Stealthblade ran a finger over the new Autobot symbol emblazed on his shoulder. Rather than having it be bright red like the rest of his team mates, Stealthblade had chosen to tone it down a bit, making it more of a maroon. He didn't know if it was because of his programming, or just his will to match, that made him want to have his Autobot emblem match the rest of him.

On his other shoulder the Decepticon symbol still stood, with the large scratches still running through it. Maybe it was his rebellious streak that kept Ratchet and Pulse from removing it, or perhaps just to show the world of what he had accomplished.

Stealthblade, stop admiring that symbol, we just got it yesterday at the ceremony. Stormstrike complained from beside him.

The elite also possessed an Autobot symbol on the same shoulder as Stealthblade, but chose to keep his brilliant red, not at all affected by bright colors. He to, kept his scratched out Decepticon symbol.

"Oh come on Storm, let a guy think." Stealthblade teased, giving his younger sibling a playful push. "It's not every day we swear our allegiance to the Autobots."

"Yeah, yeah." Stormstrike rolled his optics.

Montana suddenly walked over, giggling over something. Both mech's looked down at her with cocked heads.

"Sorry, it's just so funny, your one sided conversations." Montana smiled up at them innocently.

Stormstrike and Stealthblade exchanged glances, having not even realized what they were doing. This only got more laughter out of the ten year old.

Stealthblade stood up, his joints not making a sound since his repair job a week ago. With Ultracon gone, the Decepticons had split, taking their injured with them. In the lower parts of base, Shadowshifter had been dug up by one of his companions, and had disappeared before the battle for base had even begun. Wary as they were over what these disorganized Decepticons would do, so far nothing had happened, and it had been nothing but celebrations and getting wasted off of high grade. Stealthblade refused though to allow himself to get in such a position, despite the others persuasive words that he just needed to unwind.

Then the stealth soldier spotted Plasmagrade walking by, and the weapons specialist froze once he met Stealthblade's visor. Stealthblade's visor glowed, recalling that the mech still had yet to talk with Dawncatcher.

"I'll be right back." Stealthblade chuckled, and quickly trotted over to Plasmagrade, who seemed to have grown pale, if that were possible.

Stormstrike burst out laughing, having read his brother's mind. Montana looked up at him curiously, wondering if he was going to explain, but he just shook his head, telling the girl he had been sworn to secrecy.

Stealthblade linked his arm around Plasmagrade's, and proceeded to drag him towards Headquarters where Dawncatcher would surely be.

"Wait, do we have to do this now!?! I mean, come on Stealth, I don't know what to say to her!" Plasmagrade strained against the black mech, but it was futile.

"Nope, it's now or never." Stealthblade chuckled as he swung open the recently repaired doors to Headquarters.

Most of the base was still in need of a repair job, but Pulse and Ratchet had first been focused on repairing all the mechs that had been damaged in battle, which included Loosevalve, the only Autobot really designed for such repairs.

Stealthblade spotted Dawncatcher on the far side of the room, looking over some of the monitors, attempting to fix a few of the broken ones on her own. Stealthblade twisted around and marched Plasmagrade forward, gently shoving him every time he hesitated.

"Hey Dawncatcher." Stealthblade caught the femme's attention.

"Stealth, please don't do this to me." Plasmagrade whimpered softly, only making the stealth soldier's visor glow.

"Plasmagrade here has something he's been meaning to tell you." With a final push the weapons specialist was beside the white femme.

She raised a curious optic ridge, looking up at the mech waiting for him to speak.

"I uh...well...?" Plasmagrade looked desperately at Stealthblade for help.

"Nope, it's all you man." Stealthblade held up his hands and took a step back.

If a mech could blush, Plasmagrade would have been scarlet red. He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, his visor trailing up to the ceiling.

"Dawn, um, we've known each other for a while and..." He stopped, looking down at the femme uncertainly.

She just cocked her head, waiting patiently for him to continue.

"And err, I...I..." Plasmagrade's voice dwindled, and he clenched his dental plates as if in physical distress.

"Oh for the love of Primus!" Stealthblade shook his head.

Roughly he grabbed Plasmagrade by the back of the neck, and shoved him down to Dawncatcher's level, making the two kiss in the process.

The initial look that crossed Dawncatcher's optics was surprise, but then they relaxed and she kissed him back. Plasmagrade pulled back awkwardly, biting his lip plate uncertainly.

Dawncatcher just smiled, and then turned and walked away, swaying slightly.

"Did I just...?" Plasmagrade looked at Stealthblade in shock.

"Yep, and I think she liked it." He chuckled, and turned and left the weapons specialist as well.

Optimus Prime and Aero Prime then walked in before Stealthblade could leave. He looked up at the two fully repaired leaders, lifting up his helm spikes curiously.

"Good afternoon Stealthblade, how are repairs coming?" Aero Prime looked down at the black mech.

"Very well Sir. As soon as Loosevalve is fully repaired, our progress should only speed up." He reported.

"Good." Aero Prime's yellow optics then fell on the flustered Plasmagrade on the far side of the room.

The weapons specialist ducked his head down and spun around, trying to hide his face plate.

"So that's why Dawncatcher was so out of it." The orange and silver leader chuckled, and was quickly joined in by Optimus.

Plasmagrade just sunk down lower.

"Well Sirs, if you don't mind, I'm going to go get Storm and finish repairing the shooting range." Stealthblade stated.

"Very well." Optimus Prime nodded.

Stealthblade turned and left, locking onto his brother mentally.

Come on Storm, break time's over. Stealthblade called.

How'd it go? The elite asked curiously.

I think it went rather well. Just look out for Dawn though, she's a bit out of sorts at the moment. Stealthblade let out a chuckle.

Stormstrike appeared in the hallway, with Montana sitting on his shoulder. She threw him a wave and smiled, obviously having been told what Stealthblade had just done now that it was over.

"Stealthblade, you're awful." She giggled once she was close enough.

"I apologize, it's in my programming." Stealthblade joked.

She just rolled her eyes, her smile only growing.

The trio began to walk towards the shooting range together, when a loud shout rang out. Stealthblade and Stormstrike locked gazes, both smiling in their own way.

"Sounds like Ratchet." Stormstrike sniggered.

"It sounds like Pulse is giving him a run for his money though." Stealthblade nodded.

Breakshift along with the twins and Loosevalve were the only mechs still in need of repair, and judging by the swearing and threats echoing through the halls, none of them were cooperating.

"Wanna check it out?" Stormstrike's optics lit up.

"Um, no, I don't want a dent in my helm, thank you." Stealthblade shook his head.

"Okay, then you hold Montana." Stormstrike placed the little girl on his shoulder before he could even react, and then took off in the direction of the Med-Bay.

"Oh he's such a little kid sometimes." Stealthblade shook his head.

"I thought he was a little kid." Montana smiled up at the stealth soldier.

"True, but he doesn't have to act like one all the time." Stealthblade's visor glowed.

Then a series of angry yells issued out from the Med-Bay's direction, obviously aimed at Stormstrike. Stealthblade just sighed, and took off to rescue his brother from the wrath of the medics, laughing with Montana the whole way.

Sure he wasn't human anymore, but this was a life he could certainly live with.

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