60 Ways to Annoy Lovino

1. Put him in a room with Spain

2. Claim that you heard moaning sounds

3. Tape Lovino's mouth shut when he tries to deny the fact

4. Burn all of Lovino's shirts, forcing him to walk like that around Spain

5. Let Francis attack Lovino while Spain's around

6. Video tape what happens and sell it on Ebay

7. Draw a picture of him on 'iScribble' for Spain

8. Then push Lovino out a window to see if Spain or his brother will catch him

9. If not, then, tell him he's unloved

10. Lock him in a room with girls

11. Check back in after an hour to see what happened

12. Make sure those girls are five year olds

13. Who only care about playing dress up and painting nails with make-up

14. Change all of his underwear to pink hearts

15. Tell him his head looks like a tomato

16. Call him 'tomato' for a month

17. If he gets mad at you for that name, immediately start crying

18. He will have sympathy on you if you're a girl

19. Kick him in the shin after you start crying

20. One billion points if you kick higher more than once

21. Ask him how he got people in his country

22. Tell him that you feel bad for the woman who gave birth to all of them

23. If he says he's a virgin, tell him you believe that as much as his brother is the box fairy

24. Change all his food into Tomato products

25. Tell him Feliciano rules

26. Mention to him that Ludwig raped Feliciano

27. Laugh when Lovino tries to find Ludwig

28. Put a snowman in his yard

29. Cry when it melts and blame Lovino

30. Kick him in the shin (or higher for those bonus points) and have those 5 year olds join in

31. Make sure that you tape him getting beat up by five year olds

32. Make him watch "TAPS - International: Italy Edition"

33. Send him to that chapel

34. Tell him that the ghosts only attack women

35. Pat his back and say "I feel sorry that you have to go there"

36. When he claims he's not a girl, snicker to yourself

37. Tell him that he's not going to fool anyone

38. Ask him if he really eats pasta

39. If he does, say that he really does love his brother

40. Bother him about why he never appears in History

41. If he says he took the name 'Italy' call him a liar

42. Say he looks better with a mustache

43. Tell him the S. Italy mafia sucks

44. Be prepared to get out of the country as soon as possible if you do that

45. Place a fake bomb in his house

46. Laugh when he screams like a little girl

47. Let drunk Antonio loose in his house

48. Gigglesnort when something happens, even if he just says 'hi'

49. Tell Lovino that it's okay if he likes Spain

50. When he denies, hit him in the head repeating #49 over and over again

51. Pull on his hair

52. Kick him WHILE pulling his hair

53. Tell him he's a whimp if that hurts

54. Try to cut his hair, just to see what would happen

55. If you cut his hair, you pants him to see when you cut his hair, if anything falls

56. Tell him he's an outdoor pet and he can't sleep inside

57. Replace all of his drinks with beer or something to get him drunk enough

58. Be sure to lock him in a room with Antonio

59. Laugh when Spain freaks out and asks what happened to Lovino

60. Tell him he has Ebola