Author's Note: I've watched Twilight now 5 times, and I'm also addicted to House. This is a crossover between House and Twilight-the first book.

Hope you enjoy, and please review if you do.


House was having a particularly rough morning getting ready for work on June 7th.

For starters, his leg throbbed, which wasn't unusual, but after taking four Vicodin, a shot of Bourbon and two Tylenol just for the hell of it, the pain persisted.

He was going to wear the jeans he slept in on the couch—again, nothing unusual, but the only 'clean, wrinkled and suitable enough shirt for Cuddy to harass him' was pink.

Uuck … Taub could wear pink; Foreman can wear pink; even Wilson has gotten away with it, but considering I've often wondered if he had a crush on Dr. Saunders (male, by the way), that's nothing unusual for Wilson. But I'm man enough to get away with it.

House dressed, took a bite of toast then figured he'd snag Wilson's homemade, gourmet oatmeal, so he grabbed his leather riding jacket, helmet and keys and locked his apartment door behind him.

Even the weather was bleak. It had stormed the night before, and there remained a light drizzle—fine if you're just getting the newspaper, but to ride a bike? House didn't care, though.

He straddled his bike, revved the engine, and was just about to put on his riding gloves when a firm grip on his shoulder stopped him. Looking over his shoulder at the sudden interruption, he glared at the man standing beside him.

The man was a few inches shorter than House, he'd speculate; his eyes were a solid black, filled with fear and desperation; and his complexion was a pasty white.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Dr. House. My name is Edward Cullen."