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I've received a few unhappy reviews about this story not containing any original transformer characters. I do not have anything against the original guys, quite the opposite actually, I adore Sunstreaker, G1 Ratchet, Jazz, and good old Prowl, but I wanted to try something different. Yes the original characters do exist, but they're no longer on Earth, Optimus Prime left my guys in charge of guarding the place from rogue Decepticons, and then Ultracon rose to power, so there! (Yes, Megatron is no more, and their ain't no Galvatron.) Now for all you TF originals that hate mostly OC fanfics, at least say who you are when you're reviewing. I refuse to take anyone with a bad review seriously if they won't dare show their face! With that being said, please go ahead and read, or move on; Thank you ver much, and I hope you enjoy.

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Skylar felt her heart skip as she rounded the corner. It was a dead end! She dove into it anyways, grabbing her brother's hand as she did so. Her younger sibling's eyes grew as worry enveloped him. Skylar shoved him behind a garbage bin, and then hid herself along its side, incase she was spotted. That way only one of them would get taken.

"Skylar?" Her little brother asked worriedly.

"Shh, Shiloh, not now." Skylar hissed.

"But theā€¦" Shiloh began again.

Skylar turned to her eleven year old brother, crammed tightly into the small space the dumpster offered as refuge. His platinum blonde hair was matted down with sweat, and his glowing blue eyes were wide with fear. Skylar affectionately wiped some grime from his pale sweaty brow.

"I know it's a giant robot. Don't worry; I won't let it get you." Skylar comforted softly.

"But what if it gets you?" Shiloh's face only grew more distressed.

Skylar couldn't help but smile at her little brother's selfless worry.

"I'm a big girl; I can take care of myself." Skylar comforted.

Still Shiloh did not look reassured. Skylar sighed and rocked her head back, letting her own platinum hair fall back behind her shoulders. Her violet eyes watched the sky carefully. Whatever had been chasing them had obviously been a robot, there was no doubt to that, but where had it come from? Was it some military experiment gone haywire, or was it some alien technology deciding to use her and her brother as the guinea pigs to test its abilities?

Well, whatever the thing was, it was definitely trying to capture them, not kill them, or else they'd probably be dead by now. Why though did it need them? The answers were far beyond Skylar's reach.

Suddenly a shudder rippled through the ground, making the metal of the dumpster echo loudly. Shiloh winced at the sound, and automatically reached a hand out to grab Skylar's. She gently squeezed it, before tucking it back away behind the dumpster. She couldn't let her brother be seen. Another shudder quickly told her that the thing had come upon their hiding place. Skylar held her breath, bracing herself for the worst.

The shudders stopped, along with Skylar's heart momentarily. Was it going to leave? Did it know she was there?

Please oh please God, don't let it find us. Skylar prayed in her head.

Suddenly the dumpster was ripped away, and thrown across the back of the alley. Skylar felt her jaw go slack as she stared up at the two story robot, its red eyes glowing in the dim light. They narrowed slightly, as if satisfied it found them. Shiloh's face was pure horror, and Skylar quickly flung herself in front of him.

"Don't hurt him!" She begged, her courage wavering despite her strong words.

To her shock the robot smiled! Did it have emotions?

Skylar fought back a scream as a monstrous hand outstretched and wrapped its fingers around her light frame. In the other hand Skylar saw her brother getting scooped up. He though couldn't stop screaming, mostly for help, but Skylar could make out her name through it all.

"Shut up pathetic human." The robot demanded, lifting the boy closer to its face.

Being so close though only encouraged Shiloh to scream louder. The robot's face contorted into a sneer, and lifted its mighty hand higher as if preparing to throw him.

"NO!" Skylar screamed. "Shiloh stop, he's going to throw you!" Skylar's voice rose above her panicked brother's.

Like a light switch, Shiloh turned off, his frantic screams ceasing their existence.

The robot lowered its raised hand, and then Skylar felt the hand she was in lift up and come closer to its face. She bit her lip desperately trying not to break down. She couldn't in front of Shiloh; he'd only start screaming again, and that would be the end of it.

"You're a most interesting specimen." The platinum and gold robot smirked.

Skylar remained quiet, unsure if saying anything in this situation would do her any good.

"Hmm, not going to beg for your life like the others?" It questioned lowly.

Skylar tilted her head. This robot was far more advanced than anything she had ever seen before. Perhaps it was its own creation, an alien itself, rather than being created by something else. By its low voice to, Skylar deduced it would probably be better to call the robot a he, rather than just it.

"If there were others, you obviously didn't let them go." Skylar said through clenched teeth. It was all she could do to keep from panicking.

"Smart human," He smirked again. "Perhaps you and your kin will provide better results."

Skylar barely gulped down the lump that had formed in her throat.

Results? Oh shit. Skylar thought to herself, her violet eyes falling back to her brother. What was it going to do to them?

With the two kids in hand, the giant robot turned and began his long march back to base. Skylar all the way prayed he'd spare her brother. Just spare her brother and she'd be content with whatever fate was dished out for her. Skylar stole a glance in her brother's direction as they swung about in the robots casual stride. Shiloh couldn't take his eyes off her, and they were wide with both fear of the unknown, and the verge of hysteria. Skylar sighed lightly; this was not the way she had thought she was going to go.