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Ch. 1 – Secrets Revealed

It was an excellent day on the Hogwarts Express for Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter. They were to be starting their final year at Hogwarts. In their own compartment, Hermione got tired of watching Harry and Ron play Exploding Snap and endless games of Wizards Chess. And to their surprise, she didn't want to read, "An Advanced Guide to Transfigurations". "I'm going for a walk guys," she decided and left the compartment.

Hermione had changed an awful lot. Her brown hair was no longer bushy, but sleek, shiny, and straight. She was also taller and "fuller" in areas of her new woman's body. She was now Head Girl, but it wasn't very surprising considering it was Hermione "know-it-all" Granger.

Once in a while, she would say hi to a few of her fellow Gryffindor classmates. Like Parvarti and Padma Patil, Lavender Brown, and Seamus Finnigan. She was having an excellent time talking to her friends.


In another compartment, another student wasn't having much fun. Draco Malfoy, a Slytherin 7th year was sitting alone in his own compartment. Finally! Away from those two buffoons and stupid Pansy! He thought to himself. He ran a hand through his shining, silver-blonde, hair. His eyes like pools of grey-blue water. His face made all the girls simper over him.

He was thinking about his like, and how he hated it so much. I want to be my own man. I'm not 13 anymore! He was arguing with his father the night before. It was the same old thing. Lucius Malfoy wanted Draco to follow in his evil footsteps, and of course, Draco wanted to be his own self. "IT'S NOT FAIR!" he yelled out angrily and slammed his fist on the side of the compartment.

At this moment, Hermione was squeezing past the lunch trolley, against Draco's compartment door. She was startled by the sudden yell and the sound of a pounding fist. As soon as the coast was clear, and the other students were minding their own business, she knocked on the door. "I told you to leave me alone Pansy!" snarled Draco at the door.

It opened and Hermione entered to see Draco's head in his hands. "Get out!" he looked up and saw her there. To his surprise it wasn't Pansy, Crabbe or Goyle, but know-it-all Hermione Granger. "What do you want Granger?" Draco drawled in his signature voice.

"I heard you yell and I wanted to see what was wrong." Hermione answered, "And my name is Hermione. Not Granger. Got it Malfoy?" she hissed.

"Well don't call me Malfoy. I have a name too ya know. And what I'm doing is my own business." Draco said.

"Fine Draco…Can you tell me what's wrong?" she asked innocently.

"I could. But how do I know you won't blab to Potter and Weasley?"

"You don't know. All you have is my word."

Draco looked into Hermione's eyes. They showed no sign of betrayal or a hint of mistrust. He sized her up and said, "OK. I believe you. But under two conditions. One, nothing we say leaves here. And two, no more treating me like a lowly worm. I want respect Grang—I mean Hermione. Got it?"

She nodded and sat down opposite of him.

Draco spilled his heart and soul to Hermione like a plug was pulled from his mouth. He talked about how he had no free will at home. He was treated like a slave and his own mother was scared to try and comfort him. In case Lucius, his father, was listening in. He couldn't trust anyone, in case they were disloyal to him, how he was misunderstood as an evil person, just because he was a Malfoy. And he only acted the way he did to live up to his reputation. Which even he couldn't have decided what it was. He mentioned his weekly beatings if he didn't follow his fathers orders and that he was used to being alone after being locked in either his room or a dungeon. Most likely a dungeon. How he was sick and tired of Pansy following him around like a second shadow and that Crabbe and Goyle were only his friends because he had no others and wished he did. But he wouldn't because everyone hated him. Finally he stopped. He saw Hermione's silent white face. She wanted to wrap him in a hug for comfort but restrained herself. All she would get out was a quiet, "I'm so sorry. I never would have known."

"Yeah. Nobody knows. I have a lot of time to think about life. Alone. All alone…" Draco whispered.

They sat in silence for a few minutes more when the Hogwarts Express came to a sudden stop. Hermione was lurched out of her seat. She flew forward and landed, arms outstretched out onto the wall behind Draco, her face barely an inch from his. His hands were on her waist in alarm and they stared at each other.

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