The twisted love story

Edward / Alice / Jasper / Rosalie /Emmett/Bella / Jacob /Emily they all go to a camp for 6 months . All friends. All 16 and mad !!!! all have various powers .

Emmett POV

I was so excited for this summer camp . We were going to a place in Florida , and I was looking forward to a tan

' Edward , my man , looking forward to the ladies at this camp '

' I already found my lady , but she's dating somebody else ' Edwards expression changed and twisted .

'and who is thing lady , and like who is she dating .' I nagged .

' It's Bella Swan. She is totally made for me , and she has to be dating Jacob Black.'

Edward grimaced at the name Bella Swan . Edward must seriously like her .

Bella's POV

Summer camp was coming up . My gorgeous boy friend was coming , Jacob , and all my other friends were going to be there . Like Alice,Emily and rose . I really don't regret moving to Forks . I know the weather isn't very great in Forks but I met Jacob again , since I was younger and made mud pies with him .

' Alice are you all packed then , or is that a stupid question ?'

' Bella , that is a stupid question , I can't fit all my clothes in '

'Lol totally you Alice , come on hurry , your going to miss the coach to get to the airport . '

As usual , me and Alice gossiped all the way . We talked about boys and clothes .

' Alice , Jasper totally likes you , why go out with mike Newton , he's such a loser . He was like going out with Jessica Stanley , and then cheated on her with Lauren , that little slag.'

' Mike has been getting on my nerves lately . Why do you think Jasper likes me anyway ?' Alice blabbered on .

' Look at the way he looks at you . You can see his eyes just want to pop out of his eye sockets . Look .' I laughed hard . Alice's cheeks flushed Scarlett red .

' I think Edward has the hots for you ' Alice seriously said

' Wow , Edward . He dead cute , but im happy with Jacob , even though he can't kiss very well , i'll teach him . '

We finally got on to boarding the plane . They had trouble with the Bags . Alice brought too many , lucky she had extra money on her to buy the weight over mark .

Edwards POV ( on aeroplane )

Bella Swan was totally gorgeous. I was so jealous of Jacob Black . He had her and I didn't. Emmett skits me about it because I'm Jealous of someone. Its usually the other way round .

' Bella is so,so,so cute , why does she have to go out with Jacob Black , he's nothing special. I over heard Bella and Alice talking about how he kisses . Bella said , even though he can't kiss !'

' what you chatting on about Edward . I can't hear a thing .' Emmett , with the attention span of a daffodil watching a film.

I over heard Alice count down the time for exactly when the plane would touch down .

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