What this? Nimrod can write DannyVlad thats not under the influence, a sea of lies, or seemingly senseless rape?

[insert epic God voice] HOLY CRAP.

Okay peeps. This is my (hopefully) better, longer and totally mutual DannyxVlad fic. I promise there will be no wtf endings.

Oh, the title? Yeah it's really not as fo-sisticated as it sounds. Actually it's kinda cheesy. Cheesy in a fancy suit.

Almost forgot, each chapter will be switching PoV's between Danny and Vlad. I'll post them up here so y'all won't forget or sumthin.

Vlad PoV

The clock ticked in the background, keeping up a steady rhythm that was nearly setting me off the edge. The high back purple chair I sat upon felt like metal beneath me. I stared ahead at nothing, my thoughts racing. The house was silent but for that insufferable ticking. Here, in my private study, was where I nearly lost my calm. Surrounded by books and all the comforts I cherished; none of them comforted me now. Well, almost none. There was a picture, sitting innocently at my desk, of a boy. The boy in the golden frame was only fifteen and he had a shock of jet black hair that contrasted sharply with my gray-white mane. Bright, beautiful blue eyes stared at me happily, lighting up his features with joy. His smile filled the room and my chest with pride and love.

He's looks so full of life in the picture. How ironic is it that he's half dead?

How ironic is it that I, Vlad Masters, the only true fellow he has and the only one who can truly love and understand him, happens to be his greatest foe? I'd even go so far as to say that he considers me his arch-nemesis. How cruel.

I suppose I can hardly blame the boy though. Through his eyes I'll admit I have done some rather dark deeds. But I'm not obsessed. It's said that people go to great lengths for love. I happen to have a large abundance of money and power and when coupled with love, well I can go much farther than great lengths.

Daniel just doesn't understand. And how could he? Living with that idiot father, who knows how many vital lessons he's been deprived of? I've told him time and time again that I could teach him so much. I wish he would listen to reason.

I glanced at the photo again, my stomach bubbling with nerves.

How could it have come to this? How could I let myself loose control of my emotions? It's driven me to this horrid, yet so sweet, situation. What am I going to do? His parents will see him gone and search high and low for him. His friends and Jasmine will immediately suspect me. No doubt they'll come snooping around my castle as well. But it's worse than friends and family, so much worse. He'll forever hate me now. He'll never trust me. I've ruined any chance I had because of blind love. Why can't he understand, why? I've only ever wanted what's best for him! I've never had any real intent to hurt him, doesn't he know that? He has so much potential and only I can unlock it!

A deep sigh leaves my lungs and fills the room.

Calm yourself, Plasmius. Emotional thinking is what got you in this mess in the first place.

Another sigh.

He can't leave. He can't ever leave. Not that he's so close now, I couldn't bear it. I'll teach him not to hate me. I'll show him the compassionate and loving person I really am. He'll never leave and he'll be my perfect companion, as it should be. All I have to do is get through to him. How hard can it be? He's fifteen. Then again...

I glance up at the ceiling, up in the direction of the spare-no, his room. I know he's up there without even thinking about it. Just his presence fills this lonely old house with life. A warm glow buds in my chest. Maybe I should just go check on him, see how he's doing. After all, when I thoughtlessly took him here out of blind love, he may have been a little shaken up.

My feet stood sturdy on the carpeted floor as a single black ring surrounded me. It split into two as one traveled up my body and the other traveled down to the floor. My typical black suit disappeared, replaced by a white tunic with matching pants. My cape billowed behind me as I blinked my red eyes.

My ghost form is always so welcoming and comfortable. I wonder if Daniel feels the same about his second half?

I flew up through the ceiling and passed in and out of walls. I sank up from the floor of his bedroom and smiled warmly, all previous nerves vanishing.

Slowly, I came to his bedside and looked down affectionately at his softly breathing figure. He looked so peaceful, so oblivious. I loved that look on him. Pure innocence. I ran a gloved hand through his soft black hair, frowning at the slight bruise near his forehead. Perhaps I hit him too hard.

I sat down next to him, by body sinking in the bed. His sleeping form murmured something incoherent and he turned around, snuggling in closer to my body. I smiled, stroking his hair absentmindedly, watching him sleep and thinking about him.

Fifteen or not, he's strong. Both mentally and physically. Surely it couldn't be that hard to get through to him, but just to be sure, I'd better put up the ghost and human shield around his room. I hate to keep him locked in here, but I'll grant him more freedom with good behavior. It will be a good little incentive for him.

I leaned in closer, my face was nearly touching his. I tried to ignore the current of electricity that seemed to pull me closer to him, but I couldn't help it completely. With a secretive smile, I brushed my lips against his own fleetingly, reveling in the feeling that passed. He moved beneath me and I instinctively moved away, not wanting to be caught just yet. He settled once more with a soft sigh, a shadow of a smile gracing his lips. I smiled and brushed his hair again. Regretfully, I stood and sunk back into the floor, down to my secret lab, down to the modified and improved shield.

My thought's strayed as I set the device up, thinking of Maddie and how she would feel. I loved her, I always would. But...Daniel was different, something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Something more.

Still, how would Maddie react if she knew it was I who held her son? Well she would despise me for all eternity, of course, but did that honestly affect me? Did I care that by choosing Daniel I was giving up Maddie? No, I didn't care. I've already made my choice anyways and theres no use fretting about the past. There was just something special about Daniel.

I smiled to myself once more, thinking of him yet again.

