Title: A First Step At Christmas

Summary: Short one-shot episode tag to Silent Night. GibbsAbby

Disclaimer: Don't own it. If I did Gibbs would have been kissing Abby on something other than the cheek for years now.

Author's Note: First NCIS fic, sorry if anyone is OOC. Had this in mind since seeing the ep, but just now got around to writing it up. I'm hoping the fact that I have means the writer's block I've been suffering is going to end. Not holding my breath though. If there's interest, I may consider turning this into a series.


After a brief conversation with his father, Gibbs tucked his cell back in his pocket. He glanced one more time at the house in front of him. Abby'd had the right idea about reuniting the presumed-dead man and his now-grown daughter… her timing had just been off. Gibbs might have been able to convince Ned Quinn to give the reunion a chance, and maybe Abby could have if she'd been given a chance, but not until his name had been cleared. As hard as it was going to be for everything to be okay between the former Marine and his daughter, Quinn would never have even given it a shot knowing what he would be dragging Melissa, his innocent child, into. Gibbs could understand and respect that.

And now that the situation with former Petty Officer Ned Quinn had been taken care of, Gibbs could get back to the Yard and his team. As much as he'd never admit it out loud, the team had become his family. And that was what really mattered during the holidays… family; the people you loved. With a wry smile, Gibbs started his car and flipped a U-turn on the quiet street.

When he returned to the NCIS building, it was to find the whole team in MTAC watching It's A Wonderful Life. Not wanting to interrupt, Gibbs quietly walked the long way around the rows of seats to slip into one across the aisle from Abby. Apparently he hadn't been stealthy enough… or maybe it was that psychic connection she was always theorizing about… in any case, she turned to look at him, giving him a small smile. It wasn't a full Abby-smile, and he knew she was still feeling bad for her supposed mistake earlier. He should have cleared it up with her sooner, knowing how deeply she felt it when she thought someone was disappointed in her. Especially when it was him.

Signing to her before she had a chance to return her attention to the movie on the large screen, he got back up and headed into the hall. Gibbs was relieved when he felt her get up to follow as he had silently asked. He heard Tony ask her if she wanted them to pause the movie until she got back, but she told them to just keep enjoying themselves, she'd seen the classic so many times she had it memorized. The others chuckled appreciatively before returning their attention to the film.

"I'm sorry, Gibbs," she started rambling the second they were safely in the hall and away from the team. "I should have known better. I just wanted to help them find a Christmas miracle and…"

Gibbs cut her off with a finger placed over her plump, Christmas red lips. She stared up at him from beneath the thick fringe of her bangs, her huge green eyes impossibly greener and wider than he'd seen them in some time.

"Abbs," he said softly, "you had your heart in the right place. If it hadn't been for you trying what you did, I wouldn't have brought Quinn to Melissa's house."

She smiled widely and bounced in place. "You did?"

Gibbs returned her smile; his was small but still heartfelt. He knew he didn't have to verbally respond, didn't have to tell her that as far as he'd seen the reunion had gone well. She'd always been good at reading his silences. The only thing he regretted was her not having had the chance to see the Christmas miracle for herself.

As he pulled his gaze away from her happy, thankful one, something caught Gibbs' eye. Maybe he could make it up to her. At least a little. When he began walking her backwards, his hands cupping her slender shoulders, Abby gave him a confused look but didn't resist. It was always nice when the fact that she trusted him so completely was reinforced. Reaching his destination, he looked down at her. His quirky lab tech. Gibbs leaned in quickly, not wanting to give her enough time to realize what he was doing. He didn't want her to start babbling again.

His lips pressed against hers firmly but gently. A thrill ran through him when she let out a muffled moan at his action, and his hands tightened momentarily on her shoulders. But he forced himself to let go and back away. He was willing to take this step for her, for Christmas, but he wasn't going to rush where he eventually wanted things to go.

He'd only recently decided to act on the feelings he'd had for Abby for a long time, and he knew he had to take his time with them or all his old habits would ruin things. And he would do anything to prevent that from happening. He just didn't know how to tell Abby that yet. But he would. He'd make it a New Year's resolution if he had to.

"What was that?" she whispered, opening her eyes when it was clear the kiss was over.

Pointing up, he grinned and echoed her words from earlier in the day. "Mistletoe, Abbs."

Not giving her a chance to react or argue, he turned on his heel and went back to MTAC. He glanced over at the last minute to see her dancing in place, a happy smile gracing her lovely features. Gibbs smiled. It was a Merry Christmas after all.

The End.