to leave him with you. With luck, Sirius, Remus, and Peter will be able to help raise Harry but I know you will be able to handle the task regardless.

Give my love to Vernon and Dudley. I hope I will be able to see all of you soon.

Your Loving Sister,


Like I said, this has been rolling around in my head but just this part and enough for part of a first chapter. If you have any suggestions or something you'd like to see, please review and mention them. Following chapters will be longer. And someone please suggest a better title.