How to know if you're addicted in 60 ways!

1. You start laughing at countries during History Classes

2. For History notes, you use their real names and not the country names

3. Even if the teacher has to check it

4. Sweden having control of Norway makes you feel bad for Denmark

5. Finland has become your favorite spot to go for a sauna

6. Hunting for Faeries in England has become your goal in life

7. Even if you don't find them

8. Poland has become your fashion role-model

9. But then you realize, no one can have as good of legs as him

10. Your friends start to slowly get what Hetalia is, even if they haven't watched it

11. You've wondered how the countries get over populated

12. You've thought of ways why they're over populated and giggled to yourself

13. You have started to learn your favorite countries language

14. Even if there is no class with that language by you

15. Realizing this, your MP3 or music device has many mutli-languaged songs on it

16. Cosplaying as the countries and hoping you don't get found by your enemies

17. But you get found either way

18. Some of your friends like shipping your favorite character with another country

19. And you get mad at them for doing that, and explain how your country hates that country

20. America has finally turned into an awesome place because of Alfred

21. Your second goal is to find your favorite character and glomp them

22. You've thought of writing this list

23. Everytime you see a picture of Sealand, you want to buy a power ranger suit

24. Greece has made you lock your door at night

25. Your history teacher has asked who these people are

26. You just try to explain to that teacher who they are, possibly bribing them to watch the show

27. It has happened.

28. Buying hamburgers has never been as fun

29. Tomatoes remind you of Spains love

30. You've gone on iScribble just to say hi on the 'Hetalia' board

31. Planting sunflowers makes you sniff and wish Russia was there to see them

32. Going to a hockey game makes you uberly happy to see Canada's flag

33. You've tried to make a pasta sand sculpture

34. And maybe failed.

35. Your countries famous foods, have become your favorite foods

36. "moi moi" has become a saying to you now

37. You never eat British foods

38. Canada has become your top 5 people to hug

39. You want to steal Americas jacket

40. Poland has now started to amuse you, making you want to try to screw in a lightbulb the same way

41. If your state/province doesn't have a store with your countries food in it, you'll order it online

42. Or just travel to that country

43. You've drawn your favorite character before

44. History has become fun now that Hetalia is out

45. Even if you hated history before

46. You want to find the island England and America got stranded on

47. Then the island the Axis powers got lost on

48. Anytime someone says a country was taken over, you can't help but laugh

49. You either ship Finland and Sweden or you greatly disagree, seeing as Finland is your top 5

50. You've written one-shots, including a character like you

51. Episode 11 makes you want to cry

52. And possibly add Rome-jii to your top 5 for hugs

53. You know every countries birthday

54. Hearing the recent news, you wonder if England really does need an iPod

55. If Alfred ran America, everything would be a-ok

56. Angel!England is Englands alter-ego, we all know it

57. Your hair does the same curl N. and S. Italys' hair does

58. And you're afraid of letting people touch it

59. You're happy of your heritage and where they come from

60. Unless you hate that country.