Author: Sparta

Title: Lost Souls

Pairings: Ziggy & Dillon

Rating: R

Categories: Slash/Mpreg

Series: Parenthood

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort

Crossovers: RPM/SPD/Jungle Furry

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 6/?

Completed: No

Summery: Ziggy was a crook with a good heart, Dillon was a loner with an unknown past, both walk a lonely path though life until their paths cross and sparks fly. However, can the Ranger keep these two on the right path?

Chapter Summery: Ziggy's nightmares are getting worse, Dillon's got a bad feeling about today

Epp Used: Go For Green

Authors Notes:

It's Not Easy Being Green

'Ziggy was back in the middle of a battle but this time it wasn't one he wanted to remember, the battle wasn't even his it was a battle he remembered from his childhood. Flashes of red and silver and the bone crushing sound of battle made Ziggy sick to his stomach, hiding from the world behind a create Ziggy fear for the only family he had as he clung to his younger brothers and sister.

Their silent sobs cut deep with Ziggy's heart then came the moment he dreaded when the creature found them, dragging them out it showed them the bloodied and broken body's of their parents on the ground before them'

Suddenly Ziggy was pulled from his nightmare and found himself wrapped up safely in Dillon's arms, his heart hammering in his chest as he tried to forget the nightmare that plagued his sleep every night.

'And with that conclusion I must point out that it is of the utmost importance that we bring the Ranger Operator Series Green online as soon a humanly possible'

Commanded Dr K from it's screen to a room full of half asleep Rangers and their breakfast, but what did it expect pulling the Rangers from their beds at 5 am in the morning?

"So what you're saying Doc is that we need the Green thing or where toast? Great what do you want us to do about it hold a talent show?" growled Dillon as the room fell silent.

'If that is what it takes, Ranger Operator Series Black'

"You've got to be kidding me?" growled Dillon, as he grew tired of this argument.

"Ok Doc but remember it was your idea" said Dillon as they all got up and headed back to their rooms or Dillon and Ziggy's case Dillon's car.

"Toast?" asked Ziggy as he offered Dillon a piece of his breakfast as he laid across Dillon's lap in his backseat.

Dillon's smiled as he plucked the toast from Ziggy's hand and began eating it.

"What is it with you and toast?" asked Dillon as Ziggy giggled and shrugged.

"Blame my dad, though mum ate the stuff by the plate full when he was pregnant," laughed Ziggy as he laid back on Dillon's lap.

"You know they are going to ask you…," said Dillon as Ziggy looked confused

"The Rangers, fighting evil they can do finding people not a chance. Do you think you can though? I don't want them blaming you if this plan goes wrong," said Dillon as he ran his fingers though Ziggy's wild hair as Ziggy sighed.

"Do you ever wish life was different? Like if Venjix had never attacked?" asked Ziggy with a sigh.

"Sometimes when I was alone, but now I remember I have you and it makes it worth the fighting," said Dillon as he lent down to kiss Ziggy.

"Oh sorry, I…" said a red faced Flynn as he grabbed his wrench and raced back to his Jeep, a few minutes later Ziggy appeared at his side.

"Whatcha doing?" asked Ziggy with a smile as he watched Flynn blush.

"I'm sorry…."

"Don't worry Flynn, so how are you and Scott?" asked Ziggy as Flynn blushed.

"We're good, so Dillon told you?" asked Flynn as Ziggy nodded.

"Yeah, you and Scott I saw that but you being pregnant and having a daughter already? Didn't see that," laughed Ziggy as Flynn sat down next to him.

"Yeah, how are you and Dillon now?" asked Flynn as Dillon headed past them and into the Ranger Room; Flynn cleaned his hands on his rag and smiled at Ziggy.

"We're…..oh who am I kidding I'm fucked" sighed Ziggy in defeat as Flynn hugged him.

"Why what's wrong Zig?" asked Flynn confusedly

"I'm….I'm pregnant" said Ziggy as Flynn just looked stunned before sitting down on the floor.

"Does Dillon know?" asked Flynn as Ziggy shook his head before pulling his knees up to his chest.

