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Chapter Thirty-Five - A New Place to Stay

I threw my mascara back onto my desk and ran my brush through my hair. I had to be at Angela's in about fifteen minutes and I still hadn't decided on what to wear. Luckily my hair and make-up was easy enough, so that was all done and perfected.

Three piles of clothes were lying on my floor in front of my wardrobe - discarded choices that I had briefly considered, I never realized how much clothes I really owned, I guess being friends with Alice and Rose provided a lot of shopping trips over the years. I sighed as I swiveled around in my chair and looked at the contents remaining in the cupboard.

I suppose it would just have to be jeans and a t-shirt again. I stood up and pulled a pair of jeans out of one of my draws, I smiled when I realized that they were my favorite pair of black skinny jeans, I slipped them on and pulled off the top that I was already wearing and threw it on the floor by my laundry basket.

"Bells, there's someone at the door for you!" Charlie's voice carried up the stairs.

"Just send them up, I'm not ready yet," I yelled back as I sifted through my t-shirt draw.

I figured it would just be Alice or Rose, maybe even both of them. They had said that they would come pick me up before going to Angela's.

I heard my door open softly behind me.

"When did picking out a t-shirt become so fucking difficult?" I asked.

"I'm not entirely sure," my head snapped up, either Alice or Rose had become very masculine since I last saw them or it wasn't them, "but I must admit I like what you're wearing already, or not wearing should I say?" My jaw dropped as I recognized the voice, I spun around and came face to face with Edward.


Edward was in my room.

In Forks.

In my room!

Which was in Forks!

I managed to get my thoughts together a moment later and launched myself into his arms, I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist.

"What the fuck are you doing here," I asked as I peppered his face with kisses.

He chuckled, "I'm not one to miss a party," he said as though travailing to Forks from Chicago for a party was a normal occurrence, "Emmett and Jasper are here too, I have a feeling Alice and Rose are asking them the same question right about now."

"What about your parents, I highly doubt they'd allow this," I asked, though I knew that Edward wouldn't let his parents stop him from doing anything.

"Oh, please, I'm eighteen now, they can't stop me. My trust fund is in my control now, they can't threaten me with that anymore and I can do whatever the fuck I want to. Also, I wanted to see what a town named after cutlery looks like."

I smiled and attached my lips to his.

"There also happens to be one very sexy girl living here."

"Who's that?" I asked as I kissed along his jaw. He kicked the door shut with his foot and chuckled as he pushed me up against it.

"Like you don't know," he mumbled as his lips met mine once more.

He moaned as he pushed me further against the door, I tangled his hair around my fingers as we kissed. His hands brushed up my waist, tickling my skin slightly, sending a shiver down my spine as our lips glided together.

His body was solid against mine as it held me in place, my fingers tugged gently on his hair, causing him to moan with lust.

God, I missed this boy.

We were interrupted when I heard a thud on the other side of the door followed by a muffled 'ow!'

"What the crap?" Rosalie's voice rang out, "Alice are you okay?"

I giggled lightly as I slid down Edward's body and opened the door to find Alice on the floor in my hallway with Rose trying to help her up.

They both looked up and smirked as they noticed me and Edward staring at them, "Bella!" Alice moaned, "You're not even dressed yet." I looked down, realizing that I still hadn't picked out a t-shirt.

"Or were you dressed, but Edward decided he didn't like the outfit?" Rose added. "Jasper and Emmett are outside," she directed at Edward, he chuckled again and kissed me on the head before passing the three of us and heading down the stairs.

I grabbed the first t-shirt I could, not caring what one I picked out, and stuffed my phone into my purse, which was lying on my bed. Alice was back on her feet as I practically skipped out of my room and motioned for them to head on out.

"Angie called, she said that people have already begun showing up," Alice chirped as she bounced down the stairs in front of me and Rose, "which is fabulous, we can't be the first to turn up to our own party."

"Of course not," Rose replied sarcastically, "wouldn't dream of it."

"Hardy-har-har, you're so very funny."

"I try."

I laughed as they punched each other on the arms and waved at Charlie as they left my house through the front door.

"Hey, Bells?" Charlie called me over.


"I know you're eighteen now and don't want me telling you what to do, but please don't do anything that will make you end up in the station," he pleaded.

I smiled slightly, "Sure, dad, I'll do my best." He tried to keep his face serious, but I saw a flicker of a smile, "Don't wait up." I said as I slipped out the front door and climbed into the back of Rose's car. Edward grinned from the seat next to me and Emmett turned around and boomed his hello from the passenger seat as Rose pealed out of my driveway.

Alice followed behind us in her car with Jasper.

