This idea just came to me on a whim and I thought that I should write this. After all, Carlisle doesn't get the praise he deserves. Think about it: without him, there would be no "Twilight" (or Edward for that matter). So, enjoy. :D

(This is a Shakesperean sonnet, 14 lines and the rhyme scheme is: ABABCDCDEFEFGG)

[Recommended song while reading: "37 Stitches" -Artist: Drowning Pool]

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Born in England back in the decade of sixteen,

My father was a priest,

I hunted vampires as a teen,

Until I became one of the beasts.

My skin was pale and cold,

My blue eyes had become red,

As years went on I never got old,

Not needing sleep I had no use for a bed.

After years of practice and control,

I devoted myself to medicine,

Until the wave of Spanish influenza took toll,

and I met him.

Edward was a first companion and son to me,

He stood by my side as we created our family.

Sorry if it was horrible- this was hard to write. :P

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