Satisfying my addition slightly made my way back into the house after cleaning up. Walking into the house i realized although it looked pretty, there wasn't much in the way to do. I didn't have books, Cd's but upon entering the living room I remembered the TV and happily turned it on. A local news station was talking about the fire but i just clicked past it.

I seem to always turn the TV on when its ''Advert'' time and being simply to energetic to sit through the bland products descriptions filled with lies and smiling faces I stood, turned the TV back of and made my way outside again.

Looking up I realized the stars had come out so due to there position I knew the Cullen Residence was to the East and searching for the brightest star that resided over my clearing I estimated it was between our two houses, just peachy. I began walking to it and saw it as a way to waste away the night.

Upon entering the clearing a while later I walked to the center, stared up at the sky and fell on the my back with a thump. It didn't hurt, I was numb to the physical pain the mental pain however never faded.

I closed my eyes but not to sleep, to see my memories as if they were happening at this very moment. The once silent night was penetrated by screams, yells, cries and shouts as I relived the passed. The pain I felt before I was feeling again at what it seemed at ten fold but my mind never permitted me to open my mouth and scream. It was hell on earth.

The yells of desperation came from my mother, father and step-father who I had forced into going out for dinner and upon walking home through a shortcut ,what a mistake, was pounced upon. My parents caught the force of the attack whilst shielding me but I was still injured. I watched the strangers, two men and a female, hold them by their necks.

My mother had a male attacker who had knocked her to her knees and was now towering over her, leering at her almost. He whispered in her ear and her eyes widened and shot to me in horror but i couldn't hear what he had said. My mums eyes suddenly widened as the stranger bit her and I watched the light leave her eyes, the color drain from her cheeks but that horror stricken face never disappeared.

To my right the other man and female had thrown Charlie and Phil to the ground like rag dolls there lifeless bodies burned in my mind with my mothers. Not a drop of blood was spilt on the ground and there bodies were clearly devoid of it.

The attackers advance upon my there eyes flashed red to back and back again. 'See ya soon' one male whispered musically and they disappeared into this air.

I heard people shouting out and heavy footsteps coming in my direction but I sat motionless and stayed like that whilst numerous strangers appeared, whilst flashing lights of ambulances and police cars flashed around me, whilst I was put on a stretched and whilst a paramedic pulled out a needle that led to me going to sleep, a mild sedative he had said.

I had awoken in hospital. My arm in a cast and a bandage around my head. I was alive and all i could think about was wanting to be dead.

I opened my eyes, my memories residing to the black box in my mind and a sigh escaping my lips. I did occasionally open that box the masochist deemed it only fit that I should relive the night seeing as only I survived.

Thats right, the only survivor who went on to earn a G.E.D and get emancipated from the government social services. Life was... livable. But the depression led to my unsuccessful suicide.

I flipped my lighter over again and skimmed my thumb over the flames. It was my only light source along with the moon. I sat up quickly feeling uneasy. I sensed a presence in the vicinity and then eyes on my back. My hairs stood on end and I turned tail and ran.

My breaths came out in gasps as I ran through the night. Nearly tripping on roots but only noticing them before it was to late thanks to the light of the moon. I reached my home with sweat on my brow and my heart hammering in my chest, once inside I locked the doors and waited out till morning my senses on high alert.

It couldn't have been vampires or at least couldn't be a vampire that wanted to eat me. You see after the attack I realized some things and remembered things I didn't first pick up on and after the coroners report I had sneaked a peek at when wondering round the hospital I had woken in after the attack i began my theories, my research and it lead me to vampires.

I never told anyone my theory, they would ship me of to the crazy house or blame it on the shock but I was right, my gut told me I was right.

I inhaled a deep breath once the sun came up tinging the morning sky in reds, yellows and oranges but it wouldn't last long. Forks was apparently known for its year round bad weather.

My day was spent casing the small town, getting groceries, buying parts for my bike at a local garage and enrolling in the local school and yes I know not necessary but it did kill the boredom. I started tomorrow, goodie.

I was at home my groceries now put away and now I was working on the bike when a timid knock rang through the cottage. I dropped my wrench in surprise. They've fount me, there going to suck my blood, they said they would see me. I walked to the door to meet my doom my heart pounding in my chest, there was no point running they seemed to be quick on there feet those leaches considering they vanished into thin air that fateful night there was no point running.

I pulled the door open after gathering my courage to stare in the face of death or at least punch it. I was met with pale skin and the handsome face of Carlisle. My heart stopped with relief. Until i noticed subtle things I hadn't before.

The realization of my stupidity made my eyes grow wide and slam the door in his face.


Sorry for the long wait. I had actually forgot about FanFiction but now im back and determined as ever to finish all my stories and maybe start a few more. Hope you enjoyed the read