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My Guilty Pleasure

Chapter One: Get The Munchkin Off

Today was the day my family of two became a family of four, which was just shit.

My new step-mother was a whore and a gold-digger, and I'm sure her daughter was no better. At first I thought my new step-sister would be a toddler or small girl that I'd end up looking after but not have any proper ties to. When I found out she was 17 that made things different.

Of course my mind automatically went to the gutter. I began to wonder if she was hot, if she would give me a blow job, if she would let me fuck her, if she would ride me, if she'd let me lick her out, and if I could take her up the arse.

I ended up hard thinking about her and I hadn't even met her yet. Though when I did I was certainly pleased with what I saw. She did have a nice body on her and one of her most striking features to me was her lips. They looked so kissable and would look bloody amazing wrapped round my cock.

My aim was to skip all the wedding shit and just turn up on the day then get out of there immediately but I wished I hadn't when I saw her. It would take time and effort to get on her good side and bed her. Time I had wasted.

Isabella kept her distance from me during the wedding, only touching me when necessary, but otherwise staying away. I gave her my crooked smile and smirk, hoping to warm her up a bit. That didn't seem to work however.

I was use to girls giving me what I wanted when I wanted so was pissed off she was rejecting my advances. It just didn't make any sense to me.

The wedding reception was starting up when I arrived and after a couple of minutes I had hunted down my friends at our table. All of the guys were kitted out in tuxes and suits looking proper and pristine while Alice was in a dress that made her look very lovely.

To me, Alice was the closest thing I have to a best friend. The small girl was great fun to be around and had no issue putting us unruly boys in our place. We loved her for it and at times it was hot as hell. Unfortunately Jasper beat me to her, lucky bastard.

Jasper, although one of my closest friends, could be a prick and a wanker. He sometimes bugged the shit out of me and I have considered on many occasions clocking him one. But hey, I'm sure he's thought the same.

The others at my table were Emmett and James. Emmett was decent enough and very funny, whereas James was a bit of a dickweed. He was more of an annoyance than anything else but for some reason we put up with him.

"Edward, your step-sister is seriously worth banging. If you're not going to I will." James said, sipping champagne like he owned the fucking place.

"No you won't and if I find out you've been near her I'll slit your throat." I threw myself down into one of the crappy chairs next to Alice.

"Does that mean you want her?" Emmett asked, surveying the room.

"Yes." Alice shot me a glare and shook her head. "What's wrong with you?"

"You shouldn't' sleep with her, she's your step-sister. Imagine how weird it will be afterwards."

"I'm hoping afterwards she'll want another round, maybe her on top." James and Emmett grinned at me while Jasper rolled his eyes. I think he only acted that way because of Alice. I'm sure she withholds pussy from him if he acts like us.

"Don't be so foul Edward." Alice scolded me. "Come on, in the long run, ten years from now, it'll be weird."

"Ten years from now they're be out of my live. I don't expect this marriage to last longer than six months."

"Care to wager on that?" Emmett asked, pulling out his wallet.

"Yeah, why not." I grabbed mine and James followed suit. "You not joining, Jasper?" I asked, glancing a look at Alice. He did too and she rolled her eyes.

"If you want to waste your money, go ahead." She said sighing.

"No I'm not getting involved." Jasper said, holding Alice's hand. Pussy whipped.

"Alright then." Emmett said, rubbing his hands together. "What kinda money we talking about?"

"Three hundred." I said, throwing mine down on the table.


"Okay." They threw their's in and Alice shuffled it together. Even if she didn't condone these bets she always held the money for us in the meantime, so we didn't get caught short or refuse to pay when the results came in.

"Six months max." I said, confident my father would grow bored of them.

"Nah, three tops." James said. "She won't stick around that long. Whore will be looking for her next rich victim."

"Well I have some faith in them, one year." Emmett nodded, like he knew the fucking future. Hell, if she was around for a year I'd slit my wrists.

"Okay boys, the one closest to the date they break up wins. Anything over six months the money goes to Emmett. Same applies for three, money goes to Edward. Anything less, James." We agreed, shook hands on it and Alice deposited the money in her bra.

God I love it when she did things like that.

Jasper coughed loudly and shot us all a glare for eyeing up his girlfriend's tits but who could blame us. Granted, she had small ones but they were certainly perk and full enough given her size.

