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Pairing: Draco/Harry

Warnings: This will eventually contain SLASH, otherwise known as boy/boy relationships. This is your only warning. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's as simple as that.

Malfoy's Secret Valentine

Chapter One – The Room of Requirement

Harry Potter was quite simply and unequivocally annoyed. All the seventeen-year-old wanted was some peace and quiet. He couldn't find that in the Gryffindor common room. Everyone was too noisy in there. Even the library housed some rather bothersome students making it quite impossible for the golden boy to study for his upcoming Herbology test. He knew why everyone was such abuzz. In fact, if he shared their spirits, he too would be one of those annoying people. However, Harry was all too aware of what was lacking that forced his outsider disposition.

Everyone was excited about Valentine's Day, everyone except Harry, who was unfortunately and quite obviously all alone.

'In six days from now, everyone will be sharing presents and exchanging cards, hugging, kissing, and God knows what else…' Harry frowned. 'No… there's got to be someone else without someone to share the day with. Surely Neville…'

Harry paused in seeing the boy in question walk by holding hands with none other than Ginny Weasley. The brunette frowned. 'Okay… well Lavender just broke up with her latest boy toy. She has to be…'

The Gryffindor girl walked past her peer, clutching the arm of a Ravenclaw Harry hadn't met before. His shoulders slumped in defeat. 'Geez…'

Harry shook his head and carried on. 'It seems that everyone is paired off in time for Valentine's Day. And considering that it lands on a Saturday Hogsmeade trip, everyone's so excited to plan romantic dates with each other.' He thought back to his best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. 'They invited me to go with them, but how awkward would that be? Ugh… I don't need their pity.' He politely declined their offer, and though they looked a bit worried about their friend, they did look happier in knowing they would have the night to themselves.

Harry had found his way to the seventh floor corridor to where the Room of Requirement was located. 'I need a quiet place to study.' He thought this as he walked past the barren wall three times before the door to the room appeared. Grateful, Harry made his way into the room.

"I don't know how to tell you this… but… I'll just say it… I love you."

Harry froze. Clearly, there was someone already using the room. He ducked behind one of the columns, not wanting to disturb the current occupant.

"That's stupid…I love you. I know I've been downright terrible to you, but… I love you. I can't explain why, but all I know is that I love you and that I've loved you for a long time now. I love-oh bullocks. That's no good either…"

Curious, Harry peeked around his hiding place to catch a glimpse of who was using the room. 'I know that voice…' He peered at the source of the voice, only to see that his view was blocked by what looked to be a mirror.

"Hey you! Yeah you! I love you! What do you think about that? …Ugh. That's abhorrent. I sound like a bloody trucker…"

Harry leant out further to try to see the person. From around the mirror his eye caught sight of a head of blonde locks. Unfortunately, Harry's feet decided that it would be a great time to loose its balance, forcing the boy to crash unceremoniously into a heap on the floor.


Harry looked up. "Malfoy?"

Draco Malfoy's face instantly went from surprise, to panic, to anger. Without warning, he shoved the mirror away, causing it to fall and shatter on the ground. Then, before Harry could blink, the Slytherin reached into his robes and whipped out his wand. "Stupefy!"

And just like that, Harry's vision blurred and then faded to black


"Hey. Hey."

Harry felt someone shaking him out of his daze.

"Potter, wake up already!"

The Gryffindor's eyes shot open and focused on his surroundings. He was still in the Room of Requirement, but this time, the middle of the room was home to a couch and a lounge chair. The mirror was gone and its pieces seemed to have disappeared too. He was lying down on the couch and Malfoy sat back in the lounge chair across from him, looking very annoyed. He placed his elbows on the armrests and folded his hands in front of his lips. He looked rather menacing.

"Malfoy, what are you-"

"How much did you hear?" The Slytherin demanded.


"Don't be daft, Potter. How much did you hear?"

"Nothing. Not… much. Just you saying that you love someone."

Malfoy instantly tensed. "Did you hear who?"


"Potter," he growled.

"No! I swear it. I didn't hear much of anything. I just walked in and heard you saying… what you said, but I didn't hear to whom."