"No I found out when I was in prison just after you came for him, I thought he'd left me when he took off…"

"And that's why you left the garage? Shit Zig I'm sorry. Who was that guy you went to stay with?" asked Flynn as Ziggy smiled.

"That Flynn was RJ, he and his mate Casey were friends of my parents. They watched over me, my two brothers and my sister, they watched us grow up. When Venjix attacked, my family was needed elsewhere so he and Casey stepped up and brought us here. My sister died getting here but my brothers are still with him," said Ziggy with a sad sigh.

"We've all lost people in this war, we all hold on to what we have now" said Flynn with a sigh as he pulled Ziggy close.

"I know but…..Flynn what I wanna tell ya now don't tell anyone not even Scott, Dillon knows some of it but not all" said Ziggy as Flynn nodded, Ziggy looked round the room and saw a wrench sitting on the side. Raising his hand he concentrated, he smiled to himself as he heard Flynn's gasp.

"I was born Ziggy Milo Granger, first born son of Andros and Zhane Grover, Heir to the Karoven throne. I was born on a planet called KO-35 far away from here; my parents were the Red and Sliver Power Ranger. They saved Earth from Dark Spector," said Ziggy as Flynn just looked at him.

"Wow so your not human and a Ranger's child?" said Flynn as Ziggy laughed and nodded.

"When Venjix attacked and we couldn't return home my parents went to seek out the First Rangers in hope of helping, RJ and Casey are Ex-Rangers too they volunteers to take any children here.

It's been 4 years since we have heard from the other Rangers, Colonel Truman doesn't know who they are but I think he suspects. I think he knows about me too hence the reason why he looks down his nose at me," sighed Ziggy as Flynn held him close.

"Hey don't worry Zig I don't think he likes me much either" laughed Flynn as Ziggy dried his eyes.

"Come on kid we've got a show to put on, Doc K is going to blow a circuit or two when she realises what she's authorized" laughed Flynn as he help Ziggy get up before heading to the kitchen.

Dillon sighed as he walked into the Ranger Room and stood before the flat screen before him.

'If you wouldn't mind Ranger Series Black'

"One day you will call me Dillon" growled Dillon as he raised his Morpher and became the Black Ranger.

Dillon began getting dizzy as he spun round, he wasn't sure if it was the spinning or the info Doc K was feeding him.

"Should I pretend I understood any of that?" huffed Dillon as he sore he heard the computer sigh with frustration.

'Series Blue's suite is programmed for Time Field Manipulation; series yellow is able to read energy signals and focuses the flow into concentrated surges. Reds suit focuses the bio field into a three second burst attack'

"Which brings us to me?" said Dillon as he tried to hide the fact that what he could understand about the suits was interesting him.

'As operator of the Series Black technology, your suit is enabled with an invincibility shield that will make you completely impervious to any attack for a period of five seconds'

"Completely?" asked Dillon as he was suddenly very interested in the series Black suit.

'Theoretically when your shield is fully charged you could withstand the blast of a 40 mega pulse blast'

"Theoretically?" said Dillon becoming very worried.

"But you haven't actually tested it have you?" growled Dillon

'No that's what you are here for'

"Great" said Dillon as he suddenly wished he was with Ziggy

"Powering up shields" said Dillon as he Morpher and took up his stance.

Ziggy sighed this was turning out to be the worst day possible, so far not a single candidate had been worthwhile even he thought they were bad and that was saying something.

"Stop just stop" yelled Scott as Ziggy felt sorry for Flynn who was bashing his head against the table.

"We're looking for a Green Ranger here not a clown," growled Scott as Ziggy panicked.

"And on that note I have six year old waiting for me, I'm going home Scott don't be long baby" said Flynn as he got up to leave

"Thanks Ziggy very entertaining" said Summer sarcastically as they all got up, jumping down Ziggy stood before the other Rangers.

He panicked as he told them he had the best choice waiting outside, hearing them groan Ziggy raced out into the auditorium where the rest of the candidates where waiting but he never accepted who else was waiting.

"What about me?" boomed a voice that made Ziggy's blood freeze and him wish Dillon was with him.

