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Chapter 1 - Nightmare

I yelled with agony, "Edward get him out! He can't breathe!" The pain was engulfing my entire body, my little nudger was struggling to get free. I screamed in pain yet Edward was still waiting for the morphine to induce me into its power.

I heard nothing. The whole room was frozen the pain was agonizing. I felt blood oozing from within. Suddenly I felt a sharp sensation on the center of my belly, Edward was trying to get him out. Finally the pain had stopped.

I was surrounded by darkness. The agonizing pain had subsided and now I was calm. I could no longer feel any pain, was I dead? Did my heart stop beating before Edward could change me? Where was my baby, was he okay?

Suddenly my entire body was burning the sensation moved slowly through every ligament in my lifeless body. My arms and legs were limp and my throat was aching. I tried to scream but nothing was happening, I was trapped. The burning was concentrated around my weak heart now. The feeling was excruciating, I felt helpless and alone, hoping and praying that the peacefulness of death would soon succumb my pain. It felt like an eternity before I could hear whispers around me. It was his beautiful melodic voice that I could hear.

"Alice when?" Edward murmured near my ear.

"In exactly 30 seconds she'll be awake Edward" Alice said exasperated like she had answered the same question 100 times before.

I fluttered my eyes and was instantaneously blinded by bright florescent lights above me. I covered my face with my hand. Beams of light radiated from my smooth, granite arm. At first I was shocked at the beauty of skin, I was sparkling. I glanced over at Edward he sat close observing every movement I made.

"Where is he?" I asked. His lips had turned down on the corners. Edward sat still and only observed my face. I couldn't help but wonder why Edward ignored my question? "Where is he Edward? Where is my baby?" I asked again with more anxiety.

"Bella love you need to relax," he spoke softly into my ear.

"Edward, why won't you just give me my baby. I promise I have control I just want to see from a distance I promise," I begged.

"Love you need to calm yourself, you're only a new born and it must be very distracting for you right now." Edward could hardly speak, his dark eyes pierced into me like a knife.

I lay confused I gracefully sat up looking around. Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Esme, Carlisle and Edward were starring at me. Where was Rose? I looked over at Esme her small body was leaning toward Carlisle with utter remorse. I sat still, "Where is he?" I asked directing my question towards Esme.

Her expression said it all, there was no need for her to speak. My baby was dead. Edward did not save him. I got up swiftly and stood infront of Alice. "Where is my baby! Why are you all just standing here! Tell Rose to bring me my baby!" I yelled with agony.

No one moved. Edward stood close by. I could feel his velvety touch on the small of my back. I turned around and my knees buckled. A dry sob ripped through my jaw, "where is he Edward, where is he? Can you please tell me where my baby Edward is?" I begged in pain.

"Bella I'm sorry we did everything, it was too late..." he whispered.

I curled into the fetal position never to move again. I was broken. My little nudger was gone.