Chapter 4

After we ate, Harvey said he'd clean up the kitchen and let me rest after my early morning. I decided to take a long hot shower and then go wander around my city. I walked downstairs to find Harvey shifting through a large stack of papers.

"Hey Harv," He looked up at me almost startled as he was so engrossed in his work. I smiled at him, "I'm gonna head into the city, probably grab some lunch or something. Care to join me?"

Harvey sighed, "I wish I could, but I have a big case I'm working on. Another time, ok?"

"Sure thing," As I turned to leave he called me back.

"Rese! Hey, would you mind bringing this to Rachel at the MCU?" He handed me a manila envelope filled with probably very important papers.

"Yeah, no problem. But, wait, it's Sunday." I gave him a puzzled look.

Harvey smirked, "Do you really think that would keep Rachel away from work?"

I laughed, "Good point." I took the envelope from him and headed out into the city.


It was a crisp fall day as I walked through Gotham Park on my way to the MCU building. It wasn't too cool, but not quite warm either: I thought it was perfect. The park had long been one of my favorite places in the city and it was nice to be back. I watched couples strolling through with nothing on their minds but each other. I saw children running around with parents watching close by. Everyone seemed relaxed and happy. It was a side of Gotham I loved seeing.

When I reached the MCU, I couldn't have been in a better mood. It just felt so great to be home, spending time with Harvey and Rachel. Even thoughts of Bruce Wayne couldn't have brought me down now. The MCU was busy with cops and it was hard trying to find someone who could point me in the right direction. Finally I just stopped an officer and asked him where I could find Rachel Dawes. He pointed to his left and continued on his way shaking his head at me. I rolled my eyes and walked down a hallway of offices that was quiet compared to the rest of the division keeping an eye out for Rachel's office. It didn't take me to long to find, for as I got half way down the hall, a door swung open and out walked Bruce Wayne. He looked up at me and nodded his head in agitated acknowledgement and walked away. I glanced back at his retreating form and shook my head. I walked toward the door and looked in to see Rachel at her desk with her head in her hands, silently fuming. I lightly knocked on the doorframe and her head shot up. She looked worn out, but her face brightened some when she saw me.

"Hey Rese, come on in. Harvey said you'd be stopping by."

I stepped into the office tentatively, "Is everything ok? What's with Bruce?"

Rachel sighed and shook her head, "Oh, it's nothing, we just had a little," she paused as if to find the right words, "Disagreement. But it's really nothing, don't worry about it."

"Ok, if you're sure," I gave a concerned look, but shook it off myself. "Anyway, Harvey wanted me to give these to you." I handed her the folder and sat down in the chair across from her. She opened the folder and sighed as she took out the huge stack of papers. "Rachel, you need a break, let's go grab lunch." I suggested, noticing how tired she looked.

"That sounds great, let me just get my stuff together." She quickly filed away the papers I brought over for later and grabbed her purse and coat.

We headed out of the MCU making small talk as we headed to a café I had spotted on the walk over that smelled divine. As we walked, Rachel's mood brightened considerably, and by the time we got there, she seemed back to her normal, happy, self.

Soon we were sitting in an outdoor café enjoying some delicious soup and sandwiches. We were casually chatting, when Rachel suddenly changed topics.

"Hey, so what was with you last night?"

"What do you mean?" I felt my face heat up knowing she was referring to Bruce.

"C'mon Rese, you can't lie to me and neither can Bruce for that matter. So how do you know each other?"

I sighed knowing it would all come out eventually.

"So you know how I spent my sophomore year in Rome?" Rachel nodded, "Well, at the end of my trip, I met this guy Brian, who until last night, I didn't ever think I'd see him again. It turns out the Brian isn't Brian at all, but Bruce."

Rachel nodded knowingly. "So that's why he kept staring at you."

My eyes went wide, "What?" I was shocked, so he had recognized me.