Turning round Ziggy held himself together as he came face to face with Fresno Bob and the Scorpion Cartel.

"Fresno Bob?" said Ziggy as panic filled in voice, he felt his hands itch but he refused to use his powers to protect him.

"There you are, I've been looking for you," said Ziggy as he felt Bob's guards as they closed in behind him.

"Well today's your lucky day because you found me" said Fresno Bob with a sick smile on his face making Ziggy very nervous.

Suddenly the world dissolved into chaos as Ziggy was very publicly manhandled out into the back ally behind the thither, all the time one thought was going though Ziggy's mind 'don't let me die without Dillon knowing he's going to be a father'when Ziggy hit the ground hard.

"Why Ziggy? Why did you do it?" asked Fresno Bob as Ziggy looked up, he could taste the copper or close enough taste of his own blood from his spit lip.

"Is it that you just that greedy or that stupid?" growled Bob as his men cracked their knuckles with a great pleasure upon their faces.

Ziggy closed his eyes and waited for the violence to start, but when it didn't come, he dared to open his eyes. In the distance, he heard the sounds of a song he'd heard long ago, a song one of the older, Rangers used to favour. It reminded him of a past now lost, with a sigh Ziggy got to his feet. Once again he felt his powers rising, he knew that using them was the only way he and his unborn child where getting out of this mess. He'd deal with what using them would bring afterward, but suddenly out of nowhere, a young woman appeared taking out Bob and his men.

Something about her was familiar to Ziggy but he couldn't places her, so he let her get on with it laughing as she insulted Bob.

"You wanna play too Jabber?" asked the woman as Bob looked scared.

"You just made a very big mistake young lady, and you all five of the Cartels know you back in town Ziggy. So you better come by the track and you better have what you owe us," growled Bob as he and his men raced off leaving a small card on the floor.

"Those guys are pretty lucky you showed up when you did," said Ziggy to the woman as he picked up the card, claming his powers he turned to face the young woman with a smile.

"Because I was about to get primal with them" laughed Ziggy as the woman rolled her eyes.

"Yeah they really looked like they needed some help," said the woman reminding him of his aunt Karone.

"Since their safe now I'm just going to go back and wait in line" said the woman making Ziggy's thoughts snap back to the waiting Rangers.

"You mean for the Ranger program that line?" asked Ziggy as the woman just smiled.

"Well I don't know if I have what it takes to be a Ranger? But…."

"No, no, no you defiantly have what it takes," said Ziggy as he raced back to the others missing the young woman's eyes as they glowed.

"Come on Ziggy I need to get home" grumbled Flynn as he sat on the table.

"Guy you have to see this girl she…...well she everything you want" yelled Ziggy as he burst though the doors.

"Ok Ziggy this one time, where is she?" growled Scott as a young woman entered.

"She is here and how about you lay off the kids? And for the record the names Tanya Sevenson" said the woman as Flynn laughed at how she made his lover blush.

Ziggy smiled from the background as watched Tanya blow away ever test that the Rangers threw at her, but the whole time he felt like there was something about her he recognized.

"She's off the chart again" said Summer as she shot Ziggy a dirty look.

"Well did I tell you or did you tell you?" said Ziggy with a smile as Scott nodded.

"Tanya Sevenson former new helicopter pilot, Ziggy where did you find her?" asked Scott as Ziggy blushed.

"Ziggy promises Ziggy delivers" said Ziggy as Flynn laughed.

"She's perfect too perfect" growled Summer as she looked at Ziggy.

"Tanya congratulates you've just joined the Power Rangers" said Scott as he welcomed Tanya into the team.

'The sooner Series Green is activated and in faze one training the better'

"You do get used to that," said Flynn as Tanya just shrugged.

"Great we can do the DNA bonding right here" said Scott as the other Rangers agreed.

"I'll grab the Green Morpher and be back in a flash," said Ziggy as he got that uneasy feeling about Tanya again.

"Oh and Ziggy….." said Summer

"Great work" said Scott making Ziggy blush as again but still he was worried.

