Dr. Bishop watched the screen an old film had been playing. The woman was on drugs, part of an experiment by a group of artists, writers and musicians who were using drugs to induce greater creative abilities. She was in her thirties and describes her feelings. Dr. Bishop is there experimenting but is also spying on them for the government. He has taken on the role of interviewer. "Tell us what you see."
"Oh, I am in –dimension- far out, man, like it's so heavy! I see an aura emanating from you right now…its like your soul, three of you are circling around…oh, I see things flying around…oh –what- who are you?"
"What, who, what are they and what are they doing?"
"I see HIM, an angel…you were- are- to come…I can't fly…lets go to the roof…"
"We can't have her flying. There are some who have gone to their death." [TSCC]
'I see into the universe, it has a Soul…The Universe has a soul. Colours, vast even seen…I see fire I see deep into planets, stars they all are speaking, crackling they speak of GOD they speak of the OTHER SIDE." Her hands reach and move in sweeping motions. "Ahhh! NO…no…"
"Evil evil things…oh blood human animal Other…There is a man."
"What does he look like?"
"He has no brows he is bald he is staring at me…parts of the Sun are hurtling past…he is gone…it is all dark it is light. Glowing, a man is he is holding a small world in his hand [there was a book with on business and the hand held a world in it…see references to things imploding blowing up dispersing into particles from other fan fic stories/chapters] He closes his eyes and it is growing he is gone…dispersed dispersed it he is in the midst of its particles that float…it spins and has turned black red purple green...it has reforms is is so large I I." She closes her eyes throws herself onto the ground and cries "I has been blocked out the sun is between the earth and yet Earth is cold, so cold so cold so cold so cold…[There are photos and depictions of large suns and planets nearby the viewer…the man in the moon]
"Give her something…"

A nurse injects her; she goes limp and closes her eyes.
Walter writes few words: 'OTHER SIDE, universe cold, GOD.'

He will have the words etched in his mind. Later he experiments with hallucinogens in order to reach the OTHER SIDE.

Another film. It is himself. He is crying
"Oh, oh, my Earth! Give it back its, please, please, move to another galaxy let me have warmth, bring me Light. He disappears from the screen. He sees men and women in lab coats go by, there are different scenes of earth on a screen, and in different time periods in a nearby room. Dr. Bell says, "It is good to see you. I hope your feeling well after such an ordeal. It happens with such travels."
"Am I…"

The scene shifts from the Other Side with Dr. Bell to the room and he reappears in the chair.

"I remember seeing him, I remember seeing the people starting at the screen and I got up and my aura was still there, like an old fashioned ghost photo only the actual person, myself, was gone."


"That is what I experienced.


"You were on the Other Side?"
"Yes, while NASA was sending messages to outer space I went to the Nether Regions…I was never the same after that and I've never been sure I started life here or there fires."

[One.] [Leary, Huxley, et al had such an experimental gathering]
[Two][This was a problem for some on hallucinogens back then people thought they had extraordinary abilities and hurt themselves]
[Three.] [Scientists have found that there is noise emitted from the sun. H. G. Wells had many descriptions of space…the old notion of the soul is in all things living and inanimate…]
[Four.][Hamlet's ghost disappears/reappears…other worldly travel, H. G. Wells, Star Trek etc. fading also is what rainbows do so it is a natural phenomenon.]