Pivoting on his right foot, Bill dodged the malignant orange blaze of an incoming hex, letting it slam into the Death Eater behind him. With a wrenching cry, the man went down. With a snapping motion he sent a sizzling yellow curse back, which bound and shook the woman it hit, sending her wand flying. She screamed with fury when the bonds held against her struggling, cursing. He stared at her mildly for a moment and shook his head before tumbling back into the battle.

He ducked and dodged, carefully picking his targets and spells. The more dangerous, he killed. The younger and those not yet damned, he took out of action as gently as possible. It was hard, taking out his former classmates, but it had to be done. It was the only practical thing to do. They could still be saved.

The others--like Lucius Malfoy and Yaxley--were irredeemable and had to be killed. There was no other way.

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