Angela's place wasn't too far from Charlie's house, she really only lived a few blocks away, so it didn't take us too long to get there. Rose and Alice grabbed two spaces on her drive before everyone parked and took up all the room. There was no doubt going to be cars lined up along the sidewalks in no time at all.

Rose made sure to keep her car away from the others, since it was going to be staying until the morning, and Alice simply parked hers next to Rose's.

I could hear the music booming from inside the house, the front door was wide open to signal that you could just enter, not that anyone would ring the bell when we all know just about every person living in Forks.

People had the habit of just walking in and calling out to whoever was in the house.

I took a hold of Edward's hand and walked up the steps to Angela's house and straight through to the living room, where Ben, Angela and a few others were milling about. Anglia turned to see who came in and squealed before running over to us and crashing into each of us separately.

"Holy crap, I'm so glad you're back," she said loudly over the music.

I laughed, "Glad to see you too, Angie."

"You better be," she smiled as she embraced Rose and Alice, "and who have you brought?" She asked as she gave the boys a once over.

"This is Jasper, Edward and Emmett," Alice chirped.

Angela smiled and gave the boys a hug too, Ben walked over at this point, "Should I be jealous?" He teased as he greeted us all, "Come on, I'll get you lot some drinks." We smiled and followed him through to the kitchen while Angela went to change the music that was playing.

"So, how drunk are you planning on being tonight?" Ben asked as we stopped by the island counter in the kitchen, which was stocked with alcohol.

"You know us," I smirked.

He laughed slightly and made me, Rose and Alice our usual drinks.

"No bad, Benny, nice memory you've got there." Rose kissed him on the cheek as she took her drink.

"I do my best," he chuckled. "What can I get for you three?" He asked the boys.

"You got any Jack Daniels?" Edward asked.

"Pfft, do I have any Jack Daniels? What kind of question is that?" Ben said as he walked around the counter and pulled a bottle of JD out of the cupboard, "Angie's just learnt to keep it out of sight, but she's not very good at hiding things."

We laughed as he mixed the boys their drinks and we made our way back to the living room, where it seemed more people had arrived. Angela was by the door hugging people as they came in.

The party was, as expected, fucking awesome. Angela always knew how to throw the best parties. Everyone was having a great time.

I was getting my fourth drink from the kitchen, getting quite tipsy as I am, after all, a fucking lightweight, when I heard Jessica's annoying high-pitched laugh. I rolled my eyes and returned to the living room to find her throwing herself shamelessly at Edward.

I stood back for a moment, with one eyebrow raised, watching as Edward clearly looked down at her with a mixture of distaste and fear. I smirked as she placed her hand on his bicep and he visibly flinched.

I rolled my eyes; it seemed like Jessica needed to learn that Edward was off limits. I sauntered over and slid in next to Edward, pulling his attention to me immediately. I snaked my arm around the back of his head and pulled his lips towards mine.

There was only one way she was going to learn.

I noticed Jessica stumble back slightly out of the corner of my eye. Edward moaned as he laced his arms around my waist and pulled my body closer to his. My lips curved up the way they tended to do when they were molded to his and I did a little happy dance on the inside.

"Oh, hey Jessica," I said as I pulled away from Edward, he pouted and kept his arms firmly around my waist. He had managed to finish his drinks faster than me and had about as twice as much as I had managed, "I see you've met my boyfriend, Edward."

She was able to pick her jaw up from the ground only to stutter over her words, "B…b…boyfriend? Him?"

I smiled sweetly, "Yeah."

She looked upset as she nodded in understanding; I knew she wouldn't dare look at him again knowing that he was with me. She knew I could make her life miserable if I wanted to, "It's great to have you back, Bella, but I better go find Tyler." She smiled insincerely and stumbled off.

I smiled as I felt Edward kiss along my neck, "Thank you, she was almost as annoying as Lauren, you're a life saver."

"Mmm," I mumbled as I tilted my head up. His kisses ran along my jaw until he found my lips again, "You're more than welcome."

I yelped a little as he lifted me up by the ass, throwing my head back in laugher. I swung my legs around his waist and settled there. I noticed Jessica in the corner of the room; she was standing next to Tyler, not paying attention to anything he was saying while she glared at me. She only made me laugh harder.

Alice was straddling Jasper on the sofa, while Ben, Angela, Rose and Emmett were talking to each other near the door to the kitchen. We were all having a fucking great time.

Freedom was sweet.


"I'm sorry Bells, but you're graduating first," Charlie was sitting opposite me on the counter in the kitchen, "I have no objections to you finding your own place to stay; it had to happen at some point, but not until you finish high school."

I huffed.

"You've not got that long to go, I think you'll manage to wait until summer to move."

