Narumi's Fiancée

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Summary: Ever since Narumi was a child his father had arranged him to be married. However, since Narumi broke all ties from his father's business ties the arrangement was lost. Now the (ex) fiancée wants Narumi back, no matter what! What will Narumi do? Will Kiri be jealous?

Couple(s): NarumixKiri or NarumixOC

"Kiri-chan! Wait for your boyfriend!"

Narumi froze in place and stared wide-eyed as the bleached blonde wrapped his arm around an annoyed looking Kiri. 'The hell is he doing here?!' He thought angrily, stomping over at the clueless pair.

Billy laughed as Kiri swatted away his hand. "Aww! Kiri-chan hasn't changed one bit!"

The girl gave out a sighed feeling a bit irritated as she continued walking to school, trying to ignore Billy.

"Since I'm here," Billy grinned, clearly amused by Kiri. "Why don't we go on a date?"

Kiri turned to glare at Billy but blinked when she was suddenly pulled back by her shoulders. Looking up she found herself looking at a pissed off Narumi, glaring daggers straight at Billy.

"Absolutely not!" Narumi yelled, not noticing the stares both Kiri and Billy were giving him, wondering why he hasn't broken out in hives.

Billy blinked before grinning, enjoying Narumi's amusing outburst. "Narumi! Long time no see!" He patted Narumi on the shoulder like an old friend, knowing it would only irritate him even more.

Slapping his hand away, Narumi pointed an accusing finger at the grinning blonde. "What are you doing here?! I thought you went back to L.A."

Billy suddenly stood between Narumi and Kiri and linked his arm with hers. "Why else? I finally confessed my love for Kiri and she accepted!"

"What!?" Narumi yelled, making Kiri stick a finger in each ear to save her eardrums.

"Haha! I'm only kidding! Right Kiri-cha-OW!" Kiri released Billy's foot from the heel of her shoe before looking at Narumi.

"He's only visiting."

Narumi blinked, his anger quickly vanishing, "Only…visiting?" He repeated slowly.

Kiri raised an eyebrow, giving him a suspicious look, "Why else would he be here? What are you thinking Naru-Naru?"

"Ack!" Narumi's face went up in flames; red covered his face, neck and ears. "I-I-I'm not t-thinking anything like that!"

Kiri continued to stare at Narumi accusingly with Billy joining alongside her. "Like what exactly?" Billy asked.

Narumi only got more flustered as they continued to stare him down. "S-stop tha-!"

"Shogo-sama!" A high pitched cried out, Kiri winced as the familiar voice and feeling a very familiar headache coming on.

"Ahh!" Narumi stumbled as Narita suddenly appeared and wrapped her arms around his waist, causing him to break out into his hives. Having the strong urge to scratch his arms Narumi tried to shove the girl off with little success. "Get off Narita!"

"Shogo-sama," She ignored his cries, holding on to him in a tight grip. "We were supposed to walk to school together!"

"Emi?" A surprised voice whispered. Everyone turned towards Billy who was frozen in disbelief.

Narita looked at the blonde in confusion but then gasped as if recognizing who she was looking at, "Billy?"

At her distraction, Narumi took the chance to escape her hold and stood next to an aloof Kiri. He looked between the two who seem to be staring each other in shock.

Billy opened his mouth to break the silence, "Ah…!" He choked as the auburn haired girl abruptly turned her heel and dash the opposite way.

Kiri and Narumi looked at Narita's retreating back then at Billy.

"Uh…mind explaining what is going on-hey!" Narumi shouted, watching as Billy hastily made his way back to Koshiba's Salon without a word.

Ignoring Narumi's yelling, Kiri looked at the direction of her house where Billy disappeared too and sighed. She briskly walked past Narumi and headed towards her school.

"H-hey, wait up!" Narumi cried as he followed her.

"Hmm, how interesting," Ochiai said never taking his eyes off the screen. "It seems as though Narita and Billy dated a few years ago, before Billy rose to stardom in the beautification world. They broke up a while after that, though. Seems that Narita couldn't handle the fans Billy was getting."

