Author: Sparta

Title: Lost Souls

Pairings: Ziggy & Dillon

Rating: R

Categories: Slash/Mpreg

Series: Parenthood

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort

Crossovers: RPM/SPD/Jungle Furry

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: Ziggy was a crook with a good heart, Dillon was a loner with an unknown past, both walk a lonely path though life until their paths cross and sparks fly. However, can the Ranger keep these two on the right path?

Chapter Summery: two lonely strangers meet

Authors Notes: Ok before anyone get's their knickers in a twist about this fic let me just point some bits out.

1. This is part on my Parenthood series universes (see my fic list for the rest) so the whole thing is AU or Attentive Universe but still runs along the lines of the Epps.

2. This is slash, I'm sorry if it offends but that's just what it is

3. This is a Male Preg fic, yes, I know it can't happen in real life (unless you're the one guy that made the papers) but for the purpose of this fic, it can happen and it just does.

4. There are some crossovers and crossover pairings in this and they will be listed when the chapters come up.

5. I try to update regularly but it is often up to the plot bunnies that attack at the time, but the more people that leave review the more I know to keep up with the story and were I'm going wrong.

6. I do have a beta but she often wont read my Power Ranger stuff because she ether 1. Hates my Tommy/Jason stuff because she hates Tommy or two. Wont because she is a die-hard MMPR fan. However, if some one wants to volunteer to help out I will never turn it down. Oh yeah and my spell checker is crap I use it and people still say I'm making mistakes.

Thanks for putting up with this crap now on with the show



Parenthood: Lost souls

Lost between Heaven and Hell

Dillon had been on the road too long now even for him, he'd long ago began to doubt that even the great Corinth City still stood. The automatic voice of the radio signal began to wear thin as it played over an over in his car, for a brief time Dillon felt hope as he found a lone flower in the now barren wasteland that was once a fruitful world.

It reinforced Dillon's dieing belief that even after all this time life will finds away to start again, but with the swift arrival then disintegration of the Grinders Dillon found his faith once again failing him. But still he carried on though the heat of the wasteland, at the back of his mind a constant thought. A memory just out of reach, a promise made a promise that kept Dillon going.

Pulling over once again he pulled out a map of the world as it once was, on it in pen was the corrections made by Dillon as the world around him changed. Sucking on the brightly colour Lollypop he had in his glove box, as the gentle song from the silver pocket watch brought the blurred memories just out of reach to the surface.

"Hold it right there"

Dillon snapped out of his dreaming as he felt something being jammed into his back, he was forced against his car as the attacker spoke again.

""Eyes front, hands up where I can see them" growled Dillon's attacker as he frisked Dillon making him smile.

Catching a glimpse of his attacker in the cars mirror Dillon smiled, his attacker was a no more them 18/19, he was scrawny in build but tall, his hair was wild and whatever was stuck in his wasn't a blaster. Pulling out his Lollypop from his mouth and dropped it on the floor as he raised his hands, Dillon figured he could have some fun with the kid as he played along.

"Ok now my friend we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. Now I'm going to count…."

"NO" said Dillon as he kept his emotions cool, but he was smiling inside as he watched the kid's confusion through the mirror.

"What No? How can you say no? I haven't even told you my demands yet? Now you've made me lose my train of thought," said the kid confusedly as Dillon smiled.

"You wanna start over?" asked Dillon with a smile as he enjoyed watching the kid get confused.

"No no lefts just keep going, I need to take your car…lets say borrow I need to borrow your car it sounds better" said the kid as Dillon growled, as fun as this was no one touched his car but him.

"And those are you demands?" said Dillon

"Yeah, yeah, no negotiations" growled the kid as he dug the thing harder into Dillon's back just making him growl again.

"Can I say something now?" asked Dillon as the kid looked at him.


"No" said Dillon once again as he watched the young man get more agitated.

Dillon could see it on the kids face and feel it in the way the he held his weapon, the kid may have been a criminal at some point but Dillon didn't think he was as dangerous as he made out.

"Ok, fine see I wasn't going to bring this up because it's kind of rude but I'm the one holding the blaster. Plus I'm a despite…."

Dillon growled it was time to finish playing with the kid as he spoke up.

"You're not holding a blaster," said Dillon catching the kid out as Dillon saw the brief glimmer of panic in his eyes.