I slid off my stool and stormed out of the kitchen, just as Sue entered. She smiled at me as I passed her, I shrugged and continued up the stairs. I faintly heard her ask Charlie what happened, but I was in my room before he could reply.

Edward groaned from his position on the bed as I slammed the door, he had a pillow over his face and the covers were hung low on his body.

"Keep it down, love," he mumbled.

I laughed lightly and sauntered over to the bed, throwing my body down next to him. He groaned again as I settled down.

"You're evil."

I laughed again, "You're a baby."

"If I'm a baby, what we did last night was very, very wrong."

I whacked him on the chest and laughed as tried to roll away from me, "You're one sick individual."

"You still love me," he mumbled as he buried his face into the mattress. "Now be quiet and let me sleep."

I smirked and grabbed my phone off the cabinet, it was one thirty and Rose would be up by now, with Alice it was always better leaving it until two to phone her after a party. I dialed Rose's mobile and she picked up on the second ring.

"Hey," she said through a yawn.

"Hey, how's the head?"

"Oh, as good as can be expected after six shots of Tequila and god knows what else."

I laughed, "You poor soul."

I heard something rumbling from her end of the phone and jumped slightly from the sheer volume.

"What the hell was that?" I asked.

"Emmett snores," she said as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

"You let him sleep next to you when he makes that noise?"

She laughed lightly, "Strangely, you get used to it."

"What the hell has that man done to you?"

"I'm not entirely sure."

"Any way, I was calling to ask if you wanted me to drive you to Angie's to get your car?"

"Alice said she would drive it over, she and Jasper crashed there last night 'cause her parents would make him sleep on the sofa. So she's getting Jasper to follow her 'round in her car."

"Okay, cool, well Edward and I will pop over later when he gets his ass out of bed, we can discuss the apartment."

"Cool, see you then." She said before we both hung up.

I threw my phone onto the cabinet and smacked Edward on the ass before getting up and heading down the hall to the shower. I heard the soft thud of a pillow hitting the door and I laughed.


Charlie wasn't the only one demanding that we graduate before moving away. Rose's mother had flat out denied her, saying that there was no way she was moving away from Forks at such a young age. Jonathan had managed placate her enough to allow Rose to move away, but only after graduation.

Alice didn't take long to make her parents see things from her view; if she really wanted to she could get them to allow her to move out anytime she wanted to. She stayed because of me and Rose.

Jasper had already dropped out of high school and moved out of his home in Texas. Emmett's mom was letting him stay with them until the boys were finished with school. Caroline was cool with the whole thing. Two of her children had already moved out, so it was nothing new to her.

Edward's mom and dad had no idea that he was planning on moving out of Chicago. He had decided the less they knew the better. To be honest, I held that view too. I didn't need those two messing everything up because they didn't like me being with their son.

We had many places that we had listed as possible towns or cities to live in, New York was one of the front runners, but in the end we decided on San Francisco, which wasn't all that much of a surprise to any of us.

It actually worked in our favor having to wait until graduation to move, it gave us more time; we didn't need to rush anything. We could find the perfect place and with all our money put together we didn't have to search the low end of the market.

Granted, we would have to get jobs when we got there, something I was not looking forward to. After all, I was never much for hard work. I figured it would be worth it to live in our own place. Rose had put a plan together that within three years of living in San Francisco she was going to have her own business.

She was nothing but ambitious, however, I could see it easily happening.

We were quite lucky we had Alice; she turned out to be rather fucking brilliant at organizing things. She managed to get in contact with different building owners, along with realtors that would be able to help us out. It wasn't easy after all to find a three bedroom flat that could house six people.

We kept our options open though and thought about getting two flats, one for Jasper, Emmett and Edward and the other for me, Rose and Alice.

In the end the realtor found us two flats in the same building, one two bedroom flat that four people could easily live in along with a smaller, but equally nice one bedroom flat in Hayes Valley.

We took them, thinking that the six of us all living together could get a bit too chaotic, but the option of four and two was much more appealing. The only problem we came across with that was figuring out who was going to stay in what flat.

In the end we did the childish thing - as per usual - and flipped for it. Alice and Jasper got the one bedroom, while me, Rose, Emmett and Edward got the two bedroom flat. If you ask me, they cheated, but I got bored of telling them so after a while and just settled for it.

Everything was sorted and we were set to move in one week after graduation, the only thing left to sort out was shipping the cars over. There was no way Rose and Alice were leaving their cars in Forks. Edward was still suspended from driving, because of the whole stealing and crashing his neighbors car, but he had a car in Chicago at he was not leaving behind. Emmett had a jeep he wanted to take with him as well.

So somehow we had to sort out how to get four cars to San Francisco without their owners going mental from their absence.

"I don't understand what is so difficult to understand about this," Alice huffed down the phone. Rose and I were only half paying attention as we watched the second season of Arrested Development on DVD.

