When Tony's best friend is found murdered on a naval base, All Tony wants is payback. But what if all evidence points to the one person who he can't destroy - someone he can't kill. I don't want to give away too much in this recap so please read and find out more as the story grows -- I promise the story is better than this recap. Tiva.

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Chapter one: This one should be easy

The bowling ball rolled down the lane at high speed, hitting down every pin in it's path. Ziva laughed loudly and returned to her seat, brushing past Tony on the way.

"Good shot, yes?" the smiled in a very 'in your face' way.

Tony glanced down to his partner and scowled. "I hate bowling." he murmured to himself but still loud enough for Ziva to hear and roll her eyes.

"Got a problem there, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, walking toward his senior field agent.

"No boss. Just wondering if this is really necessary." he answered, realising he was digging a hole by questioning the boss. He didn't bother turning to face Gibbs, sensing the slap on the back of his head was inevitable.

"Officer David." Gibbs smiled lightly without much humour and turned to Ziva, "would you like to explain to agent DiNozzo why we are here?"

Ziva smiled and turned to Tony "I think the point of this bowling exercise is to get better co ordinates. Hand and eye, yes?" she turned to Gibbs, looking for confirmation of her English.

"Very good, Ziva."

Ziva turned to Tony and smiled as Gibbs walked away, hitting the back of Tony's head in one swift movement as he went to collect his bowling ball to take the next shot.

"I knew that." Tony called, loud enough for Gibbs to hear.

Gibbs' cell phone went off then, ringing twice before he flipped the top up "Gibbs." he answered simply.

McGee, Tony and Ziva waited patiently for Gibbs to get off the phone.

"We're on our way." He finally said, closing the phone as he usually did - without saying good bye.

"What have we got, Boss?" Tony asked, already removing his bowling shoes.

"The body of a Navy Lieutenant has been recovered on the base college. DiNozzo, call Ducky and collect the truck. Ziva go with him. Me and McGee will meet you there."

"On it, boss." Tony said, already out of the bowling area and on his way to the car.

Ziva quickly changed her shoes and stood up, ready to follow Tony to the car.

"Ziva." Gibbs called, wiggling his finger, indicating for her to come closer. "The man murdered had your card in his pocket. Sean Williams, you know him?"

Ziva stood, shocked. Sean was one of Tony's best friends from college, and also the man she had been dating for the past few weeks. She had met him one night when visiting Tony.

"Yes." she answered, pulling herself out of her thinking spiral. "He is one of Tony's friends."

Gibbs thought for a minute. "Okay."

"Do you want me to tell him?" she asked, concerned for her partner. She knew how close him and Sean were. Tony constantly talked about the fraternal bond.

"That's up to you, Ziva."

Ziva nodded then left the bowling alley. Not looking forward to what she was going to tell Tony.

She met up with him outside, he was standing at the driver's side door impatiently.

"Finally David. What did the boss-man want?" he asked, his eyes not leaving hers, calculating how he was going to stop her from driving as she walked to where he was standing.

"I am driving." she announced, not in the joking or flirtatious way she usually did but in a new, somewhat sad and final way.

"See I don't think you did because I shot-gunned it and last time I checked --"

"Give me the keys, Tony." she said softly, staring at the ground.

Tony handed her the keys, his eyes confused. The Ziva he left in the bowling alley was just as fun-loving and annoying as usual but she had transformed in an instant. Something was up.

"You okay, Ziva?" he asked as he got into the passenger side of the car, his eyes not leaving her distant face.

"The man murdered is ah." she paused, instantly wishing she hadn't said anything. She swallowed and tried again. "Tony. It was Sean. The man that was killed."

Tony's face fell and he was silent for a minute. Eventually he broke the silence with a laugh. "You're joking, right?" he asked, a hint of desperation in his voice. Sean was his best friend, his frat brother.

"I am sorry, Tony." she broke away from his gaze and started the truck, feeling terrible for the news she had broken on her partner.

They drove in silence for 10 minutes, approaching the NCIS building. Tony turned to Ziva, his eyes were watery but not a single tear had fallen from them.

"Are you okay, Ziva?" Tony asked, genuine concern for her flooded his tone, causing her to momentarily second guess who was actually talking. He knew they had been seeing each other.

Ziva inhaled deeply, "I am fine."

And she was fine. She'd seen too many deaths of too many loved ones to let this affect her, of course she couldn't let Tony know that; he and Sean were closer than brothers. Perhaps it was that fraternal bond. "How are you?"

"Ah. I'm alright." he answered very un convincingly. "I mean, I'll be alright... Later."