"I think I am, what else would it be?" asked the kid as he tried to hide his panic

"It's feels like a 41/2 inch outtake muffler, kinda like the one you might have pulled off that Rig over there?" said Dillon as he referred to the remnants of the truck behind them.

"Maybe?" said the kid as he stopped hiding his panic

"That's and interesting theory but a smart guy like me might disss…..."

Dillon watched the kid jump as he spun round smashing the muffler in two as he did.

"Wait….ok not the face not the face," said the kid in panic as Dillon walked towards him before he hit the floor.

"Any food, water or gas?" growled Dillon as the kid hit the floor next to his bag shaking his head.

"No" whispered the kid as Dillon growled

"That was some of the other stuff I was planning to borrow off you," said the kid as he got up not taking his eyes off Dillon.

With another growl, Dillon headed back to his driver's side of his car, followed by the kid as he gripped tightly onto his bag.

"Whoa wait you can't leave me here" said the kid as he stood next to Dillon with caution.

Dillon was about to speak up when the radio found a signal and the kid heard the broadcast from Corinth City.

"Corinth? Your looking for Corinth City am I right?" asked the kid as Dillon just rolled his eyes.

"Yeah sure the radiation makes the compass go all wrong" said the kid with a smile as he held up the compass.

"It messes with the radio frequencies too, very hard to find your way. Fortunate for you I can take you there" said the kid as Dillon sighed.

"Yeah, if you knew where Corinth was you'd be there," said Dillon as he went to open his door as the kid rooted though his bag.

"I was, I just came from there, serous look," said the kid as he handed Dillon his ID.

Dillon looked at it and sighed, there it was plan as day written on a plastic card;

Name: Ziggy Grover

Security #: 229

Age: 19

POB: Ocean Bluff/Corinth City

"Ziggy? Your name is Ziggy," asked Dillon with a smile as the kid blushed slightly.

"Yep that's me," said the kid with a smile.

"Whatcha doing out here Ziggy?" asked Dillon as Ziggy bowed his head slightly.

Now that Dillon wasn't being held, up he had a chance to inspect his new finds, Ziggy was dressed in a suit and no shoes Dillon figured he'd lost them in the storm a few nights earlier. From the way he looked he figured Ziggy had been out outside the Dome (if he was telling the truth) about a month tops.

"You know that's a long story, I'd be happy to tell you that on the way," said Ziggy as he saw the look on Dillon's face.

"Or maybe I could just get in and keep my mouth shut?" asked Ziggy as he watched Dillon's reaction.

Dillon sighed to himself; something in Ziggy's eyes (which were now doing the kicked puppy look) melted the hard core about his heart making Dillon sigh again. He hadn't been looking for a passenger, a quick fuck maybe but not a passenger. But now he found himself unable to say no to Ziggy as he stood over from him.

"Yeah the second one" growled Dillon as he got in and motioned for Ziggy to join him.

Ziggy leapt into the backseat as Dillon started to drive, after about half an hour on the road Dillon stopped again and got out the car to get into the passenger seat beside Ziggy.

"How far is the City from here?" asked Dillon as Ziggy watched him pull out his map, Ziggy pointed to an unmarked spot on the map.

"Great" growled Dillon

"I'd say that the cities about a months journey from here, but we've got a problem," said Dillon as Ziggy looked at him.

"We're running on empty and unless you want to die of dehydration we need water too. Now there's a settlement here," said Dillon as he pointed to black mark on the map.

"It's a bout three day out of our way and I'm not sure they have the resources to spare," said Dillon as he pointed to a red dot on the map.

"This on the other hand is only half an hour out and is guaranteed to have food, fuel and water," said Dillon as Ziggy looked at him

"What's up with that?" asked Ziggy

"It's a Venjix compound," said Dillon as Ziggy suddenly went white but before he could argue.

"In truth I haven't got the fuel to reach the settlement" said Dillon as Ziggy smiled and sighed.

"Venjix it is then" said Ziggy as Dillon nodded before heading back to his seat.


In truth Dillon wasn't looking for Corinth City, he was avoiding it. Being half robot had it's upsides as well as it's down, a downside being when he need to repair his damaged robotics and the upside being he could always sense human whether they be a hundred miles away or just a few yards.

