I ran through the wilderness, with the mistwolves surrounding me. I howled along with the Wolf Song, as I always do.

My bonded one, a firewolf named Starfire, ran beside me as we led the mistwolves into the Song.

We were all headed to the camp, or the clearing, where we lived. I live with the mistwolves.

We all were well on our way, howling with calm. Yet, suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks.

Sniffing the air, I howled for my pack to stop. They did.

Danger was coming near. I could sense it.

"Senna, danger is near. We must not go any further. Something strange...terrible. I will go investigate." I calmly said to the leader.

"No. I can't let a beloved member of our pack leave us, with the question of not coming back. I will go with you, Eairya, if nothing else." The leader replied.

My name, it is Eairya (A/N: Eairya is pronounced, E-air-A. the letter E, the word air, then the letter A.)

"Senna, I must go alone. I can't endanger my pack, if I can do anything to help it. If you won't let me go, then I leave the mistwolves."

Howls of disapproval came from all around. I had no choice but to leave.

"NO!!! I am leader, I will not let you leave us." The mistwolf gave me a glare.

"I am sorry, Senna. The danger I sense is to great for me to endanger my clan, as I said. I must go. But if I do, do you promise me that all of you, that all of you will wait for me until I come back?"

"Eairya. Go if you must, but we will not wait. We must leave. Starfire, do you wish to go with your packmate, or stay with us?"

"I must, as always, travel with my packmate. I shall never leave her. I'm sorry, Senna. Goodbye." Starfire bravely said, as we ran off.

I didn't know what I just did, but I know I had to run. Time went by fast, but we ran. We were far away from the mistwolves we used to know. I heard footsteps following us, and I whipped around fast.

"Who are you? Don't hide." I shouted with Starfire growling fiercely.

A teenage looking boy with bronze hair came to a stop in front of us. He had golden eyes, and a blank face.

"You are fast. Faster than I've ever seen, for a human run. What is your name?" The mystery boy asked.

"I...I am Eairya. Who are you?" I growled.

"I am Jasper. I won't hurt you. I promise." As he said this, a black-haired, pixie-like, graceful girl came out of the bushes.

"Jasper, Carlisle and Esme told you not to leave the house! What are you doing out here- W-Who is this?" She said.

"I am Eairya."

"Who are you? I don't mean to be rude, but why are you here? I thought we were alone..." Starfire whispered hesatently.

"Jasper, why don't we bring her with us back to home? Carlisle will be curious...she is strange, and willing to cooroporate. Let me, please?" The pixie asked Jasper, with a pleading look in her eyes.

"Allright, if you wish..." Jasper gave in.

Before I knew it, both of them were at my side, the Pixie, blabbering on. I wonder what her name was. They seemed nice enough. We shouldn't trust them too much, though. Just for percautions...

Good, huh? Like it? Sorry it's so short, but I thought it was a good ending. Tell me what you think!!!!!!!

Love, Storm