Once outside Ziggy found his scooter, Ziggy laughed at the memory of Dillon and Scott's horror at seeing it. Ziggy didn't have the heart to tell them that the only reason why he drove that thing and why he failed his driving test was because his people didn't use cars. Hell even his parents couldn't drive a car, give them a Galaxy Glider, a Zord, a space Ship or hell even a motorbike and they were experts but human car no way.

Ziggy took a detour to JKP before hitting the Garage he needed to talk to RJ, walking into JKP Ziggy laughed as he saw RJ keeping court with Bridge as he made pizza.

"Nice to see not even Venjix can ruin your day RJ" laughed Ziggy as RJ smiled.

"Ziggy" yelled Bridge as he leapt into his brother's arms.

"He squirt how are you?" asked Ziggy as Bridge pouted.

"Not a squirt, I'm a big boy just ask Iger" said Bridge as Ziggy laughed.

"Ok, ok but I'm going out on a limb here to say that as your big brother I have the right over a over grown blood red figment of Casey's spirt any day?" said Ziggy as a growl caught his attention.

'I'd watch your words Cub; you're not too grown up for me not to chase you. Don't forget how many night you sort me out when your nightmares became too much?'

"I never have, sorry Iger I was out of line," said Ziggy with a bow as Iger just smiled.

'Good Cub all is forgiven, now what brings you to us? The Rangers must need you somewhere?'

"Actually that's what I've come about, RJ remember when I was a kid and mom and dad used to come here with the other Red Rangers?" asked Ziggy as Casey joined them.

"Yes very much, they were good time and sorely missed time too Pup," said RJ sadly as Casey hugged him.

"Remember Leo used to hum some kids song and it would annoy the hell out of me?" asked Ziggy as RJ thought.

"Yes I do Pup 'The Farmer in the Dell' if I remember correctly why do you ask?" asked RJ as Ziggy dropped his bag and pulled out something, it was a data pad that he handed to RJ.

"This is Tenaya Sevenson she's up for the Ranger Green technology, don't RJ whatever is between you and K is just that. There's something about her I can't place, she makes me think of the old times with the Rangers when I'm around her. It might just be my powers growing again but I think she might have something to do with the Rangers, whether she knows it or not plus she goes round humming that dam song" said Ziggy with a huff as RJ looked at the pad.

'I do not recognise her but in saying that many years have passed now and many battles fought, she could very well be someone we knew'

"Howlers right Pup, we will keep and ear to the ground if you are right Venjix might very well be upping his game soon and we all must be prepared. Now off with you Zig before K has both are ball" said RJ with a laugh as he hugged Ziggy and watched him leave.

"RJ?" asked Casey as he approached his mate picking up Bridge

"I don't know Case; if they are out there Venjix will be watching them closely. I've never know Andros or Zhane's power to be off, nor have Ziggy's but now Ivan and Bridge are seeing things we should prepare for the worst" said RJ as he stood up and headed to the Loft.

"Why do I see bright Red, Purple and White spandex in yours, mine and Dom's future?" laughed Casey as RJ smiled at his mate before leaving.

'Just so you understand Ziggy you must guard that Morpher with your life'

Echoed Doc K's mechanical voice as Ziggy entered the Ranger Room to retrieve the Series Green Morpher.

"My life Doc? Isn't that a bit severe don't you think?" asked Ziggy as he thought back to how many time his own father had lost his Morpher, down the back of a couch or left it somewhere on the ship.

'that Morpher contains the base DNA code for the series technology, you must do everything in your power to stop that Morpher falling into the wrong hands'complained Doc K loudly making Ziggy cringe.

He never remembered any Ranger or mentor being like Doc K not even Tommy and really need a humour transplant sometimes, he really missed the other Ranger and wished they where here now maybe then Venjix would get a clue and take a hike?

"Ok, ok the Zig man is here, after all who found you the perfect Green Ranger?" said Ziggy as he soloed the bad feeling he had and put the Morpher into his bag.

"Where is Ziggy?" growled Summer in frustration as she looked at Scott who shrugged

"Doc K just radioed in Ziggy's on his way" said Flynn as Scott smiled

"I need a coffee," said Summer as she stormed off.