This meant Dillon could always keep one-step ahead of the game; he never kidded himself that Corinth City held any kind of hope for him. He was part Venjix Technology, a death sentence if their was ever any in his mind. Therefore, Dillon carried on his life as he did after he woke up in the sand alone, just living day-by-day going from small human settlements to the open road and then back again.

They did ask questions, they did look so hard for things; they just got on with it. However, every now Dillon questioned his own actions, looking over to his passenger. Dillon chuckled to himself as he watched the smaller man as he drooled in his sleep; Dillon had to admit Ziggy was kind of cute when his mouth wasn't running ahead of his brain.

However, Dillon's musing was cut short as explosions wrung out around them, Ziggy leapt up as he was violently woken from his sleep as Dillon swerved violently to avoid the bombardment. Holding on for dear life Ziggy dared not speak up for once, as he sent up a prayer to the goddess to save his ass.

"Duck, cover and stay down Ziggy. There's a barricade up ahead and I'm going though it" growled Dillon as Ziggy squeaked in dear before throwing himself between the front and backseats and covering his head.

From were he was Ziggy could hear and feel everything but he dare not look up, not even as the car came to a screeching haut or as he heard Dillon exit the car. Ziggy prayed that Dillon wasn't abandoning him to die or worse getting himself killed?

Ziggy disputed what people may or may not thing of him always had a strong moral compass, he believed in people and in helping them it was just how he went about that got him in trouble. However, Dillon was something else all together, until he had turned round, Ziggy had justified his action to himself but once Dillon and he had been eye-to-eye Ziggy's justification wasn't good enough.

To put it bluntly Dillon was hot and Ziggy had no chance in hell, when Dillon had agreed to let him ride with him Ziggy had been stunned. But now as the explosions sounded and the battle became more intense, Ziggy realised both their survivals rested on a guy whose name he didn't even know.

As the battle outside fell silent Ziggy dared to look up, unfortunately for him as he did a Grinder pulled open the door and with great forced yanked him from the car. As it whizzed and clanked, raising it's blade above its head. Ziggy closed his eyes as he waited for the end, but when it didn't come he opened is eyes to see Dillon tearing sed Grinder in two.

"You ok?" asked Dillon as Ziggy raced at him, throwing his arms round his neck Ziggy kissed Dillon hard.

Dillon still running on the adrenalin of battle was shocked but reacted on instinct, wrapping is arms round Ziggy's waist he picked up the younger man and sat him on the hood of his car. Attacking Ziggy's mouth with a passion Dillon pulled Ziggy blazer off until it hit the ground. Tearing open Ziggy's shirt Dillon heard no objection from the younger man, as Ziggy pulled the leather jacket from Dillon's shoulders before his shirt followed suit.

Before Ziggy knew he was stripped down to his boxers, he hissed as his bareback collided with the baking hot hood of Dillon's car. Feeling the heart of the hood Dillon picked Ziggy up and carried him to the back seat, once they were comfortable Dillon continued to attack the hard nubs on Ziggy's chest.

Ziggy moans of pleasure and willing pleas only pushed Dillon on as he stripped Ziggy naked. Looking up Dillon couldn't keep the smile of his face as he enjoyed the view in front of him, Ziggy's skin was flushed and sweat soaked, his hair was wet and stuck to his face with sweat. He was panting but with a smile on his face, his pale skin was littered with scars Dillon made a note to ask about later.

"Please" begged Ziggy as he traced over the scars on Dillon's chest with his fingers.

Leaning down Dillon kissed Ziggy making Ziggy giggle and blush, pulling off his own clothing Dillon rooted round to find something he could use as a lubricant. Finding a cream, he'd usually use to treat his injuries he was set.

"Just relax Zig, I'll take care of you" said Dillon as he lent down to kiss Ziggy before he prepped him.


Ziggy awoke sometime later laid out over Dillon's backseat, naked but for Dillon's jacket over him and faintly aware that they we're on the move. Stretching out Ziggy was caught off-guard as a small something hit him on the chest.

"Welcome back, eat this for now we'll stop soon and eat properly," said Dillon as Ziggy nodded from the backseat and tore into the energy bar.