Ziva pulled the car into a space outside the building and un fastened her seatbelt. She had no idea how to handle a depressed DiNozzo. The last time he looked like this was when Jeanne had left him. and Ziva had not dealt well with that at all. After that whole affair, she had learned that interrogation was clearly not the way to handle these situations. She quickly scanned through the ways that different co-workers helped calm situations.

The two looked into each other's eyes for a minute, though nothing was said, Tony felt comforted from Ziva's expression, he could tell she cared.

"Would you like. Ah." she paused, struggling with what she was about to say. "Would you like me to hug you?" Ziva asked, clearly un comfortable with the idea but Abby's form of comfort seemed the best of a bad lot.

Tony shrugged and smiled, even through the sadness he still found pleasure in Ziva's obvious discomfort in hugging someone.

Slowly, she leaned forward, with her arms out - uncomfortable with the concept - and hugged Tony. He hugged her back and they stayed that way for a few minutes.

"What happens next?" Ziva asked.

Tony laughed and released her. "Next we get Ducky and investigate a crime scene."


The crime scene was same as usual, they sketched, took photos and statements of witnesses but something was different. There was an almost tangible sorrow in the air.

"You don't have to work this case." Gibbs reminded Tony, he had a feeling Tony would let his personal feelings stand in the way of the investigation.

"What?" Tony questioned "And miss killing the bastard who stabbed him?"

Gibbs smiled weakly and walked away to collect some information from Ducky. Patting Tony on the back before he left.

"You got a T.O.D yet, Duck?" he asked, marching across the crime scene.

Ducky looked up from the body and into Gibbs' eyes, squinting in the mid-day sun "He's been dead roughly 12 hours. It would be my assumption that the cause of death is these stab wounds, they are single punctures, most likely from a combat knife or throwing knife. But I can't be sure until we get him back."

Gibbs shrugged and took a sip from his coffee. "Works for me."

"How's Anthony coping?" Ducky called back to Gibbs before he had a chance to march off again.

"The same way every agent copes. He's waiting for a chance to kill the bastard."

He left Ducky and walked to join Ziva and McGee who were sketching and measuring.

"Ziva." he said, brushing past her. "With me."

Without question or hesitation, Ziva moved quickly to join her boss, standing by the truck. Well out of earshot of any other team members.

"Why does he have your card on him, Ziva?" he asked seriously.

Ziva looked away from Gibbs' stare. "Tony and I interviewed him last week for the Director. I gave him my card."

He stared at her. Convinced she was not telling him the whole truth. "I want you and DiNozzo to find me that murder weapon"

Without another word, Ziva turned and left Gibbs standing at the truck, wondering what one of his best agents was keeping from him.


"Have you got me a definite cause yet, Duck?" Gibbs asked, walking into Autopsy holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a Caff-Pow! In the other.

"As a matter of fact, Jethro. I do." Ducky answered, looking up from the body and placing his scalpel on the table next to the body. "He was stabbed three times, one time of which was fatal. The knife went straight into his heart, piercing his aorta and killing him instantly."

Gibbs' eyes narrowed as he took a swig from his coffee cup.

"Of course; you were wondering if I found anything else." Ducky added, picking up his scalpel.

"I'm still wondering, Duck"

"Well. Notice the mild swelling in this area?" Ducky asked, indicating with his scalpel to the lieutenant's private area. "Well this is caused by the fluid rush men get during and for some time after penetration--"

"Our lieutenant was having sex before he was murdered." Gibbs said, already on his way to go see Abby.

"Actually, more like while he was murdered. Whoever he was having sex with was most likely the person who killed him and dumped him on the college base. I don't think he was one for safe relations. I've sent some samples to Abby, She get's the woman's DNA off that and presto! Justice prevails! This one may be simple."

"That's good work, Ducky."


Abby sat at her mas Spec with her eyes closed and her palms hovering over the top of the machine.

"What are you doing?" Gibbs whispered in her ear, causing her to jump.

"Gibbs. You are getting quieter and sneakier." she stated, grabbing the caf-pow! From his hand. "I'm using the art of healing energy - Reiki- to speed things up." she smiled, taking a sip from her drink.

Gibbs rolled his eyes slightly. "Is it working?"

Abby smiled and jumped up off her chair. "Well hopefully it will. I've just put in the samples Ducky sent to me and the results should some through soon-ish."

"Ish', Abby?" Gibbs asked, clearly unhappy with this fact.

"Well these things take time, Gibbs and--" She was cut off by the beeping of her computer and a huge grin spread across her face "Ah-ha! The Reiki worked! Here is your black widow." she smiled, double clicking on the mouse.

Gibbs smiled lightly at Abby but the face that popped up wiped the smile clean off his face.

On the computer flashed up a picture of Ziva David. Along with her DNA information and a copy of her ID.

"Oh God, not again." Abby whispered under her breath.


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