"What's eating her?" asked Scott as Flynn walked over and kissed his lover.

"Don't know don't care, come on lets get lost for a bit" said Flynn with a predatory smile on his face.

"Flynn we can't not while we're working" said Scott as he tried weakly to push Flynn away.

"Hey Hick's keep an eye out for Ziggy will ya" said Flynn as Hicks smiled and nodded.

Ziggy hated midday traffic in the Dome but he couldn't do anything about it, any more then Doc K could do about Venjix. When he arrived at the theatre his 'bad things happening'senses where going off. So when he found Robin Hicks on the floor his went on high alert.

"Thanks I'll take it" said Tenaya as she changed from the woman he'd met earlier to the evil Venjix Attack Bot she really was.

'Oh shit'thought Ziggy as he reacted on the instincts he'd honed though the battle with Dark Spector and later with The Master, matching her blow for blow he once again wished Dillon was around and where the hell where the other Rangers?

Seeing his break he made a run for the outside, jumping onto his scooter he went to leave but Tenaya 7 stopped him.

"I don't mean to sound rude but what are you?" asked Ziggy knowing that he needed as much info on his new friend as possible if he was to fight her.

"Tenaya, generation seven Human infiltration attack bot" said Tenaya 7 as Ziggy smiled.

'Yes like every other she talks too much now a way out? Yeah that will do nicely'

"That was actually a rhetorical question," said Ziggy as he used the windscreen spray to escape.

'One day they might learn not to talk too much'laughed Ziggy to himself as he took off.

Ziggy tore though town with Tenaya 7 hot on his heels, after a while he realised she'd stopped chasing him knowing that she hadn't give up he knew he needed help. Ziggy remembered Flynn telling him that the morphers had internal radios as well as trackers, so Ziggy decided to use the Green Morpher to relay what he knew to Doc K in the hopes Dillon was still there.

"Doc K this is Ziggy come in"


"You know that perfect Green Ranger I found? Turns out she also a deadly Venjix attack bot so my bad"


"No she has it, what else would I be contracting you on? I'm fine too by the way thanks for asking," growled Ziggy in a huff

//Ziggy keep that Attack Bot busy buy yourself sometime, I'm on my way baby I'll track you though the Morpher//

Ziggy felt much better knowing Dillon was coming to help him then he remembered his conversation with RJ.

"Yeah well hurry this ones different"


"Well she's…" suddenly Ziggy heard that song again and this time it chilled him to the bone.

"She's enjoying this" said Ziggy as he shut off the Morpher and focused his gifts around the scooter to shield himself.

He knew they wouldn't protect him forever, his fear alone was making it hard for him to focus the energy needed to keep it up, but that dam whistling was freaking him out he never realised that a kid's song could be so scary.

"I'm not afraid of you Miss Tenaya 7," said Ziggy nervously but he knew he need to know where she was.

"Oh no? Well you should be" said Tenaya 7 as she grabbed Ziggy jacket, but Ziggy was too fast slipping out of it he gripped the Morpher tight and ran. He needed to buy sometime for himself but how? That's when he remembered Fresno Bob's card in his pocket, swallowing his pride Ziggy ran toward the track where he knew Bob would be waiting.

"Fresno Bob did you miss me?" asked Ziggy as he jumped into the centre of the Scorpion Cartel.

"Ziggy I must say you never fail to surprise me" said Bob a little surprised as he summoned his men.

"You said bring what I owe," said Ziggy praying that this worked and he wasn't killed by either the Cartel or Tenaya 7 first.

"What you owe doesn't fit in any bag," growled Bob as he snatched the bag off Ziggy, suddenly Tenaya 7 arrived and tore though Bob's men with ease.

"That is mine," commanded Tenaya 7, as Bob looked afraid before realising who she was, as they attacked each other Ziggy slipped away with the Green Morpher unnoticed.

Checking the Morpher was in one pease Ziggy sighed and sigh of relief then he heard is rescuer, the sound of the Fury's engines filled the air making Ziggy smile and race over to Dillon.

"Get in" yelled Dillon as Ziggy did as he was told.