"Eyes up." Alice's hand pushed my chin up so I ended up looking at the ceiling. The guys laughed as Jasper gave me that keep-your-fucking-eyes-off-my-girl's-boobs look.

"Edward, your father wants you." Emmett said, nodding over at Carlisle. I turned and saw he indeed did want me.

"Thanks, I'll be back soon." I left them and weaved across the floor to him.

"Edward we're going to start dancing soon so get Bella and join us on the floor with the rest of the wedding party." I nodded and then had to find her. It was like she had fucking vanished.

Bella was sitting by herself though, drinking champagne and eyeing the rest of the room. She looked so deep in her thoughts I didn't want to disturb her but hell, I'm an asshole like that. Her reaction to me standing ther was less than welcome. Moody bitch.

We did dance but I had to push the boundaries with her, just to see how far I could go. She didn't like the new nickname I gave her and didn't like my hands on her which was a shame. Bella was certainly feisty though and that was a turn on.

Once the dance was over I took her back to meet my friends, wanting to get it out the way now rather than later when we were all too drunk for pleasantries. Alice was the only one who seemed happy to meet her. Jasper even kept himself reserved, and I knew what Emmett and James were thinking about her.

Sis didn't stick around long, opting to go and see her mother. That added fuel to the fire that was raging inside of me. I was still irritated by her attitude so decided to lash out.

"God I hate that bitch. She's bewitched my father with her charms and he'll live to regret this. The marriage is a total sham anyway and if I'm going to get anything out of it it'll be my step-sisters lips round my cock. I deserve that at least." I knew Bella was in hearing range for that and proud of myself for making my opinions known.

Once Bella had walked away Alice pounced on me.

"You're such a fucking git." She was slapping my head and shoulders as I was trying to cover my face from her attack. "I thought you had some bloody manners." He tiny fists pounded into me. "But no, you're still a disgusting little shit. God Edward, why do you have to be such a twat?!"

"Jasper, a little help here." I said, trying to get the munchkin off of me.

Jasper pried his girlfriend back and sat her down on his lap, wrapping his arms around her so she couldn't break out and beat me again.

"Look, I couldn't help it. She pissed me off."

"I piss you off but you don't demand that I get on my knees and suck you off!" Alice protested.

"Cause your boyfriend would kill me."

"Damn right." Jasper growled.

"Still, you shouldn't have done that. I want you to go and apologise."

"No way in hell." Alice lunged for me again but Jasper did his job well and kept her on his lap. I wonder how he was coping with her wriggling on his crotch so much. I know I'd have a hard on by now.


"I can't take back what I said and I will not apologise to her." I was as stubborn as a mule and wouldn't budge on this issue.

"Fine, be a dick!" Alice huffed, cuddling into Jasper.

"I will, thank you." She rolled her eyes at me as food began to be served.

Emmett practically inhaled his food when the plate arrived as the rest of us ate ours at a normal pace. James and him increased the drinking, which no one cared about as underage drinking happened all the time. Alice and Jasper were being all romantic and showing how much they loved each other. It got annoying after a while, seeing them all like that.

My mood had soured and not even the speech I had to deliver brightened it up. Instead it pulled me more into the pit of anger and bitterness that consumed me every so often. I just wanted to leave and go home to sleep.

When Carlisle and Esme left I figured I could go too. Emmett and James were going to stick around but I knew Alice and Jasper would go back to hers for the night. Lucky bastard. With a quick goodbye I went out to reception but stopped when I noticed Bella sitting on the floor.

"Need a lift?" I asked, wanting to get her closer to me.

"No thanks." Damn.

"You going home?" I want her to come to mine.


"Me too." Now come with me.

"You want a medal?" Cheeky bitch.

"Sure." Play it cool.

Her taxi arrived a few seconds later and she moved to leave. I couldn't help myself; her lips were taunting me and had been all night. I had to feel them against my own. So I darted in front of her and blocked her path. Bella looked at me annoyed but it didn't last long.

I cupped her face in my hand and kissed her with as much force as possible, pushing my tongue into her mouth. She tasted amazing and her lips felt better than they looked. Surprisingly Bella pulled me closer and I had to fight back a smirk, she wanted me, like I wanted her.

"Welcome to the family sis." I whispered, moving backwards. She had me standing at full attention and I had to let her feel me. Grabbing her ass, which felt good in my hands, I shoved her against my erection, wanting to moan at the friction.

