White Fire

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He clenched at the fabric above his heart. Wait, where his heart used to be. Now that his red head god had left him, he had nothing to live for.


Wham. White dots splattered his vision. "Get up, you whore", sounded a deadly voice. Sasuke dragged himself up, wiping his cheek where a smear of blood appeared. "I can't believe you did that to me Sasuke. Why?" came the now childish sounding voice. "You KNOW as well as I do that Naruto was only playing the part of a friend", rasped Sasuke, rather brokenly. He knew what was going to come out of Gaara's mouth next, but, from the way he had hit him, he would really mean it this time. "This relationship is over, Sasuke. I can't stand the way you hang out with all of those people like you do, with them hanging all over you lap", finished Gaara. They both sat silently, Gaara pouting, Sasuke deliberating. Sniff. Sasuke's head jerked up at an alarming rate. Was Gaara, his Gaara, really actually and truly crying?

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