"Did you see?"


Malfoy exhaled in exasperation, dropping his hands to his sides. "For Christ's sake, Potter. Did you see?"

"What? You mean in the mirror?"

"Yes." He was clearly losing his patience.

"No. I didn't see anything in the mirror. You smashed it before I could. Was that the Mirror of Erised?"

The blonde shook his head. "It's similar, but not the same thing. And if you're lying to me, I swear, I'll-"

"I didn't see anything, Malfoy. I'm telling you the truth."

This seemed to satisfy the other boy as his furrowed brows relaxed. He let out the breath that he had been holding in. "Good."

Harry swung his legs over the edge of the couch. He briefly wondered if it had been Malfoy who placed him on the piece of furniture, but shook the thought out of his head thinking it to be very improbable. "I'll just go then…"

"Wait, Potter, you can't."

"What? Why not?"

"You know my secret."

"What secret? That you're in love with someone?"


"But it's not like I even know who it is."

"Still. You know too much."

Harry took a step back and felt for his wand.

The blonde rolled his eyes. "Relax, Potter. I'm not going to kill you or anything. If I wanted to do that, it would've already been done."

'He has a point…' the brunette thought to himself. "So what do you want, then?"

"You're going to help me."

"What? Why would I help you?"

"You interrupted and intruded upon my privacy. I think helping me is the very least you could do."

"No way. I came here looking for a place to study. I didn't mean to barge in on you. It was an accident. If you wanted privacy, you should have thought of it when you asked for this room."

"Well excuse me if I didn't think someone would come crashing in. If you're not going to do it for your intrusion, then do it to pay for the mirror."

"The mirror that you broke?"

"I only broke it because you startled me."

Harry opened his mouth to counter, but he couldn't think of anything. It was true. He did intrude upon the Slytherin's privacy even after he knew someone was already in the room. Harry folded his arms over his chest, mulling things over. He sighed. "Not that I'm agreeing to anything, but what is it that I'd have to do?"

Malfoy waved his hand. "Nothing much. Clearly you know that I've got my eye set on somebody and you're going to help me win this person over."

"Malfoy, I wouldn't even know where to begin with something like that."

"Trust me. With your help, I'm sure I can do it."

"Okay… so what would I be doing?"

"I just need your opinion here and there."

"Like for what?"

"For things that'll make a great Valentine's Day dinner."

"That's ridiculous. Don't you have anyone else to go to for this kind of help?"

"Unfortunately, no. This person has… unique tastes and no one of my consort would even begin to understand what it would take."

"And you think I would?"

"…Yes. Valentine's Day is coming up and I want to throw together a surprise for this person."

Harry rolled his eyes at the name of the day he was beginning to loathe. "Then you've definitely got the wrong person. I am currently anti-Valentine's anything right now."

A frown formed on Malfoy's lips. "Then it's good that I'm not trying to win you over, isn't it?" With the look of disdain he was receiving from the Gryffindor, Malfoy let out another sigh. "Look. If your Gryffindor sense of duty fails to activate when it points in my direction, then fine, you can go. I'll think of something else."

Again, Harry sighed and dropped his arms. All he wanted was a room to study in. Instead, he found Draco Malfoy; one that hadn't insulted him yet and seemed to actually be sincere in needing the Gryffindor's help. "All right, Malfoy. I don't know how exactly I'll be of any use to you, but yes, I'll help you."

"Good," Malfoy smiled in triumph. "I'll meet you here tomorrow after classes." The Slytherin stood and headed towards the exit. "She's all yours." And with that, Draco Malfoy left the room.

Harry collapsed back onto the couch.

'What did I just get myself into?'

Author's Notes: Hello and welcome and thank you for reading! This is a story I thought of, not during Valentine's Day, but on a regular old Monday. Valentine's Day just gives it a nice (or bad!) place to conclude. Haha. This will definitely be shorter than my other Harry Potter stories and I'm probably a third of the way done anyway. So I hope you enjoyed it and will stick around for more! Oh! And please review! Thanks!