Then I walked away. I had to otherwise I would have pushed her against the wall and fucked her right there. Glancing back quickly I saw her slip into her taxi, looking a bit out of it. Good, I liked having that effect on people.

"What's up with you?" I turned to see Alice and Jasper standing before me.

"Nothing." Alice raised her eyebrows at me, knowing I was lying. "There was some hot chick who-"

"I don't want to hear anymore." She said, hopping up on her tiptoes and kissing my cheek. "The tent in your pants is telling me enough. Night."

"Goodnight." Jasper shook my hand and they both left.

I left soon after aswell, needing to jack off as soon as. A cold shower wasn't going to satisfy me tonight and I really didn't feel like finding a willing girl to suck me off. My hand would just have to do.

Thankfully the house was empty when I got back. Carlisle and Renee were going to be spending their wedding night in a hotel in Seattle, which was a relief as I would hate to hear them moaning and fucking in the other room.

I went straight to my room and turned on some quiet music for the hell of it, then I began removing my tux. The bowtie had been thrown off at the reception but I was still in the rest of the gear. My jacket and shirt went first, followed by my socks and shoes.

Settling down in the middle of the bed I propped my pillows up and shut my eyes, imagining Bella sitting with me, looking completely fuckable. Running my hands over my body I imagined her devouring my body with her lips, kissing down my chest to my crotch.

I worked my belt off, thinking of her hands doing so, and then pushed my pants and boxers down. I kicked them off my legs and let my fantasies run wild. Images of Bella swam round my head of her lips wrapped around my cock, her bouncing up and down as she rode me, her lovely breasts in my face, kissing her and licking her out, fucking her and making her cum round my dick. All that and the feeling of my hand rubbing my cock was enough and I came hard, groaning at the same time.

God, Bella just moved up to the number one spot on my wank off to list. That was fucking fantastic.

I wiped myself clean with my shirt off the floor then rolled over and went to sleep, feeling exhausted from that and just the day in general.

Three days after the wedding my new step-mother and her daughter were to be moving in to our house. I was a little relieved that Renee and Carlisle decided to stay here and not buy a new one as I loved living here.

However, I didn't want those two coming in and defiling my memories. I would give them a chance though, alright no, I'd give Bella a chance. I knew for a fact her mother was after the Cullen money and not married to my father for true love.

My friends were aware that they would be moving in so came over to meet Bella again and just keep me company. If Carlisle wanted me to get involved in any heavy lifting then they'd be able to help as well.

I didn't even hear Renee and Bella arrive as James, Felix, Emmett, Jasper and myself were pissing about and playing the xbox 360 together. Em had brought round beers and we were enjoying the last few days of freedom before going off to school.

I only knew they were here when Carlisle told me lunch was there and I had to tell Bella. She had cooped herself up in her room and I felt kinda bad for that. I assumed her friends would have helped her move in her things.

Not thinking about it I went back down to the boys and we dug into our food. Unfortunately Renee and Carlisle were sporting sex hair and I was pissed as shit. That stuff was just fucking sick and I was glad Bella agreed with me.

Bella went off to eat elsewhere and our parents disappeared upstairs again. For some reason I thought she would stick around and eat with us but she left. I kinda wanted her to hang around with us, well not us but me.

Sometime later she came back in and stood in the doorway; biting her lip as though she was uncomfortable being in the same room as us.

"What do you need?" I asked, feeling the need to just walk over and kiss her.

"Dishwasher?" She squeaked and squirmed being under our attention. Em was polite enough to take the plate from her and put it away. She thanked him and went to leave the room immediately.

I felt kinda bad for her. She had just moved in today and so far had kept to herself. I wanted to spend some more time with her but the guys were going to be round longer and I wouldn't throw them out.

"Bella?" I said, thinking over what the guys and us had planned for this evening.

"Yeah." I wasn't sure how they would all feel about her playing with us.

"We're going to play some rugby in the backyard and I was wondering if you wanted to join us? You know, to even out the teams and all." I may as well use that as an excuse.

"Eh, well I'm not very good at rugby." Bella said, biting her lip.

"S'okay squirt, I'll protect you." Emmett called, patting her on the back in what I thought was meant to be comforting.

"Great, let's play." I said quickly so she wouldn't have a chance to change her mind.