"Yes, of course I bloody understand that shipping four cars is going to take a while, but it isn't exactly rocket science. You load them onto a lorry, you drive them down and then you drop them off without a scratch on them. If you can manage that you will get a big fat check and all with be fine and dandy in the world."

She was pacing now, not a very good sign. The arm that wasn't holding the phone to her ear was flailing about in the air and she was huffing every few minutes.

"Urgh, why are you making this so difficult?" She was really getting frustrated by the looks of it, "You most certainly will be sorry, you just missed out on a lot of money for your boss." She closed her sidekick and threw it down on the seat next to her living room window.

"No luck?" Rose tilted her head to the side to face Alice as she flopped down on the sofa next to us.

"None, we leave in three weeks and no one seems to be able to get our cars over to San Francisco, because they're all busy when we need them. At this rate we're going to have to drive down."

I snorted, "There's no way we're making that trip again."

"I'm with you on that one," she mumbled.

"Well, how many more places are left to call?" Rose asked.

"Three, that's all that was in the phone book."

"Leave it a couple of hours, calm down a little and call the next place."

Alice smirked and picked up a cushion, swinging it over her body and hitting Rose right on the head. Rose gasped and grabbed the pillow next to her, swinging it at Alice. I jumped up from the sofa and threw myself onto one of the other chairs to get out of harm's way.

I laughed madly as I watched Alice and Rose go at each other like five-year-olds.

We did finally managed to get someone to take our cars down to San Francisco when we want them to - after much debate from Alice - and everything was set for us to move.

Graduation was in two weeks and the week after we were going to be saying bye to Forks for good.


The boys had come to Forks the week before leaving, they had driven here so that all the cars could be shipped from the same place. Jasper helped by driving Edward's for him.

He had finally told his parents that he was leaving home and moving to San Francisco with the people they really didn't want him being around. He told me they turned purple when he said he would be living in the same flat as me, threading to cut him off.

He shouted back by saying that they could try, but they'd have a pretty hard time of doing so, since he move his money to a new bank account the moment he had the chance to after gaining control of his inheritance.

There was really nothing they could do to stop him. Believe me, they did try. He simply moved his things over to Emmett's and stayed with them until they came to Forks.

He hadn't spoken to them in five weeks and we had officially been living in San Francisco for two.

Graduation was actually quite fun, well, the graduation party afterwards was the fun part. Renee made a brief appearance with Phil at her side, she smiled and gave me a hug before glancing at Edward with a disapproving glare, I rolled my eyes at her and turned to Phil, he bundled me into his arms and almost crushed me with his hug before congratulating me.

The following week Charlie - along with Sue, Jonathan, Brenda, Victor and Margaret - gave the six of us a lift to the airport, while most of our things we sent down in moving vans.

It was slightly strange how right it felt to be moving out.

The apartments were fantastic, we had been down for a short trip before signing the leases, but being in them and knowing that they were our homes was something else.

Since they were in the same building, they were designed pretty much the same way, but of course Jasper and Alice's was smaller. They each had a pretty large living room, which also housed the decent sized table for eating at. There was a kitchen just off the other side of the hall, with the full works and a nice little breakfast counter. The bedrooms were identical when we moved in, but we rearranged them to our own tastes and when our own furniture arrived we added those.

Everything seemed to fit together perfectly.

Our first week there, we all went out and searched for the first jobs we could get. While we all had enough in the bank to do us, adding to it wouldn't hurt.

Alice was the first to get a job; she went straight to the shoe stores and got offered a job as a sales assistant in Jimmy Choo. Alice came back that afternoon and told us that Tanya was still the manager there. She obviously didn't recognize her since it was more than a year ago now, but she was impressed by Alice and hired her on the spot.

I got offered a job at the Starbucks just around the corner from where we stayed. It was pretty easy to pick up and I found making coffee all day wasn't that bad. Plus I got a free one every so often.

Emmett, bless him, got a job as a children's entertainer at a family restaurant. He was paid to dress up as a giant bear and make children laugh. Needless to say he loved the fact he got to mess around for a living.

Edward was working in one of the hotels as a bell boy, I burst into laughter when he told me because all I could think about was Edward in a little pillar box hat carrying peoples luggage up to their rooms. He told me to laugh it up, but the manager only gave him that job temporarily until the receptionist's notice had been completed and that job opened up.

Rose and Jasper were still looking for jobs. Rose had an interview with a local garage later in the week and Jasper was being considered for a job answering phones for a taxi company.

Everything was working out well. Last year we were being sent to Boot Camp and now we were living in San Francisco having the time of our lives.

Life was pretty fucking fantastic - if I do say so myself.


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