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I Thought we were Friends

The End or To Be Continued

Po, Tigress, and Fray walked through the woods away from, what was once, the Valley of Shadows. Fray had to limp due to his injured knee, Kio had sharpened his claws for such a task.

As it got dark, the three went into a cave for the night, they would rest until the sun rose.

After several hours, Tigress awoken, the feline looked around and saw Po, curled up in a ball, asleep. "Get ready to feel the thunda!" he said aloud, still dreaming. Tigress smirked, even in his sleep he can others smile. She turned away from Po and found Fray, awake near the entrance of the cave.

"Zhan, you're awake?" Tigress said, after two to three days without sleep, you think he would have been out for at least 40 hours, "Is every alright?"

"I can't do it, Tigress," Fray said, a confused look appeared on Tigress' face, "I can't go back to the Jade Palace."

"What? Why not?" Tigress asked, "Zhan, the Society of Shadows is finished, Kio is dead, you have nothing back there."

"Nor do I have anything at the Jade Palace," Fray added, "but there is a big world out there, I must take on my own path."

"Then I will go with you," Tigress said.

"No, you won't," Fray said, placing his paws on her shoulders, "Listen Tigress, although we had our complications, I was wrong about you, you are a true friend," Fray pulled her closer and hugged her. Tigress' cheeks turned a bright pink, he was warm, she sighed though, Fray only saw her as a friend, yet Tigress felt okay with that. It was alright just to be friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend, but just ordinary friends. Fray eased off, "Tigress, you have a good life, don't give it up like I did, you have a home and friends."

"But Zhan, you're my only friend," Tigress said.

"No, I'm not," Fray said, pointing at Po, "You have the Dragon Warrior, he's a good friend, he came all this way to for you. If he hadn't come, I would be dead...and you would have been in my place, as Kio's puppet. He's the one that saved you. He is you friend."

Tigress had never thought of it that way. She turned to Po, "Take that, Kio!" he said, still talking in his sleep. Tigress could only smile, Po was a friend, along with the rest of the Five. After all those years without Fray around, once her only friend, she hadn't realized that she already had friends without Fray all along.

"Good bye, Tamara," Fray said, calling her by her real name. Tigress turned to Fray, but he was gone. He had left.

Po awoken, "Whoa! I just had a crazy dream," he said, looking around, "Hey, where'd Fray go?"

Tigress smiled, "He's gone."

"Gone where?"

"On his own path," Tigress said, "Get up, let's go home."

After hours, they had made it, to the Valley of Peace, up the Thousands Steps(which Po had difficulties not tripping and falling down again, which was fanny for us all), into the Jade Palace, and to their rooms in the Barracks.

It was only a few more minutes before the gong was rang, so they decided to let everyone know they were home when everyone had awoken. They tip-toed through the barracks and went into their separate rooms. But before Tigress entered her room, she turned to Po, a paw on his shoulder.

"Yeah, Tigress," Po whispering so he does not wake anyone up.

Although it was against her personal code, she decided the Dragon Warrior deserved an award. She leaned forward and kiss him.

Po was taken completely off guard at the press of her lips against his. Tigress eased off, "That was thanks for coming for me," she said, trying to hide her smile, "but if you tell anyone, I make you regret everything."

"Understood," Po said, with that he went in his room and closed the door.

As Tigress did the same, from inside her room she touched her lips, "Not bad, Panda, not bad at all," she whispered, smiling.

Should I have made rated this romance?

As the sun began rose into the sky, Fray walked away, slowly. All his life, after the test incident, he had only known lies, he no longer had a home, he had given it up to be the apprentice of Rollo Kio, and it was nothing better. The only thing he had left was himself and his equipment; his mask, his staff, his wrist launcher, and other gear.

He continued down his own path, leaving everything else behind, maybe even leaving China. (If there was music playing, it would be the sad walk away music)

The End or To Be Continued...

Greetings, I am 082 Martian Scout, but you can call me Scout for short, and THIS is the main reason of the chapter's name. You read what happened, Zhan Fray walked away, Rollo Kio along with the Society of Shadows is still alive, and that "event" with Po and Tigress.

Listen, as much as I would like to make a sequel, I just don't think I can, I have others stories to write, including this romance story between Po and Tigress that I'll write in time. So that's why I'm offering you an option, the main idea of this chapter is what I am trying to tell you.

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