Rachel smiled, "You know, if you had actually looked at him during the meal, it sounds as if you may have saved yourself a lot of time and anxiety."

"Well, it wasn't only that. I was just so confused." Rachel shot me a questioning look and I continued, "It's just that the Bruce I met last night was so different than the Bruce I met in Rome. That Bruce was so genuine and down to earth, and last night he was anything but that."

Rachel sat there quietly nodding her head. "Sometimes," She paused as if to figure out how she wanted to word what she had to say, "Sometimes Bruce surprises us all. I've know him since we were children, and I still feel like I don't completely know him."

I looked at Rachel, as she seemed distracted by something. "Is everything ok?" I was concerned about a kind of sad look on her face.

Her head popped up, "Yeah, of course! Why?" She answered a little too eagerly.

"No, it's nothing, you just looked kinda out of it for a second. You sure you're good?" I was still a little concerned about the strange way she was acting.

Rachel nodded and smiled, "Don't worry, it's nothing." She stood up, "Anyway, I really need to get going. I have a lot of work to do."

I stood to follow her out of the café, laving a tip on the table. "It's alright. Are you coming for dinner tomorrow?"

"Are you cooking?" Rachel asked with a sly grin on her face.

I laughed, "Don't worry, I promise I would never put you through that agony!"

Rachel laughed with me, "Yes, I think I'll be over. Thanks for lunch Rese," She hugged me as we parted ways.

I waved goodbye as she walked away and contemplated our conversation. I still couldn't believe that Bruce recognized me. I shook my head as I walked back towards Harvey's house. I still had so many questions running through my mind, and it was difficult to distract myself on the walk home. No matter what ran through my mind, I could not seem to figure out Bruce Wayne.


It didn't surprise me at all to find the house empty when I returned. Harvey never could stop working and often told me (more than I cared to hear), "If you don't dedicate yourself to work hard, then you will never get anything done." Even though he wasn't there, I shook my head at him and his ridiculous sayings.

Heading upstairs, I decided I should probably send an email to my mom. I was anxious to hear how their trip to Bermuda was going and I'm sure she was anxious to hear how Harvey and I were doing. I threw on my favorite old sweater, grabbed my computer and walked across the hall to Harvey's study. He usually didn't like me in there, but A) he wasn't home and B) he had this big, fancy leather chair that despite appearances, was probably the most comfortable piece of furniture my brother owned.

Snuggling in, I opened my laptop and clicked on the browser. One thing about being a public servant was you always had a great internet connection. I smiled as I loaded up all my webpages within seconds. Clicking on my mail, I was surprised to see my mother had already emailed me. Smiling I moused over to the message.

"Hi baby!

Sending you a quick email from Bermuda! It's so lovely here; thank you so much for treating us to this. I hope you're enjoying your time with your brother, I know how busy he can be."

You have no idea, I smiled at her mom's ironic words.

"Anyway, I heard news of trouble in Gotham, this man called the Jokester or

something like that. He robbed a bank on Thursday and the news says the mob is stirring up trouble again. Why do we let you visit there again? Please be careful sweetie and don't go out alone at night. We love you very much and tell your brother thank you again.



The Jokester? What is she rambling about now? Mom was known to be a bit overly paranoid, but it couldn't hurt to look at what she was warning about. Opening a new page, I searched "Gotham + Bank Robbery + Thursday" and a slew of articles came up featuring a grotesque picture of a clown. Gotham City News had a clip of the robbery from the security cameras on their article. I watched it in silence as a shiver ran down my spine. My mother was actually right; this creep was someone to keep an eye one.

Closing the webpage, I couldn't help but notice the awful quietness of Harvey's home. I turned on some music as loud as it would go and set my computer on his desk. Hurrying downstairs, I just wanted to make sure all the doors were locked tight and the alarm was on. I knew I didn't have much to worry about, but still, Harvey was the district attorney and I couldn't shake the butterflies from my stomach.


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