Kung Fu Panda fanfic1

Friendship in Flames

It has been years since Zhan Fray, former student of Jade Palace and master of the Cheetah style, had left the Valley of Peace. Now he has returned, not to visit old masters and friends, but for a final mission to complete.

The cheetah strolled across the village, passing many villagers who were repairing the shattered buildings. None of them noticed him, if not for the cloak as dark as the night's sky he wore to cover his identity. He passed and literally bumped an ox, but continued on his way.

"Hey!" The ox angrily roared, Fray turned his attention to the ox, "Why don't you watch where you're going'?"

"Why don't you try losing some weight and then maybe it won't happen again," he shot back and then continued on his way.

The ox roughly grabbed his tail, giving it a tight squeeze. "Nobody talks to me like that," the brute growled.

Fray turned his head to the ox, a death glare within his eyes as he glazed upon the fool. "I'd release my tail if I were you," he warned.

The ox chuckled, "Oh yeah? What if I don't?" he asked, unaware of the danger he had gotten himself into.

"You're gonna wish you hadn't asked that," Fray exclaimed as his tail coiled around the ox's wrist. It tightened and strangled, almost cutting the blood circulation in his entire arm.

The ox might have weighed a ton, but Fray had been picked up many objects with merely a pinky. He slammed the brute on to the ground about five times, and then threw the over weighted brute into the wall, with only just his tail, and without even twitching a finger.

The wall which had taken the impact of the ox now had a hole of the ox's shape into it.

A few villagers glanced at the hole, and at Fray who had carried on, but quickly went back to minding their own business repairing the shattered buildings.

Po, who had been out grocery shopping, had finally found the last ingredient he needed to make his own version of his father's famous Secret Ingredient Soup. Although there really was no secret ingredient, his own version of the secret ingredient soup would have a few more spices and flavor, including a few extra peppers.

As he made his way back to the Jade Palace, he came across the path of shattered buildings, which were made thanks to his battle with Tai Lung. Although it had been merely a couple of months since his ordeal with Tai Lung a few of the buildings still needed to be repaired.

He examined all of the buildings, each a little more torn than the next, until he came across some new damage, a hole in the wall.

Po approached and peeked through the ox-shaped hole, he saw an unconscious ox on the other side of the wall. Po was beyond confounded; he turned to asked one of the villagers, a troubled goose, what had happened.

"Excuse me," Po asked, the goose looked up to the giant panda, "do you why there's a hole in the wall I know I've never seen before?"

"Why, yes I do, Dragon Warrior," the goose answered, giving a respectful bow, "a mysterious warrior just arrived into the village, the ox started a fight with him, and the warrior threw him into the wall. Now look at what's happened! It'll take weeks to repair this wall!" The goose complained.

"Did you see what the warrior looked like?" Po asked.

"No, Dragon Warrior," the goose answered, "he was wearing a black cloak, I couldn't see a glimpse of his face, and I could only see his tail. Blond and covered with brown spots."

"Brown spots?" Po repeated.

"Yes, Dragon Warrior, and he was heading for the Jade Palace," the goose added.

Po gasped, "Oh no, I get over there, and fast!" He said, and began sprinting as fast as he could, hopefully to get there in time to aid his comrades.

As Fray came within a foot of the first step, of the thousands of staircases that lead to the Jade Palace, he pondered about his plan, sure that everything will go as he had planned. For all the way up the thousands of stairs, within the Jade Palace, his entire mission began up there. His objectives, capture a certain master of Kung Fu, and then return to his dark, cruel master. And his target: Master Tigress.

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