You Know You've Been Playing To Much TWEWY When…

A/N Me and xTrateltx thought of this and I called fanfiction first!! Mostly all our fanfictions are from real life experiences…which means, I have done these before XD It's fun!! Give it a try!!! And creep out your friends! Wow, it'll work as a slogan XD Enjoy!

You glare at your shadow and starts jumping on it

You hold out your phone when you feel like your in danger

You start acting like TWEWY characters

You try imprinting on people!! (It works!!!)

You play with your phone and look at the sky

Stare at a car and see if it moves

Gasp and say "OMG!! Reaper!!" When you see a guy/girl wearing red or black hoodies (We took a picture of one and xTrateltx edited it so he has wings XD)

See which classmate represents which character ( Apparently, I'm Joshua and xTrateltx is Neku ^^)

When random thoughts come into your head, nudge your friend and whisper 'I think I've been imprinted on…'

Start trying to play Reaper Creeper

Go on mingle mode and do a dance chanting 'Civvies~' or 'We come in peace~' for the aliens (XD It was really fun)

A/N I made an Ouija board with my friend and my mom got like pissed at me and said there are devilish thing and never play it. But I never got to play it…thankfully.

Well, I think I'll continue this if I do anymore weird things with xTrateltx!! Thanks for reading!! Review please!!! And my nickname will be xBxOxSx because typing 'Reaper' is longer!! Yes, I know I'm lazy ^^

~ xBxOxSx