As Ziggy ate the energy bar he silently watched Dillon, Ziggy was well aware of what had happened between them and that it wasn't one sided. But now Ziggy was worried that he'd made his already weak alliance with Dillon weaker, hell he still didn't know who this guy was and yet he'd slept with him.

Suddenly the car came to a screeching halt, watching Dillon get out Ziggy pulled the jacket over himself as he suddenly found himself feeling embarrassed. Dillon opened the door as Ziggy moved up the seat; Dillon sat down beside him and passed him something.

"Its clean water, it may be sometime before we stop again," said Dillon with a smile as Ziggy nodded nervously as he took the bottle.

Seeing Ziggy's nervousness Dillon pulled the younger man closer until he was upon his lap, settling his jacket over Ziggy's lap Dillon began to run his fingers though Ziggy's hair as he spoke.

"I ain't going to hurt you kid, I know what happened between us and I'm glad it did. It might have happened quicker then it should but out here, you never know when the ends coming? I mean it when I say I'm not sorry it happen they way it did, but I will promise you Zig I'm not going anywhere.

I have a past Zig, a past that's not to welcome in Corinth. So I'm taking you home but I can't guarantee it's going to be good when we get their, but I will promise you this no matter what happens I will always be with you and I will never leave you behind ever" said Dillon with a smile as Ziggy looked up at him and smiled.

"Get dressed and come join me in the front, oh and I want my jacket back" said Dillon with a smile as Ziggy wrapped his arms round Dillon and hugged him.

Dillon got out of the car and stopped, smiling he watched Ziggy, as he looked round for his clothing. Looking up Ziggy huffed at the look on Dillon's face.

"Give me my clothing back" huffed Ziggy

"No" said Dillon

"Then how can I give you back you jacket?" asked Ziggy as Dillon's smile got better.

"Give me my jacket then I'll give you back your clothing," laughed Dillon as Ziggy blushed.

"Turn round then?" asked Ziggy


"You're an evil bastard you know that?" said Ziggy as he pulled the jacket from his waist, blushing as he felt Dillon's gaze on him as he handed over the jacket. He was surprised when Dillon kissed him before passing him his clothing.

"Nice body" said Dillon as he closed the door and walked round to the hood of the car.

Ziggy got dressed and joined Dillon on the hood, smiling Dillon passed him over something that didn't look to good. Ziggy didn't argue but Dillon soon noticed as Ziggy started picking off the bits of meat.

"You ok?" asked Dillon making Ziggy Jump.

"Yeah, don't get me wrong I'm not one to look a gift of food in the mouth when I'm hungry, but meats not my thing," said Ziggy with a shudder as Dillon smiled, leaning over he took the meat from Ziggy's food and gave him some of his vegetables.

"Come on Z, we need to hit the road now. When night falls round here it gets bad," said Dillon as Ziggy nodded and followed Dillon into the car.

Taking his place in the passenger seat Ziggy settled down as Dillon started the engine and took off, after a few minutes Ziggy started to fidget.

"What's wrong?" asked Dillon as Ziggy blushed

"I have sand in my socks," said Ziggy

"Then empty them" said Dillon with a laugh as he watched Ziggy.

"Sooooo" said Ziggy as he rested back against the seat as the radio played.

"You still haven't told me your name yet?" said Ziggy as Dillon sighed.

"I don't know," said Dillon, as he felt slightly ashamed to admit it.

"You don't know if you want to tell me your name? Well that's kind of hurtful after what we've been through…"

"I don't know my name Zig, otherwise I'd tell you," said Dillon as he smiled as Ziggy.

"Well were are you from? I mean who are you then?" asked Ziggy as he watched Dillon's shoulder slump and sigh.

"I don't know," said Dillon again.

"Well don't worry about it; we've all got things that we'd want to forget I know I do. But I do know this whoever you are, you mean a lot to me and so far you've been a better man then some I've met" said Ziggy as he put his hand on his leg making Dillon smile.



"You can call me Dillon," said Dillon with a smile

"Ziggy" said Ziggy as he offered Dillon his hand

"Nice to finally meet you Dillon and now we just keep heading north and we're home" said Ziggy with a smile as he settled back to sleep.

Dillon felt his stomach flip but he knew he was doing something right, if not for him for Ziggy at least. Therefore, with a growl he revved the engine and headed off into the sunset, praying that what they would find wouldn't disappoint.