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It was quiet.

The only sounds were the tapping of fingers on a keyboard, printers printing numerous amounts of paper, and the murmuring of voices as they walked by, their beady eyes staring at him. Special Agent Tony DiNozzo rolled his eyes as he sat on the other side of the wall behind his desk, a gun in his hand. Straightening his tie, he loaded it and then sat up a little bit to look over the wall into the squadroom.

And there he was.

His target.

Special Agent Timothy McGee.

He sat back down and wiped the sweat off of his brow.

Was he really going to do this?

Of course he was.

He had to.

Making sure that his weapon was cocked and ready, he got onto his knees and turned around, getting ready for the kill. He sat up a little, his target in plain sight. He was unaware. Perfect. He lifted the gun up, closed one eye, aimed, and was ready to pull a trigger when he was suddenly caught off guard by a voice whispering into his ear, "What are you doing, Tony?" He moved away from her voice as he wiped his ear a couple of times, sighing before sitting back down onto the floor.

"What do you want?" he questioned.

She sat down next to him, "Just wondering what you are doing...with..." She pointed to the object in his hands, "That." She wrinkled her nose and brow in confusion.

Tony lifted the gun up, "This, my dear ninja, is a marshmallow blaster." He grinned, "Stole it from my neighbor. He kept pelting," He pulled a mini marshmallow out of his pocket, "These little suckers through my letter slot at night." He said, "So I confiscated it."

She rolled her eyes, "Do you not have better things to do than to torment little kids by stealing their toys?" She sighed, leaning her head back against the wall.

He thought for a moment before breaking back out into a large grin, "Nope."

He then turned back around and propped himself up on his knees. Ziva did the same and watched as he aimed horribly, "You are doing it wrong." She whispered into his ear, her voice sweet but sending shivers down his spine. How come she had this affect on him?

He groaned, "Doing what wrong? I'm doing it all right, thank you very much."

"You are holding your gun wrong." She argued.

"I am not!" He nearly whined, "Now shush!"

She sighed and rolled her eyes as he set the gun back up, aiming. She couldn't take it anymore, and with a whisper, she spoke again, "You are doing it wrong, Tony."

"Fine." He groaned, shoving the gun at her, "You're so good, then you do it." She smiled and gladly took the gun from him.

"Thank you." She promptly said, a little attitude in her voice at the same time, a little sass. She took Tony's position, moving in front of him. He moved back and then took this opportunity to let his gaze on her back lower just a little, "Stop looking at my ass." She commanded, and his eyes shot back up to the back of her head.

"What are you talking about?" He gave a shaky laugh and she just rolled her eyes.

She finally sighed and then sat back down flat on the ground, "We are not high enough." She said, "The plasma is in the way."

Tony sighed, defeated. His amazing 'Shoot McGee' plan hadn't gone through as planned. Again. Suddenly, he snapped his head up, "Hey!" He grinned, "I got an idea!" He patted his shoulders, "Climb on!"

Ziva furrowed her eyebrows together and stared at him. "No!" She put the gun on the ground and began to stand up when he stopped her. "Tony we will just have to wait until we are on higher ground."

"Ziva! This is a perfect opportunity! Come on!" He protested. "Look around. Gibbs isn't here. And McGoo..." He had to stop and laugh, "is totally unaware." Sighing, she knew she wasn't going to win the argument. She checked again for Gibbs, and climbed onto the senior field agent's shoulders. "You know, Ziva, this reminds me of page 57." He chuckled, "Do you remember page 57?"

"You know that I am holding a weapon, don't you, Tony?" He scoffed.

"That can't hurt me, it's a marshmallow shooter!" Ziva looked down at him without moving the weapon.

"You will be amazed that something that is so sweet could hurt you so much."

He looked down to the floor and muttered to himself. "Like you?" In effort to steady her, he put his hands on her thighs.

"Target is acquired." She whispered.

"Ready...Aim...Fire!" Ziva pulled the trigger several times and the quickly ducked down just as they hit McGee's head. Ziva climbed off of Tony and they both laughed as quietly as they could, until they saw legs standing in front of them. "Boss." Tony said. Gibbs only continued to stare at him. Tony sighed and handed him the gun. Gibbs walked into the squad room, marshmallow gun in hand.

McGee had to close his mouth from where it fell open. "Boss, that was you?!" He said loudly. Gibbs walked around his desk and leaned on it with two hands, simply staring him.

"Shutting up, boss." He said and returned to his computer. Ziva slipped into her desk, unnoticed. Tony walked in and sat down, still trying to hold back his laughter.

"Nice of you to join us, Special Agent DiNozzo." Tony glared at the Israeli who sat across from him. She smiled in defeat. She never got in trouble. "You too, Officer David." Now it was Tony's turn to smile. He looked over at McGee, who continued to type.

"You get hungry before lunch there, McMarshmallow?" He asked. McGee only glared at him.

"Tony, when are you going to grow up?"

"What are you talking about?" Tony said innocently.

"You pelted me with marshmallows!" McGee retaliated.

"Actually, McQuestions, that was Ziva." He smiled, turning towards his partner and flashing her a huge grin. She just gaped.

"Tony tied me into it!" She pointed to him.

"Roped, Ziva." Tony sighed, "The term is roped." She just glared at him.

"Oh really?" Gibbs suddenly spoke up, shocking the other members of Gibbs team. He smirked slightly, yet his eyes never left the computer screen, "And climbing onto his shoulders was all his fault too?" Now, it was McGee's turn to grin at the other two agents' discomfort.

Unable to say anything except have the ability to open and close their mouths like hungry fish, they just looked down at their papers sitting on their desks. Tony grinned, "Ziva liked it." He boasted, and her eyes shot up to meet her partners.

She scoffed, "I did not!" she lied, making sure that she didn't look down and to the left. To be honest, she loved the feeling of his warm hands on her hips...and the electric shock that went through both of their bodies was definitely not missed by her, maybe by Tony, but then again, why did he insist on moving his hands up and down her thighs?

He just grinned and leaned back, "Ziva you did." He said, "No one can resist the DiNozzo charm." He winked at her and she scoffed and rolled her eyes. He felt it too?

She just waved her hand away, "Whatever, Tony. That was purely childish." She said.

"But it was fun! Better than those boring books you read." He said, and she shook her head, tilting it slightly to the side.

"It was fun." She admitted, silently. She didn't even know if Tony heard her...not that it mattered, "But what is wrong with books?"

"I never said anything was wrong with books. I just prefer movies." He smiled.

She scoffed. Again, "You and your stupid movies." She pointed her pen towards him, furrowing her eyebrows together, "Why does everything have to circle," she moved her pen around in that shape, "back to your movies?"

"Some of them are films." He reiterated.

She just shook her head, "Tony..." and then Gibbs phone started to ring right as he was about to punish his two senior field agents.

"Yeah, Gibbs." He answered the phone in his normal greeting.

"Agent Gibbs? This is Cynthia. Director Vance needs you up in MTAC ASAP for a conference call."

"Oh yeah, Cynthia?" He asked, "And what's this 'call' about?"

"He said it was urgent...." She paused, waiting for his response, "With the president....?" She said, slowly.

"Which president?" He questioned, and Cynthia was confused.

"Our president. The President of the United States, sir."