Chapter 2 – Love get pissed. Oh my god he kiss me

this story is turning in to Beverly hills 90210

Alice's POV

Wow . We were really here , in Florida. We were all getting put into groups . It was

Me – Alice








It was 8 to a cabin . They were massive! And we all got our own room. Bella had be acting really weird round Jacob lately. She wouldn't Let him kiss her. Maybe he left slobber. Anyway Edward totally liked her , and that thing that Bella said to me on the coach about Jasper liking me was kind of right. He always looked at me and smiled at me. I was still with mike , but I was thinking about dumping him . He was a slag . Bella was correct , I'd seen the way he'd be flirting with Rosalie before , by the pool , it really pissed me off .

' Hey you guy's , right , lets play a game. Hide and seek ! With a twist !!.' I said .

' what sort of twist ?' Jacob stammered out .

' well...........if you found first,second or third on each game you have to take 2 pieces of your clothing off . We have 10 games of that , then we turn the lights off , we each drink a whole bottom each of champagne and go looking for our clothes . The first clothes you find put them on , but you can take clothes off other people!'

' okay ! Come on ! ' Jasper said , rather excited .

I was on first , I counted to 50 and went looking for them , with the light off .

I found Emmett first and made him take his top of and his biker gloves , then I found Bella , I forced her to take her socks and pants , loll. Then I found Jacob , I wanted his top and shoes , they were red converse .

After 10 games we scattered the clothes and turned the lights off , but not ready to hide , because Emily went to get the champagne.

Bella's POV

It was pitch black and I was with Jacob .

' Bella , can I tell you something .'Jacob asked

' yes course you can .' I answered . I don't know what he was going to tell me, but his face was stern.

' I don't want you going by Edward , He , he looks at you, a lot .'

I did see what Alice had meant about Edward having the hots for me . Jacob was jealous , jealous of Edward.

' I can't just stay away from Edward because you said so , he's my friend. ' I said . I didn't understand Jacob.

' Consider us through .' Jacob snapped angrily at me . * slap * . Alice sniggered in the background ' Piss off Jacob , fine , we are through!' I yelled it .

The lights flicked , as Emily dished up out each a bottle of champagne , and I moved away from Jacob.

' Oh my gosh , did you and Jacob just break up ha! Sorry for laughing.' Alice sniggering her head off .

' its okay . He told me to stay away from Edward . He said he has been looking at me a lot . There's nothing wrong with that , I don't think . I really like Edward as well.' I couldn't help laugh . I thought to myself , im free , I wasn't letting Jacob kiss me because he sneezed kissing me once , and I got snot all over my face. Nice.

We all got made to down our bottles of champagne and I could barely stand up with half a bottle . When we had finished the bottles the lights flicked off.

I stumbled my way upstairs , into a room , who I didn't know who owned it .

' s-s-s-h-i-i-tt ' I slurred out through my mouth. I was light head . I began feeling around the room finding a t-shirt . It was one of the lads , so I put it on .

I stood up . * scream* some one had grabbed me .

' who's grabbing me ?' I began freaking out .

' shhh , guess the tone of voice . ' this person said

' Jacob ?'

' why would I be Jacob , I hate him !' this mysterious voice said. You could hear a grimace about to come on his face .

' I know your Edward ?'

' yay , finally ' he laughed . We were tipsy ,so we didn't know what we were doing.

' why do you hate Jacob so much ?' I really wondered why . Was it because he had me , well use to have me .

' Because I like you , and he has you .' he slurred out

' He hasn't got me any more , he dumped me haha .' I laughed again so hard , it hurt.

' haha. Come here for a minute .' he asked .

He planted him lips on mine . I knew it was drunken , but I didn't care .

The lights flicked back on , and Jacob saw me there kissing Edward .

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