Title: Big Brother

Author: Trowa B

Rating: FRT

Notes: For honeyjojames over at comment_fic

Summary: Never underestimate the size of an older sibling's protective streak.


The first thing Angel thinks is that someone has built a new wall. Three new walls.

The second is ow.

It isn't until the third thought comes along that Angel realises he should get to his feet and settle with the intruder, but as he moves to get his feet back under him, Lindsey growls, "I'd stay down if I were you."

It's only when he replays the last few moments in his head that he realises. Discounting the headbutt, that was two strikes. Two fists. Two hands.

"You're not Lindsey," he says and, for want of a better word, the man smiles.

"And you're brighter'n I was thinkin'," the man growls. "So this should be easy. I'm not Lindsey. I'm Eliot. And if you lay hands on my li'l brother again, I'll kill you. So help me, I will rip your head off your shoulders with my bare hands."

Looking at how enraged the man is, Angel can easily believe that he would at least make a very good attempt.

Abrutly the moment is over and the echoing sound of the man's footsteps receeds.

Angel sits up, carefully holding his jaw, and yup, that's broken. It's broken and Lindsey is human and so his brother should be too, but Angel hadn't heard the man waiting for him,or been able to avoid any of the blows, and no human should have been able to do that unless they were a slayer.

Might be worth looking in to.