A pyros life.

A fire in Forks alerts its dwellers to the presents of Bella Swan and her addiction to the flames.


I stared at the flames around me mystified by there beauty before looking down at my hands were a small rectangular object lay. Flipping the lid on the metallic lighter I watched a much more smaller flame burn. Flipping it back down I gazed around me to the havoc I had caused. Smirking slightly as I sat down on the grass and watched the flames as they flared up to greet the sky while below they licked at the trees.

I was ready to fall into the deep slumber of death as the smoke entered my lungs pulling me closer to my desire to die. Closing my eyes I breathed in the putrid smell of burning wood and exhaled in anticipation until my body was fully submerged into the darkness.

Beep, beep, beep. Beep... Who knew death could be so irritating I thought to myself as the noise increased in volume hurting my suddenly sensitive ears. My eye lids felt heavy and I could feel sharp pains in my lungs as sudden realization dawned on me... I was alive. I fought the weight of my eye lids and they opened to show me a white room. Looking around I saw my arm had an IV drip, as soon as I saw it I pulled out, I hate needles. Jumping from the bed with a new fount strength I looked down to see a hideous hospital gown. I grunted at the sight and turned to a window near by. Looking out I discovered I was Conveniently on the ground floor. I opened the window and hoisted a leg over but unfortunately before I could get the other one over the door opened with a squeak revealing what seemed to be an air-brushed model in a white coat. Before he could protest or stop me I jumped out landing softly and began to run for the trees outlining the building I had currently been in.

The wind blew harshly and I looked down to realize I still had the stupid gown on. Thankfully it wasn't one of those open back ones. I began to run again not caring about the twigs that stabbed my feet nor the wind that seemed to slap me repeatedly until I was tackled to the ground from behind. With a grunt I was spun around mid air and who ever grabbed me cushioned my landing.

I tried to get out of there hold but it was like an ironed clamp that refused to let go, cursing I finally gave up and fell limp. I was stood back on my feet and turned around to see the air-brushed model in the white coat again. He looked quite angry but I saw slight relief glisten in his honey comb eyes. He did look quite attractive but tat was the least of my problems. He had caught me and I had to go back.

I was back in the hospital bed again and after many struggles they had managed to get the IV back in and were watching me to make sure I didn't take it out. I hated feeling helpless and trapped, it wasn't my forte.

I wanted to know who rescued me from my fiery paradise in the woods to I could beat the living crap out of them, I didn't want to be rescued. I just lay on my bed cursing who ever did to the darkest pits of hell when the doctor who dragged me back to this hell hole walked through the door.

He smiled at me and I could all but return a face of hatred. After all he did bring me back her. He walked over to me and stuck his hand out.

'Hello Miss Swan, Its a pleasure to meet you. I'm Carlisle Cullen and I'm your doctor for the next few days' He said cheerily like I was going to congratulate him for it. I turned my head to the side away from him.

'What ever' I said dryly. I hated hospitals, I hated nurses and I definitely hated doctors with every fiber of my being.

A nurse handed him what appeared to be my chart.

'I have a question Dr. Cullen' I said sternly to make sure I had his attention.

'Why am I here and where are my things?' I quipped getting strait to the point.

'Your here Miss Swan because you were in a forest fire and have suffered minor smoke insulation. Fortunately they managed to save you in time before any real damage was done and for your things they are in the bedside table to your right.'

He thought it was a good thing they fount me. I wanted to strangle him.

'Whom may I asked saved me' So I know who to kill.

'My son actually. He was walking through the woods and saw the smoke. He called the forest fire department and went to investigate and managed to get you out' he sounded like a proud PTA mom.

'Anyway, It seems your vitals are up and you should be out of here by tomorrow when your parent pick you up.' There was a slight problem with his plans. My parents were dead.

'I'm emancipated' He looked at his to chart to confirm.

'Oh, It appears you are but were still keeping you overnight for observation then you may be discharged' he seemed to pause and thing for a moment, 'Do you have anywhere to go Isabella?'

'Its Bella and whats it to you?' I sneered. He sat on the bed next to me and his eyes softened, what a chump, I thought.

'If you want you can come stay with me and my family' He pleaded and I actually thought about it. I mean I did have nowhere to go and if i started another fire they would surly figure me out or find me.

'Okay' I looked him strait in the eye and all i could see was utter happiness. He stood up and left with a smile in my direction.

Soon everybody left my room and as soon as they did I yanked the IV out again with a curse. It bloody hurt. I looked through the draw and saw my skinny jeans, shirt and weirdly... fresh underwear. Getting changed quickly so I was out of the uncomfortable fabric they had put me in I curled up on the bed and slept.

I was woken with a shake on my shoulders and saw Dr. Cullen leaning over me.

'Bella I can discharge you now' I got up groggily and looked around for my shoes. Dr Cullen seeing my wondering eyes caught on and pointed to the area beside the draws. I put them on and followed him out. He seemed like a nice enough man.

With a jolt i remembered the lighter and quickly patted my pockets down. Thankfully I felt it, my lighter other than the cloths on my back and my trust fund in the bank were about the only things I owned but seeing as the money could not be reached at this point in time I had to stick with what i had.

I was lead by Dr. Cullen to a Mercedes.

'Well they sure pay you doc's well...' I gave a low whistle at the car and I heard him chuckle.

'So Dr. Cullen are your sure your family wont mind me coming' I said bashful all of a sudden.

'Please, call me Carlisle and yes they are fine with it especially my wife she loves kids' I was not happy about being referred to as a kid but I let it slide as I was going to be living in his house for a while.

While in Carlisle mind he remembering the argument he had with Edward and Rosalie about the human. It was probably the first time they agreed on anything but this girl needed him and they were soon outvoted by the rest of the family.

Carlisle pulled up an extremely long driveway and I stared with amazement and the size of the house and it decor. It was awe inspiring.

He lead me through the doors and called out that he was home and six people came from different directions of the large white room they entered.

(a/n: I'm not going into to much detail about there physical appearance. We all should know by now what they look like but just imagine Gaspard Ulliel as Edward.)

An energetic pixie came bounding down the stars followed by a blond boy. She hugged me tightly around the waist.

'Hi, I'm Alice' I heard mutterings of shopping and cloths before she returned to the southern looking male that followed her. He nodded his head in my direction.

'Jasper' I nodded back at him. Suddenly I was caught around the waist again but thrown in the air by a bear like man and then squeezed into a hug.

'I'm Emmett' he boomed. I liked him already he was like a toddler in a guys body. I even laughed a little only to catch the eye of a stunning blond who gave me a harsh glare. I glared back with equal disposition. We stared each other down with Emmett still hugging me while my head was looking hast my shoulder at her until she smiled slightly and looked away. Emmett finally took note of the silence.

'Thats Rosalie' he cheered and I rolled my eyes.

'Emmett put the poor girl down your probably hurting her' A stern voice came from behind me. I was let down immediately and came face to face with snow white herself.

'Hello dear, I'm Esme' she brought me into a gentle hug. To say the least I was shocked nobody normally treated me like this.

I was let go to meet the final person in the room that was perched on top of a piano bench.

'Edward here was the one that saved you Bella' Carlisle voiced. I stopped gazing at the Greek god and my amazement turned to hated towards him.

'Pleasure to meet you all, I'm Bella' I said rather coldly after my discovery of my unwanted savior.

I realized suddenly what the whole time i was with them i hadn't thought about the beautiful flames once but now that I did I wanted to burn something. Badly.