"She doesn't give up," said Ziggy as he pulled on his belt as the whistling started.

"Yeah she does that it's like her calling card," said Ziggy as Dillon just shrugged.

"Cute" said Dillon as he gunned the engine and took off, suddenly Tenaya 7 landed on the hood with a bone-crunching thud making Dillon swerve.

Dillon growled as Tenaya 7 reached into the Fury and dragged Ziggy out, leaping out Dillon attacked but was caught off guard as Tenaya 7 matched him blow for blow.

"You've had upgrades," laughed Tenaya 7 as Dillon caught her punches

"Who are you supposed to be?" asked Dillon as Ziggy pulled himself up and rolled his eyes.

"Save it" growled Dillon who was already bored with the fight, reaching for his Morpher Dillon found was no help as Tenaya 7 matched his blows and even counted them as easily as he did the other Rangers.

Suddenly he was on the floor and Ziggy was in need of help as he fought with Tenaya 7 for the Series Green Morpher, Dillon watched on as in a split second Ziggy was forced to make the decision that would change everything. A flash of green light filled the surrounding, as an explosion shook the ground, when Dillon looked up where Ziggy had been standing was now the active Series Green Ranger.

"OH SHIT I'M A POWER RANGER" yelled Ziggy over the internal Coms making Dillon laugh.

"I DO NOT WANT TO BE A POWER RANGER" repeated Ziggy over and over as Dillon watched him bounce around avoiding Tenaya 7's attacks.

"Ziggy get down" yelled Dillon as he reached for his Rocket Blaster and aimed it at Tenaya 7.

"You alright?" asked Dillon as he picked up his still in shock lover

"Yeah" came the weak reply.

"You look good in green," said Dillon playfully as he heard Ziggy growl.

"I don't wanna be…."

"Save it Zig here she comes again," said Dillon as Tenaya 7 came at them.

"You haven't won the Gopher Bot is already within the wall of your city" said Tenaya 7 with a sick pleasure.

"The what?" asked Dillon as Ziggy was still panicking.

"Come on" said Dillon as they raced after Tenaya 7.

'Shit, shit, shit I can't do this not like this. I cannot be a Ranger and be pregnant; I'm not my parents' thought Ziggy in a panic as he followed behind Dillon.

"Dillon come on wait up we need to talk," said Ziggy as he caught up with Dillon.

"Shhhhhh" said Dillon as he put his ear to the ground.

"whoa I don't like the sound of that" said Ziggy as they called on their weapons to bring the bot to the surface, but they we're both caught off guard as the injured bot stuck out sending them both flying.

"Ziggy" Dillon called out as he saw Ziggy protect his stomach but refuse to move from the ground.

However, before he could get to him the Gopher bot attacked and the other Rangers arrived, Dillon's attention was taken by the battle so he didn't see Ziggy as he pulled himself up and take cover behind a tree. Ziggy was busy checking himself and his child over when the other arrived that he missed Scott's reaction.

It wasn't until the other where buried in the dirty and Dillon was dragging him away that Ziggy decided it was time Dillon knew the truth.

"Not me no way, I can't Dillon" yelled Ziggy as Dillon pulled him to his feet.

"Ziggy what's your problem? I get it you don't want to be a Ranger because of your parents I get that, but you are now so why not just deal with it? I had too?" said Dillon as they crawled though the tunnels after the Gopher Bot.

"It's not that, Dillon I've been trying to tell you this for weeks so here it goes…..I'm pregnant" said Ziggy as Dillon stopped dead.

"WHAT! Since when?" growled Dillon as he looked back at Ziggy.

"I found out just after the Rangers dragged you off, I tried to tell you the night you took off but you didn't hear me," sighed Ziggy as he lowered his head.

"Now I feel like an ass, no wonder RJ wanted to kill me. I'm sorry Ziggy for everything," said Dillon with a sigh.

"Tell you what how about we deal with scrap metal out there and we can talk later?" said Ziggy as Dillon laughed.

"Ok come on I think it's surfaced" said Dillon as they pulled themselves out of the hole.

