Summary: Sam wakes up to a strange room filled with people who all know him and call him a very strange name. Confused!Sam Confused!Dean Awesome!Story. Loosely inspired by "Monster at the End of the Book" :)

Genre: Humor, action

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Sam awoke to a morning thrown asunder – his motel room was missing a wall and twenty strangers stared at him in wait.

"Well?" one man in a blue cap said to him.

Sam blinked, still half-asleep.

The man in the blue cap sighed and dropped his head, shouting "Cut!"

A series of groans filled the room as the crowd dissipated. Sam immediately awakened fully, throwing the bed covers off and looking for his brother for help.

"What the hell is going on?" Sam shouted to the man in the blue cap.

"Forget your line again, Sasquatch?" Dean said, appearing from around one wall and eating something leafy.

Sam's eyes darted around the room. "What are you talking about? Who are these people?" In the corner of the room, he spotted another stranger polishing one of his guns. Leaping over the bed, Sam snatched it away and frantically pleaded for answers, "Dean! What the hell is going on and why the hell are you eating a… salad?!"

Dean's mouth stopped mid-chew, furrowing his brow and looking in the direction of the man in the blue cap.

"Don't look at me, Jensen, he's all yours," the man said, raising his hands up to gesture his uninvolvement. "I've had enough of your pranks, already. I'm not falling for another," and with that the blue cap left.

While surveying his strange surroundings, Sam looked fiercely down into his brother's eyes and asked one last time, "Dean. What. is going. on?"

Dean swallowed his food in one painstaking gulp.

"Dude," his big brother said in an equally low voice. "Scene's over. What, are you a method acting, now?"

Sam stepped back. Had his brother gone insane?

He looked up and saw what should've been the outside of the motel appeared more like the inside of a studio. Light fixtures were carefully being balanced and secured by a low-level worker while bumbling interns paid their rent with coffee requests.

His hunting instinct quickly surmised all potential dangers, noting a sharp knife on what looked like a buffet table littered with donuts and coffee. On one end of the studio, an imposing looking man sat comfortably in a director's chair, the letters "Kr" peeking out from behind his back.

Sam's head suddenly swam with supernatural explanations.

"Trickster," he muttered, stepping back from his brother.

"No. Jensen," Dean corrected his bewildered friend in front of him. "Hello? Earth to Jared? What the hell is up with you?"

Sam stumbled over some loose cables as he continued his journey backwards, his eyes glued on his big brother, who scratched his head in confusion. Sam was entrapped in another trick and he had to figure out an escape…fast.


Well, this was just a little fun romp into a "what if" story...if you want more, I'll add the ending tonight! Otherwise, it's a stand alone. Oh, and I'm currently adding on to the story "Falling Away from Me" for all you dark Sammy fans (I'm looking at you, darksupernatural) So that'll be up shortly, too! :)