The ghost-human shield was ready. I set in the destined measurements of the room up stairs and pressed the red button. I knew the soft, yet brief flash of green that encompassed the room before disappearing wouldn't wake Daniel. That boy could sleep through anything. I then set in the measurements for the property itself as a precaution, shielding Daniel from the outside world even more. I had a small metal bracelet hidden under my cuffs that rendered me impervious to the shield. It was another little thing I had invented in case it came of any use, and today it did.

Now all I had to do was tie up a few loose ends and formulate my next plan of action. Stealing Daniel away from that undeserving family may have been unplanned and whimsical, but I certainly wasn't going to let this opportunity go to waste.


It was the next morning. A Saturday. I left a tray of breakfast for Daniel earlier, but I don't think he ate any of it. Another monstrous crash echoed from the room upstairs and I winced. As predicted, be wasn't very happy about being abducted. I just wish he wouldn't take it out on the furniture.

My tea rippled from another crash and I sighed. This had been going on for the past hour since he had woken up and I had hoped he would have been tuckered out by now. I should have known not, he has such a temper.

When the shattering of glass reached my ears, I put my tea cup on the table. It was time to intervene. The ring of black surrounded me and I flew up through the ceiling. I checked my bracelet, hidden under my black glove, and phased through the door. I was met with quite a sight.

Everything was destroyed. The twenty thousand dollar king size bed, the thirty thousand dollar matching dressers and table, the floor length mirror was shattered, glass littered the floor, and wood dust and chips lavished the walls. Water was spitting pathetically out of Daniel's personal bathroom, puddling and making a mess of the flooring. Several crashes were heard from the bathroom and the sound of cracking tile, along with a few growls of frustration.

I shook my head in exasperation and hovered into the ruined, expensive master bath. Daniel had a miniature marble statue in his hand and was attempting to beat the jacuzzi to the ghost zone. The statue itself had several deep cracks in it, which testified to his and the jacuzzis strength.

"Daniel." I said calmly. I instantly ducked as the statue was chucked at my head and then felt a pair of fists clench the front of my tunic.

"Let me go you fruitloop." he hissed furiously, green eyes glaring beautifully into mine.

"But your the one who's restraining me?" I quirked an eyebrow with a smirk, knowing it would annoy him.

"Shut up! I wanna go home!" Daniel yelled.

"Daniel, you are home." I said innocently to him, still grinning tauntingly. How I loved to make him angry.

The teen let out a growl of fury and his hands glowed green. I was shot through the wall of the bathroom, over the bed, and then through the wall into the hallway. I watched Daniel's face light up with happiness and freedom at the giant hole in the wall next to the locked door. He jumped in the air and fled at top speed, ready to go right through the hole and escape.

A loud thumping crack was heard as Daniel smacked head first into the shield, like hitting a brick wall. He crumpled to the ground, clutching his head and groaning painfully.

"Sorry Daniel, you won't be getting out of here anytime soon." I smiled down at his dazed figure.

Still clutching his head, he glared up at me mournfully, looking quite the tortured victim.

"I hate trapping you in here like an animal, but as you can see, your not yet ready to have free reign of the castle just yet." I crossed my arms and looked down at him, reentering the room.

He glared at me and jumped back into the air, raising to my height.

"How come you can go through that shield and I can't?" Daniel demanded.

"Because your the captured and I'm the captor. I wouldn't be a very good captor if you could go through the ghost-human shield and I couldn't, now would I?"

"Wha-no! Your half ghost too! Why doesn't the shield affect you?" he was getting angrier.

"Because I've invented a device that renders me impervious to it's effects." I couldn't help but brag.

"Perfect. Just perfect." Daniel muttered murderously.

"Yes, I thought so too." I mused lightly.

He threw another ecto blast at me and I easily dodged it.

"You're going to have to do better than that, Daniel." I taunted.

With a growl of frustration, he charged into me, almost knocking me out of the air. We tussled for a little while, him throwing anger driven punch after every fury driven kick and me easily blocking every single one. It was good for him to get his anger out. Eventually, his inability to land a blow on me slowly killed his defiant anger.

"What do you want with me?" he yelled, throwing a punch at me half heartedly.

I grabbed his wrists and pushed him up against the wall. He winced as he hit his head but never stopped glaring at me. I got right in his face, I suppose he saw it as me challenging him but I was doing it for a different reason entirely. I loved being close to him, especially in defeat.

"I want you." I stated ominously.

He looked at me warily for a second, but then instantly that look of defiance was back in his eyes.

"Dude, you seriously need a cat." he said flatly.

My eye twitched. I couldn't help it! I hated it when he said that! How could a cat substitute him?

With an angry scoff I threw him to the ground, the glass clinked around him.

"Think what you will, Daniel, but your going to be here for a long time and I will get what I want." I announced as I started to leave the room.

"By the way, this is where you'll be staying for a while, so unless you want to continue living in this pig sty I suggest you start cleaning."

"Like hell I will!"

"Oh? You want to live in this mess? Then fine, I don't care. I'm sure it makes you feel right at home, anyways."

"Like I could ever feel at home in your creepy house." he rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you will eventually. Ta!" I yelled back at him cheerily as I left through the hole in the wall, changed back into my human form, and walked down the hall. He sound of him beating his fists on the shield reached almost to the next floor.

Almost forgot agian. Those of you who have read A Frozen Christmas, you will probably see some similar things in this story (NOT THE ENDING). Such as Vlad's taste in movies. Keep in mind that I totally started this fic first and A Frozen Christmas is the copy cat. M'kay that all.