"Let's do it"


"Nitro blaster" they both yelled as they called their blaster together and turned them on the Bot.

"Well that wasn't so hard," said Ziggy as he checked himself over, just as Dillon spotted the Gopher Bot attacking. Pulling Ziggy out the way he pulled his Nitro Sword to attack and Ziggy found his axe again.

Ziggy soon found his axe weighed more then him and as much as he tried he was overbalanced when using it, it wasn't until he smashed a car window did he desperately want this fight to end.

"This is embarrassing," said Ziggy to himself as he tried to pry the axe free, eventually he did and almost took Dillon out in the process.

"Hey watch out," said Dillon as he groaned even though the tinted visor Dillon knew Ziggy was giving him the 'I just kicked a puppy' look and he could never win against that look.

"Just follow my lead," said Dillon as the gopher Bot came at them; the battle didn't last much longer especially after they pulled out the heavy weapon.

Once the Gopher Bot surprised Ziggy and Dillon knew their fight was over since they were yet to get their Zords.

"When can I get one of those?" complained both Ziggy and

Dillon as the battle came to an end.

"Come on baby time to face the music" said Dillon as he took Ziggy by the hand and lead him back to the Fury.

"Lady's, gentlemen and creepy Doc K computer screen, may I present to you the fifth member of our team Ranger Green," said Dillon as Ziggy removed his helmet to a stunned room.

"No way"


"Look Ziggy you just can't be a Ranger" growled Scott



"The fact is Ziggy did as you said Doc now we live with it, suitable or not Ziggy is now Series Green so we all better get used to it. Oh by the way Doc I should mention that someone called RJ seems to hate you a lot but love Ziggy" said Dillon as for once the snaky computerised voice fell silent as Dillon left the room in search of his lover.

"Ok what the hell was that about?" Scott as no one answered.

"Knock, Knock" said Flynn as he opened the door to the room he and Scott shared, knowing it was the first place Ziggy would hide and the last place Scott or Dillon would look.

Flynn found Ziggy curled up on his bed, his face streaked with tears as he lay curled up protecting his unborn child. It broke Flynn's heart to see Ziggy in such a state, he loved the younger misfit like he did his own daughter and being hormonal didn't help him much either. Sitting down on the bed, Flynn stroked Ziggy hair as he heard him sob.

"I can't be a Ranger and a mother, I'm not my parents I'm not that strong what if I mess up?" said Ziggy in a panic as Flynn shushed him.

"All the what if's in the world aren't going to help you lad, so don't start with them. I can't speak for your parents but I'd say from the looks of you they did a hell of a job, as for being a Ranger and a mother yes it's a hard road but you're not alone. Dillon will stand by your side, then you have me and Scott to once he cools down. Forget Summer and Doc K, if anything we're lucky to have you Ziggy out of all of us you're the most qualified to be a Ranger. I'm dam proud to call you a Ranger and a friend," said Flynn as Ziggy smiled, pulling him close Ziggy smiled at the older Blue Ranger.

"Come on Lad lets go face the music" said Flynn with a smile as he stood up and offered Ziggy his hand.

Wiping his tears from his eyes Ziggy took Flynn's hand and stood up, sorting out his clothing he followed Flynn back down into the Garage. Ziggy played with his hands as all attention turned on him as the room fell silent.

"Ziggy listen I'm sorry, it was a shock and I shouldn't have said what I said. I know you did what you could, you wouldn't have put the Morpher on if you had the choice" said Scott Ziggy gave him a weak smile.

"I really didn't mean to fuck this up, I know it's not a game and I'll do all I can Scott but it's going to take time Scott" said Ziggy quietly.

"I know Zig and times something we haven't got but we'll make do," said Scott as he hugged Ziggy.

"So welcome to the team Ranger Green" laughed Scott as he thumped Ziggy on the arm.

"Whatever Red, so when do I get the cool jacket?" asked Ziggy as Dillon appeared.

"How about now" laughed Dillon as he passed Ziggy his jacked with a green shark like number four on the back.

The four men settled on the couches laughing and joke completely unaware Summer was watching them with a not so happy look on her face.