Ehehehehe... First timer, but I've been keeping a track of this fic. I actually thought of these in maths... So boreeeeed. A/N Welcome to the fic, then!

Those with an asterick at the end, I actually did.

-When you actually called your math teacher a 'radian'. (he got so freaked out.) * A/N Did he know what it meant? xD

-When you've actually gotten around to incorporating shibuya into your school (My friends go all 'wtf' when I say that we're headed to udagawa.)* A/N WHAT? I NEED TO GO TO YOUR SCHOOL

-When all that you draw are TWEWY profiles (like dedications to people- in this case twewy characters)* A/N Ahh! I did this, too!

-When you randomly shout,"GO MR MEW!"~Shiki 3rd fusion(People were staring at me going 'w...t...f...')* A/N My friend did!

-When you tried to model pins out of plasticine A/N Not good with plasticine .

-When you try to convince people that you ARENT Joshua-fangirl(just because a friend recognized the quote doesn't mean that I've gone addicted!)* A/N XD Sure you aren't! :p

That's all I have for now! A/N Come back anytime!


every time you hear a beat or rhyme on any music,you think of TWEWY char Beat and Rhyme

A/N Especially in music class ;D

you scream"its a party in my mouth" when you eat something delicious A/N My friend did that1

you say 'gotta bounce' every time ya leave A/N Sometimes…xD

phone rings you panic A/N Not a lot of people call me T.T

you feel powerless without your pins A/N I don't even have pins!

you paint a skull decal at your school in hopes of a 'player' to appear A/N Maybe only with chalk… xD

7 is considerd a wild card A/N Oho?

playing cards make you hope for a pair so you can erase the noise A/N OHO!


I /know/ I've been playing too much TWEWY. I got it a few weeks ago, beat it in little less than a week, and it's damn well still glued to my hand. A/N I'm wondering where mine went!

Some experiences? I've many all of which I've done or have had happen;

1. you jump up in math class and recite the first 50+ digits of pi. (I had it written down on my arm) A/N LOL XD

2. You begin quoting the characters without knowing it. Zetta sons of digits! A/N Same here!

3. When you start checking your hand for the time, instead of the clock. A/N OOOHH Never done this one before!

4. You start to wonder how you'd look if you cut your hair to one of the styles...styled and colored it. Made/bought their outfits...and wore it as an everyday thing. A/N I'd look weird :3

5. Ask your parents not to burry you right away after death...to wait a week first just to make sure you're not coming back. A/N If they live that long .

All those have seriously happened to me, or have personally been done by myself. Thought I'd share. Good luck with the series. :3 A/N Thank you! I hope you'll review again!

2010-04-23 . chapter 16


I'm home sick right now and this is how I'm amusing myself. A/N Hope you get better!

I've got a couple of good ones!

~You had to hold on a squeal when you saw a "Joshua K." on the list of people in the school orchestra. A/N WOW GOTTA MEET THIS GUY

~You do a career quiz and get composer AND producer, then freak out your friends by laughing and saying "Of which city?" A/N I never did a career quiz before…

~You have assigned a character to pretty much everyone you know. ((I'm Joshua, my friend is Neku...)) A/N I'm Joshua too!

~You answer to the name of that character. ((Every time someone says Joshua or Josh I turn my )) A/N Same!

~You laugh your head off every time you see The Land Before Time on TV because Joshua's VA voices Littlefoot. xDD A/N I was so shocked when I found out

~You acted out a scene from TWEWY for a drama presentation. A/N Which one?

~You are seriously considering ordering a pin set off eBay. A/N Parents won't let me T.T

~You know that Neku would murder you for writing NekuJosh fanfics, but you do anyway. A/N Can't write anything romantic…EVER

~You cried at the ending and had to be comforted by your mom, because you thought Neku shot Joshua. Then you read the secret reports and felt stupid. ._. A/N My mom wouldn't really care and just look at me funny.


I started acting like Joshua white the phone but dressed like Sho and listen to music like Neku white those big phones A/N Cool!

A/N I decided that this fic will probably never end! It'll always be open for more ideas! Thanks for still reading!