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Chapter six: Of Loyalties and Doubts

Tony crashed against the wall with the thud, though the force, instead of hurting him merely spurred him on. His hands wandered up Ziva's hips, over her waist until one sat underneath her breast and the other cupping her cheek.

Ziva responded by deepening the kiss and moving his hand from underneath to on top of her breast, sending chills down her spine. Finally it got too much for both of them and they almost sprinted to the bedroom, not once loosing the rhythm of the kiss - limbs entangled. Ziva was surprised to find her head resting on something soft all of a sudden - was it a pillow? She didn't care enough to find out, instead she ran her hands up his torso, feeling the light contours of his chest; all the way up his body until her fingers were entangled in his short hair.

Slowly, Tony began to push Ziva's top up her body and over her head, discarding it to a distant corner without a second thought. He took in her top half. Tan. Toned. Flawless. He took in the small scars - the ones that showed the reality of what she did. He ran his lips over them, kissing each one as though his lips would make them disappear.

Ziva let a small moan escape her lips as he kissed underneath her bra and she pulled his lips back to hers - looking forward to the night ahead.

It would be a very long road with numerous negative repercussions however for that moment they didn't care. For that moment nothing existed but them. No NCIS. No Gibbs. No Fornell. No Sean. No Mossad. No time limit. Just Tony and Ziva.


The two were woken the next morning by the shrill ringing of Ziva's cell phone. They jumped in surprise and Ziva quickly glanced at her phone.

"Gibbs." she answered, her voice thick with sleep.

The voice on the other end was gravely and soft.

"Ziva. I need you here. Now."


"Tell DiNozzo I want him here too." and the line was cut off.

Ziva's stomach dropped and she glanced at her partner. This was it. They were going to have to face what happened between them.

"Time to have that talk, then?" Tony guessed solemnly, staring at the scattered items of clothing that lay on the floor.


Tony and Ziva stepped out of the elevator together, both with the same dread and fear churning in their stomachs.

"You better be damn sure, Duck." Gibbs said, clearly taking his emotions out of his friend as his two finest agents came closer to them.

"I am sorry, Jethro." He replied solemnly.

Gibbs simply nodded in response and took a few steps forward to meet Tony and Ziva. From the looks on their faces, they thought this was about something different and for a minute, Gibbs wished that was the case.

No one said anything, Gibbs could not find the words and Tony and Ziva did not really want to find them.

"You wanted to see us, Boss?" Tony finally prompted, being the first to become uncomfortable with the silence.

He did not respond, instead he turned around and headed toward the director's office, gesturing for them to follow.

They travelled the familiar trail in silence, Tony and Ziva exchanging worried glances. It was then that the two realised either of two things.

1. That this was a much bigger deal than they first 2. This was not about what they thought it was about.

The doors to the Director's office opened to reveal a very disgruntled Director Leon Vance.

Ducky tapped Tony on the shoulder lightly. "Perhaps we should wait outside for this one." He suggested, his eyes knowing.

There were about 50 responses that popped into Tony's mind at that point however, against his better judgment and will, he followed the older gentleman out of the room. The door shut ferociously like the roar of a car speeding down a deserted road, crushing the equilibrium of the still morning. This was not about what her and Tony did. She could tell that much.

"Sit, Officer David." Vance ordered softly. He did not know to trust her or not however if his hours on the phone with Eli David were any indication, she was a trustworthy agent.

Ziva resisted the urge to ask what this was about, she knew it would come out in good time; however not knowing was really effecting her. She took a seat at the end of the large conference table.

"Ziva." Gibbs began, sitting down on the nearest chair to her. "Where were you between 23.00 and 02.00 hours yesterday morning?"

Her eyes hollowed and her eyebrows scrunched together. "What?"

"Answer the question, Officer David." Vance interjected.

"At home." She was worried now, however she managed to cover it up, detaching herself from the situation. "What happened?"

"TOD was off." Gibbs noted.

She had no response, instead she just sat in silence, absorbing this new information.

"This puts you back in the line of fire." Vance noted, placing a toothpick into his mouth, something he did out of habit when he was stressed.

"I did nothing, Gibbs." Ziva plead into the eyes of her boss "I swear I did nothing"

Before Gibbs had a chance to respond the doors flew open and Fornell walked in with a mixture of frustration and jubilation on his face."I'll be judge of that." he noted, turning to Gibbs "Looks like you didn't squirm away this time after all, Jethro."


"I don't understand." Tony stated, pacing back an forth outside MTAC. He was impatiently waiting with Gibbs and Ducky for Fornell and Vance to finish with Ziva.

"She didn't do it, Anthony." Ducky cooed. It seemed to be the only thing he could say.

"They found DNA on Sean's body that ties her to the scene at the Time of Death. She has no alibi." He repeated. "There's no crazy lab-gremlin to blame it on this time."

If it were under different circumstances, perhaps Gibbs would have smirked at that comment however, at this moment he stood with a hard glare.

"She couldn't have…" Tony continued like a broken record. Usually Gibbs would have head-slapped him or stopped him by now however this time he knew that he needed the rant. He needed it out of his system "There's no motive. How could she? Murdering Sean makes no sense. Someone's going to a lot of trouble to frame her."

Finally, the doors clicked open and Tony fell silent, Ziva walked between Vance and Fornell with a grave look on her face. She was in trouble.

The three stopped in front of Tony, Gibbs and Ducky. Tony could not take his eyes off Ziva. She looked angry and guilty at the same time and nervous butterflies irrupted in his stomach.

Vance was the first to speak. "Officer David is being taken into FBI custody for the time being." Tony's face fell and his gaze dropped from her's. "Agent Gibbs, Agent DiNozzo. I want you to go home. Get some rest. I can't have you near this case."

Gibbs nodded and Tony stared angrily into Vance's eyes. This case included his partner and his best friend. There was no way he was staying out of the loop.

"I'm taking your silence as a yes. I'll keep you as informed as I can." he nodded before walking away.

Gibbs and Fornell stepped a few feet away from Tony and Ziva. Gibbs leant in slowly, warning and hardness in his eyes.

"Keep me in your loop. Tobias." He said quietly to his friend. Fornell simply nodded once - he probably owed Gibbs that much.

Tony looked away from Ziva, throwing up different situations in his mind to explain their current one. Flashbacks of the night before raced through his mind.

"Tony." Ziva finally got the courage to choke his name out. "I did nothing."

He looked deep into her deep brown eyes, taking in her sincerity

"I know." He replied and walked toward Gibbs.

Ziva's eyes welled with tears and she was led away by Fornell. For as she looked into Tony's eyes she could see what he thought.

He did not believe that she did not do this.

He was beginning to juggle the possibility that she was guilty.


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