"Really?!" Kei cooed, eating some chocolate bun he found in the S.P. room. "How romantic!"

"So what? What does that have to do with anything?" Narumi snorted, leaning back against the chair, feeling a bit annoyed. With the annoyance that happen with Narita and Billy, and the walk to school with Mussy-head was nothing but bickering, he lost his chance to talk to her about the engagement situation.

Ochiai stared at Narumi with a cross look. Really, does he not understand the issue here? "It has everything to do with it." He turned back to his handy laptop, typing quickly. "We may have found a way of getting Narita off your back for good."

Yawn. Kiri scratched the back of head as the afternoon drowsiness hit her hard.

Kanako smiled at her best friend, knowing it was a hectic week for her.

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow?" Kiri suddenly asked. Both girls were walking out of the school's building and heading home together.

"Oh, no I don't." Kanako replied, slowing her pace to follow Kiri's. She jumped slightly when Kiri grabbed a strand of her hair and rubbed it between her two fingers and thumb.

"Do mind coming to the shop tomorrow?" She asked, her eyes eyeing the ends of her hair. "You're hair is getting a bit dry, it'll get split ends soon."

"Y-yes, if you're sure!"

The girls continued their way out of the school building exit until they heard a locker door being slammed. They turned towards the show lockers and saw Narita looking frantic with puffy red eyes, packing her belongings into her bag.

"Come on, stupid shoes!" Narita grunted, having trouble stuffing her shoes in her overstuffed shoulder bag. "Agh! Ow!" In her frustration, she kicked her bag only to hurt her toe.

"Narita-san!" Kanako cried in concern. "A-are you alright?"

Narita blushed in embarrassment. "I-it's none of your business!" She snapped at the timid girl, irritating Kiri.

"Come on, Kanako." Kiri said sternly, grabbing her by the arm gently and walked away.

Narita flinched, the unfamiliar feeling of guilt pooling in her stomach. "I'm sorry." She said quietly.

Kiri stopped dead on her tracks, not believing she heard right. She looked over at the girl and couldn't believe what she was seeing. The same girl that has been the biggest annoyance of her life was shamefully looking at the floor with tears threatening the let out.

"I…I'm sorry," She whispered, choking slightly. "I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you." She sobbed out.

Kanako looked worriedly at Kiri, not knowing how the nonchalant girl would act.

"Was it to make Billy jealous?" Kiri asked with unreadable expression.

Narita blushed and just nodded, knowing they would've known the truth the moment she ran into Billy that morning.

Kiri sighed and walked up to the flustered girl. "If you're really sorry, then let me do some magic on you."

"I'm home," Kiri said, walking through her home door. Shampoo meowed softly, purring as he rubbed against her leg. "You hungry?" The girl asked lovely, bending down and picking up the oversized cat.

"Kiri!" Seji's voice ranged out from the Salon. "Get in here!"

Kiri only sighed in annoyance with Shampoo meowing in support. She entered the salon and blankly stared at her father…who was sitting on a seat with Narumi standing next to him. She blinked with Shampoo meowing, then turned around and tried to walk back to her room.

"Hey, get back here!" Seji quickly grabbed his daughter by the back of her uniform and stopped her from leaving. "He came to visit Billy but he stepped out a while ago so keep him company for me." He left the salon and went into kitchen to get something to eat.

"You need something from Billy?" Kiri sighed as she put Shampoo on the ground.

"Not me," Narumi shrugged, feeling a bit uneasy being left alone with the girl that makes his heart flutter. "Ochiai wants to talk to him about Narita."

"Ah," The girl nodded, thinking back to Narita a small smile on her lips. "I don't think you'll have to worry about her."

Right outside the Koshiba's salon was Billy giving a newly haired Narita a kiss, his fingers combing through her very curly, shoulder length red hair.

Narumi looked at Kiri confused before sighing, trying to calm his nerves. "Listen, about the whole engagement thing…"

"Hmm, what about it?" Kiri asked, deciding to play a bit with the temperamental Narumi.

"Ah, w-well, I-I" Narumi stuttered, completely confused on her attitude about the situation.

"Would you rather ask me to marry you yourself?"


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