Bella wouldn't be used, as such, in these games but I wanted her to get involved. I explained the rules to her and how things were worked with she seemed okay with then we began. At first everything was fine but then Felix fucked up big time.

He tackled her using his shoulder, ramming it into her chest, which brought her down. A hit like that would hurt even Emmett so I was worried as hell. Jasper was closest to her and rushed over to Bella's aid. I went over to Felix who had gotten up and brushed the incident off like nothing had happened.

"What the fuck was that?!" I cried, shoving him backwards and taking a hold of his collar so when I hit him he'd have nowhere to go. "Are you seriously out of your fucking mind Felix?! She could have been hurt and you get up like it's nothing. Well it's not fucking nothing!"

When I felt Bella's soft hand on my arm I froze, not wanting her to see me like this. I turned to her and checked her over quickly, hoping she wasn't hurt badly. What I wasn't expecting Bella to do was punch Felix in the face. That was fucking hot, seeing her hit him with no care of repercussions and just the fact she could throw a hell of a punch.

Emmett took care of Felix when he went to hit Bella. He had major issues with that sort of thing, understandably so. Bella didn't get the big bear's change in attitude so I explained in very little detail. Em wouldn't mind me telling Bella his father was physically abusive to his mother. He would mind if I expanded telling her how he'd lose it and pick fights, try and strangle her at the top of the stairs, attack Em on the off occasion, and use his belt to beat her black and blue so I kept that to myself.

"That punch wasn't to get him back for tackling me." Bella said pulling me from my thoughts. I had asked about the punch, thinking it was a good way to get even.

"What was it for then?"

"He groped me. Sick bastard." That made my blood boil.

"He what?!" I shot Felix a glare and planned on whipping his ass for tonight.

"Look, forget about it. It's done, I dealt with it. Seriously Edward, I handled it and I don't think he'll try it again. Let's leave it."

"Fine but I'm not happy." Somehow she found that funny.

"Game's over I take it?" Emmett asked, coming over and playing with the ball in his hands.

"I think so. Do me a favour and ask Felix to leave?" I asked, hoping he would leave as soon as or I'd lose it, once Bella was inside though.

She walked towards the house and then turned back at the door. The lighting made her eyes look darker and more seductive. Hell if she said anything in a husky voice I'd be a goner.

"Thanks for including me."

"You're welcome." I smiled at her then glanced over to the guys. Felix was still there, arguing with James.

I turned back to Bella but she'd gone inside, meaning there was no reason for me to keep my temper in check. Storming over the pitch I made a move for Felix, intending to beat him to a pulp. Jasper got in front of me though.

"Come on Edward, just go on inside. Leave it." I ignored him and tried to push past.

"Is this how it's going to be Felix?" I yelled. He turned to me, not caring how angry I was. "Are you going to fuck my step-sister?!"

"If I get the chance." He answered, like this was just a regular conversation.

"Does that mean I can finally have your sister? You know, get her to open those virgin legs to me." He lunged, which is what I wanted.

"Stay the fuck away from her!" Emmett was pushing him backwards, to keep the peace.

"Or what? What are you going to do?! I think I'll ask her out tomorrow. She'll agree cause she's had a crush on me for years. Then when I get her alone I'll tell her I love her and she'll give me what I want. What should we do first, missionary? Reverse cowgirl? Doggy style?"

"Fucking stay away from her!" He roared, clawing at Emmett and James.

"Then stay away from Bella. You touch her again and I'll film me fucking your sister and send you a copy. Do you understand?" He glared at me, breathing heavily. "Do you understand?!"

"Yes! For fucks sake yes!"

"Good, now get the fuck out of here." I pushed Jasper away and stormed off into the house.

Hell, I wouldn't' do any of those things to his sister but he didn't need to know that. If he goes near Bella again I'll just ask his sis over for a study-session and Felix will come crawling, begging me not to fuck her. Damn right.

Even though we were all a bunch of twisted motherfuckers, family was a big deal. You don't mess with each other's families unless you want your ass thoroughly kicked. Felix knew that. He also knew what I was capable of and would keep his hands to himself.

Surprisingly, I was caring about someone other than myself. I could put that down to lust, and would, but maybe it's just the fact that even though I want Bella in my bed, she's now family and that's something important, something to cherish.

I guess I could think with my heart rather than my dick, vast improvement there.