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When I was five years old I watched my parents die right before my eyes.

It's not a sight you would like to see.

A sound you wouldn't want to hear.

A scent that you wouldn't want to smell.

Although they tried to look brave, tried to stay strong they soon failed. Screams accompanied the smell of burning flesh that night.

The year was 1679.

Marie Schuhova along with my mother and father burned at the stake that year.

The event was later renamed The Jesenice Witch Trials.

The judge and head of the commission was a man named Henry Francis Boblig.

Unknown to him I escaped the morning before he came to officially accuse and sentence my parents, against their wishes I turned up at their execution. The bonfire was lit at midday when the sun broke through the clouds. The commission exploited our weaknesses - fire and sunlight.

Whenever we stand too close to a open flame or if we are touched by sunlight our powers diminish.

We become vulnerable.


It's not a great feeling.

I experienced it whilst watching my parents die.

I had to watch them die, knowing that I couldn't save them.

I never wanted to be that vulnerable again.

330 years later I decided to move to Forks.

The weather was almost always guaranteed to be overcast.


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