How long had I been trapped in these shackles?

Minutes . . .hours . . days . months . . .

Here time merged into one, here there were no boundaries.

This was not hell, this was judgement.

Cold fingertips brushed over my exposed skin and I attempted to suppress my shudder,

the child's prayer I had heard throughout my existence came tumbling out of my lips;

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep,

Should I die before I wake

I pray the lord my soul to take.

'There is not Lord to take your soul here', the voice echoed through the darkness and the shackles released their hold on me and two sets of hands hoisted me to my feet dragging me forward and threw me to kneel before a throne. I hung my head staring at the bloodstone floor that seemed to sparkle eerily under the limited light of the torches illuminating the hall. 'Look at me', I shrunk back slightly keeping my eyes firmly fixed on the floor.

Fire protect me, keep me safe from harm…

'I said look at me', his voice both menacing and sweet accompanied his marble grip pulling my hair up causing me to whimper in pain. 'See wasn't so hard was it?', he let go of my hair and I locked eyes with the one god I feared. He took my arm and yanked me roughly to my feet, 'Now let your judgement commence', he guided me towards a table set for two at the side of the room.

Once seated opposite him I licked my lips and asked in a croaky voice, 'why you?'

Ignoring my question he responded, 'Eat, eat . . . . It won't kill you'

I threw the fork I had been holding lifelessly in my hand onto the table 'Is that what this is? My last meal?!'

He laughed and shook his head 'My dear Isabella . . . .'

I stood abruptly from my chair and made my way around the table to him, 'what do you want from me? You and I both know it's not my time to die, I've got so much to do . . things were almost sorted with Edward, the Cullens . . . All I had to do was get my powers back, I was almost there!'.

He carried on consuming his meal as I neared I could see the food turning to ash as it touched his lips, the candles at the table had fuelled my energy and anger, 'Lucifer, Answer me!'.

It was then I knew I'd overstepped the mark. He dropped his cutlery and stood towering over me, 'So my pretty witchling , you want to return to your vampire lover . . .is that it?'

I shrank back from him as waves of rage radiated from his body. 'I need to finish what I've started, I need my powers back'.

'It's been a while since I've been challenged, if you think your love for this undead creature surpasses everything then forfeit your claim to your element, your heritage and your powers. But if you can't let them go, then forget everything about this undead creature, forget your emotions, forget your guilt, and forget your conscience.

The choice is yours if you want to return to the living world; your lover or your powers'

Hot tears sprung from my eyes, and my fate was sealed with a salty kiss.

Like a phoenix I rose from my ashes and emerged into the living world.

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Violet x