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White Fire

He dragged himself up, off of the cold hard cement. Why, oh, WHY, did I have to be so stupid?, Sasuke mentally cursed. He always knew that Gaara was instinctively jealous of other people that got too close, why did he do it?

Flashback: (A/N: this is before chap 1; sorries!!)

"No, no, calm down, Sasuke, it's going to be okay", soothed Naruto, hugging his best friend in the entire world. "N-Na-Naruto!", sobbed a rather hysterical Uchiha. "Why is Itachi coming back h-here?" "He's coming for me, Sasuke", assured a now quite frightened blonde as he admitted the truth that he had been keeping back for quite a while now. The terrified Uchiha crawled into his comforters lap and cried into his shoulder. "D-Don't g-go Naruto," hiccupped the distraught raven. "I'll miss my almost-brother" Naruto smiled and kissed the top of Sasuke's head. Just as a

random show of brotherly affection. He sat there while Sasuke calmed down. "Are you calm yet, Sasuke?", asked a worried Jinchirukki

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Sasuke nodded into Naruto's shoulder. With a sigh, Naruto put a slightly exhausted Uchiha on his back, intending to carry him home to Sasuke's apartment. He had hardly walked three yard when a tall, slim redhead blocked his way. "Give. Me. The Uchiha", growled the irate teen, holding out his arms. Naruto reached up and attempted to pull the now sleeping boy off of his back but Sasuke's hands were locked around his neck. "I can't get him off", admitted the blonde. Gaara snarled. "He has become attached to you", he hissed. "And that is something that I cannot allow". In three long, angry strides, he was at Naruto's side and he wrenched his only love of that blonde idiot's back. Sasuke whimpered from the loss of heat and opened his eyes. "Traitor", growled a bristling Gaara. "Wh-What's going on?", asked a very bewildered raven. Naruto rubbed his neck. "Apparently, your Gaara here didn't like the idea of me carrying you-Where'd they go?" said a startled Naruto. The rather sudden disappearance of Sasuke and Gaara kinda scared him but at least he wouldn't have a blood thirsty guy hanging around him for the time being. The blonde sighed, turned around, and gasped when a long-haired, crimson-eyed man stood before him. "Who the hell are you?", he yelled, before everything went black. Uchiha Itachi blinked. "I was expecting more of a struggle but he is blonde after all", mused the elder Uchiha as he picked up Naruto and walked away.

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