Summary: Snippets of Kakuzu's and Hidan's life together after Kakuzu's graduation in "Pajaros en la Cabeza". The chapter will not be in chronological order.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters. The last names "San" and "Hoku" are derived from the Akatsuki rings and not actually Hidan's and Kakuzu's last names.


It was a peaceful Thursday afternoon in the suburbs of Konoha; spring had finally started to settle in, bringing with it the scent of the blooming trees and flowers everywhere and pleasant temperatures of 20°C. If it wasn't for the wind, it might almost have been appropriate to wear t-shirts already.

The street was nearly traffic-free, making it convenient for children to play outside. It was lined with single-family homes and tiny lawns, all equally perfectly kept.

Hidan almost wanted to puke when he passed them. He hated them and their little perfect lives; bankers, doctors, lawyers – misers, alcoholics, men who beat their wives. He hated people like them – to the outside, they looked perfect, but their neighbors knew better.

He was much happier in his less-than-perfect relationship. At least he admitted he had issues.

"Up next is a caller from Suna! What's your name and which song would you like us to play?"

"My name's Matsuri, and I want you to play Jashin's new single because it reminds me of the concert I went to last week! I'm so sad they're taking a break, but at least it means we'll get a new album soon!"

"Alright, we'll play it for you! You're listening to Shinobi Radio, frequency 99.1 and the next song is called –"

Hidan clicked his tongue in annoyance, crossing his arms over his chest. "That radio station is so fucking annoying."

The taxi driver glanced at him nervously and quickly turned off the radio. "I'm sorry."

They stopped at the last house on the left side before the street hit a dead-end. It was a nice house with a small patio, the whole building painted in a light crème color with white frames and a white front door. Beside it was a slightly bigger-than-normal garage in the same style.

They stopped in front of the house, and Hidan knew that the front lawn was only so perfect because of a gardener. After paying, the taxi driver helped him unload his luggage. "You have a nice house, Sir. Do you live there with your wife?"

"Tcheh." Hidan brushed his hair back. "I guess you could say that."

He didn't even know what he was going to do first – take a long, relaxing bath? Eat real home-made food? Sleep? Though, of course, the first thing he was going to do was kiss the fuck out of Kakuzu.

Hidan had never thought he'd last in a long-distance relationship, but they'd managed. The road had been rocky, but four months ago, they had actually celebrated their 6th anniversary. Hidan had taken a plane from Kiri to Konoha just so he could have dinner with Kakuzu and a rushed fuck before he had had to leave again to be on time for his New Year's Eve performance at midnight.

"I'm home!"

Silence. Hidan stood in the doorway for about half a minute, waiting for a "Welcome home" or Kakuzu jumping his bones, but neither happened. Eventually, he dragged his three suitcases inside by himself, closed the door and ventured around the house to find Kakuzu.

The house had two floors and a basement, which was Hidan's "music lab". Thinking that maybe Kakuzu was asleep, Hidan first went upstairs, where only two rooms were – the big bedroom that they shared and a bathroom. They had never had a problem with sharing the bedroom because most of the time, Hidan was gone – on tour throughout the word, and in the little time that they actually were together in the house, the bedroom played a central role.

Not having been able to find Kakuzu upstairs, Hidan went back to the ground floor. Kakuzu was neither in the study nor in the guest bathroom; the living room was empty and the kitchen deserted.

Hidan didn't like to admit it, but he was sulking slightly. There he came back from a three months long tour – he hadn't seen Kakuzu in person once during that time at all– and Kakuzu wasn't even there. Great. Awesome.

At least he had remembered to put beer in the fridge. Grabbing one, Hidan opened it, took a few gulps and then proceeded to unpack.


It was already late when Kakuzu returned home; he had taken up a part time job when his savings had been used up because he didn't want to take advantage of Hidan's money (although really, Jashin's first single had paid for their house) and was now employed as a waiter.

He found Hidan asleep on the couch, looking so much like the sixteen-year old boy Kakuzu had fallen in love with six years ago and yet so different. He had become an adult; while he had already looked pretty grown up at sixteen, his stature had become broader and he had even grown a little. The softness had completely left his face, making room for the handsome face of the rockstar Hidan San that the world now adored.

He briefly wondered if all those girls and boys would still idolize him if they saw him like this – spread out on the couch, mouth wide open with his shirt half-ridden up and snoring loudly. Not very charming.

"Stupid," he muttered quietly and knelt down next to the couch. "Hey, idiot. Wake up, you can't sleep on the couch."

Hidan groaned in protest, covering his face with his hands and thus muffling his speech. "You're late."

"My boss was being a bitch. Come on, at least get changed. I don't think sleeping in leatherpants is very comfortable."

"Hmmmnh." Hidan rolled onto his side and grabbed Kakuzu by the neck, pulling him closer and trying to kiss him. "Why don't you take them off for me?"

"Because I'm tired." The medical student's eyes narrowed and he removed Hidan's hands from his neck. "I'm going to get ready for bed now. Sex can wait; you have a full month off and I've taken a couple of days off my job."

Hidan complied grudgingly and rolled his eyes, sitting up. "Missed ya too, bitch."


Sleeping in a king-size bed with Kakuzu on the other side was a luxury Hidan never wanted to miss again. He already knew that when he had to get on the tourbus again, it would take at least a week for him to get used to the tiny bunk beds.

He had actually tried to take Kakuzu on tour for a week once when the brunette had been on a break. Needless to say, bunks were simply not made for two people – especially when one was tall and both not exactly scrawny. They hadn't tried it ever since.

Hidan slept like a baby for the next fourteen hours – a much needed compensation for the lack of sleep he got on tour. He woke up with his head nuzzled into Kakuzu's neck and immediately scrunched his nose up. "Cut your hair," he mumbled sleepily, "it's fucking tickling me."

"It's expensive to keep hair short. It would require me to go to the hairdresser once a month."

Hidan snorted, lightly hitting his boyfriend's – and God, was it weird to say boyfriend when you were twenty-two and your partner twenty-four – bare chest. "Stop thinking about the fucking money. I have enough to pay for your haircut."

"As soon as you come back, the house is loud again. Even when you sleep you snore enough to keep the neighborhood awake."

"I'll give you 'keep the neighborhood awa-" He complaint was interrupted with Kakuzu's mouth on his, muffling the rest of his sentence. Hidan flailed with his arms for a moment, still kind of pissed, but the noises of protest and flailing slowly got quieter as Kakuzu deepened the kiss, and soon enough, Hidan found himself underneath Kakuzu, hands wandering along his body.

"Welcome home," Kakuzu mumbled, tossing Hidan's underwear out of the bed, "Cielo."