Title: Dangerous Men

Author: Trowa B

Rating: FRA

Notes: For havenward over at comment_fic

Summary: Make sure you assess the situation properly before jumping in.


"You do know that he's not completely human, right?" Angel demanded of Nathan Ford, who merely raised his brows in mild amusement.

Angel didn't get to hear the man's response however, as suddenly Spencer was in his space, fist crashing through the sheet rock like a pile driver where Angel's head had been an instant before.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Spencer sneered. "Did my fist miss your face?" He backed off half a step, not far enough for Angel to read his next move, which was to drive a fist into Angel's gut. The vampire folded like a bad poker hand.

"I'm human, asshole," Spencer snapped as he stood over the fallen vampire.

He looked ready to go for another strike, but abruptly Ford was behind him, hand resting on his shoulder, leaning close to speak despite Spencer's temper. "He doesn't know what he's talking about," Ford murmured quietly, shooting Angel a warning look.

And Spencer, with one last withering glare at the vampire, pointedly turned his back and stalked away. Ford remained for a moment, staring thoughtfully at Angel before following.

Eliot Spencer had backed down.

At Nathan Ford's word.

Angel shivered as the realisation struck him. It wasn't Eliot Spencer who was the most dangerous member of the Leverage team. Not by a long shot.