Narumi's Fiancee

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Summary: Ever since Narumi was a child his father had arranged him to be married. However, since Narumi broke all ties from his father's business ties the arrangement was lost. Now the (ex) fiancee wants Narumi back, no matter what! What will Narumi do? Will Kiri be jealous?

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Early morning, at Japan's airport, a private black plane landed right in front of 10 men all dressed in black and a limousine parked right behind them.

A young woman came out from the plane and she slowly walked down the stairs.

"Good morning Miss," Said her bodyguards in unison.

The girl ignored their greeting and entered the limo.

"Take me Narumi's!"

"Kiri! Time to get up!" A voice shouted from downstairs.

A raffling noise came from under the blankets but refused to get up.

"Kiri, you're gonna be late!"

"Meow.." A black cat crawled on top of the blanket and began to lick Kiri's face.

"Okay, okay..." Yawn. "-I'm up..."

Kiri rubbed her tired eyes as she got out of bed, she head to the bathroom but stumbled against her desk where one of her stuff animals fell to the floor.

Kiri blinked as she slowly picked up the 'Rabbit Beer' that Narumi had given her a while back. She brushed off the invisible dust off the animal and placed it in the middle of her desk so next time it wouldn't fall.

Kiri sighed as she continued to walk towards school, her head phones on each ear. Even with the music up high she could still clearly hear the yell of--

"Leave me alone!!"

Kiri turned the corner and saw Narumi shouting at some girls who were blushing and squealing, they had different uniforms so they don't go to their school.

" you have to shout so early in the morning?" Kiri drawled out lazily as she continued to walk, passing a baffled Narumi.

Kiri tried to raise the volume on her player, but it was too late.

"Mussy-head! What do mean 'so early in the morning'?!" He shouted as he ran up to her, leaving the girls behind. "And stop calling me 'Naru-Naru'! It's sempai to you!"

Kiri removed on of her ear phones and looked at Narumi, "Naru Naru-sempai."

"No! I mean-uh...never mind!" Narumi sighed, "You make me feel exhausted you know that..."

"Glad to be of help."

Anger sparked back to life inside of Narumi as he marched towards the non-chanted girl when he suddenly slipped on a banana peel. Lunging towards him, he grabbed the closest thing and brought it down with him as well.

'Ouch...that's gonna bruise.'Narumi winced at the stingy pain on his forearm.

"Uh...Naru Naru?"

Narumi felt himself go cold and his face flushed a dark scarlet when he look down and saw Kiri under him, his arms wrapped around her shoulders and hers grabbing the back of his shirt.

"Shogo-sama!" A voice cried.

Both Kiri and Narumi turned and saw a girl with long auburn colored hair that was tied in two pigtails, her big grey eyes, which were wide in anger, shown against her tan skin. She was very beautiful, even when angred she still looked gorgeous.

"N...Narita!?" Narumi shouted, his face still completely flushed.

Before he knew it he felt her hand pulled on the back of his shirt and was pulled off of Kiri, who had a confused expression.

"Koshiba-san!" Ochiai and Kei suddenly came behind the beautiful girl and rushed to help Kiri.

"Kiri-chan! Are you alright?"

Kiri took Ochiai's offered hand and dusted off her uniform. "Yeah...thank you." She smiled making Ochiai blush, but it disappeared when she looked over Narumi's direction.

"Let go of me Narita!" He yelled as he tried to free himself from the girl who's arms seemed practically glued around Narumi's waist. Narumi began to get the rash.

Kiri felt her face darken, "Who is she?"

"Oh that's Emi Narita," Ochiai said, tucking up his glasses. "She's visiting Narumi's family and--"

"She's Narumi's fiancee!" Kei smiled with a lollipop in his mouth.

Narumi blushed and looked worriedly towards Kiri, "She is not!!!" He cried, still struggling from Emi's hug.

"Yes I am!" Emi declared, finally releasing Narumi. "And you!" She pointed at Kiri who raised an eye brow. Emi closed her eyes and flickered a piece of her silky hair from her face, "I don't know what kind of relationship you have with Shogo-sama--"


"--but you better stay away from myboy....friend?" Emi blinked as she looked at the empty space that was filled by Kiri.

"If you're looking for Kiri, she already left." Kei stated blankly.


Ochiai stared after Kiri as she walked away, 'Hmm....'

Kiri looked straight ahead of her with more of an emotionless face than usual.

'Fiancee, huh...'

"Kiri-chan!" Kanako smiled as she saw Kiri enter the school building.

"Good morning, Kiri-chan." She greeted as they both walked towards the shoe lockers. She watched as Kiri switched her shoes.

"Morning." Kiri muffeled a yawn as she closed her locker.

"Kiri! Aoyama!"

Kiri and Kanako looked and saw Taro running towards them, his arm waving frantically.

"Good morning Taro." "Taro-tard."

Taro sent a glare in Kiri's direction. "I told you-- don't call me that!" He huffed before violently shaking his head. "Never mind that-- there's a new student coming today! Huh? W-wait for me, Kiri!"

Kiri along with Kanako walked towards the juice machine, ignoring Taro's calls.

After Kiri got her orange juice, the trio headed to their classroom.

"I wonder who the new student is going to be?" Kanako wondered as she took her seat next to Kiri.

Taro gleamed. "Rumor has it that she's a wold wide super model! Her parents own one of the world's best model industries!" He sighed dreamily with hearts in his eyes. "She's so lucky! Getting to travel the world, meet famous people..."

"Then why would she come here, to this school?" Kanako asked.

Kiri rested her chin on her crossed arms over her desk. "No idea..."

"Isn't it obvious?!" Taro cried, causing Kanako to jump and Kiri to look at him is surprise.

"She's obviously here to get a makeover by the S.P.!"

"Really?!" A classmate suddenly cried.

"The new student is really a model?" Another cried.

Suddenly everyone was crying out questions and exciment causing Kiri to sigh in frustration.


"Okay class settle down!" The teacher shouted over the noise. "As you already heard we have a new student starting today...please welcome Emi Narita."

Aww! Poor Kiri! XD

Anyway second story of Beauty Pop! Main inspiration of writing this story was the final volume of BP! Kiyoko Arai-san wanted to draw a chapter of Narumi's fiancee coming and I had to write a story of it! It won't be a long one though...probably 4 or 5 chapters at most.

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