Embracing the Kitsune

IVX: The Naruto Characters and world were created by Masashi Kishimoto and the Inuyasha characters and world were created by Rumiko Takahashi, but the new original characters are mine. ;;;sticks out tongue;;; IVX... ^_~

~Ch. 1 – Changes~

Kagome sat alone under the Goshimbuko in her own time concentrating intently on a small round jewel in her hands. Her face showed no emotion, but her eyes held all the sadness of the world. Kagome allowed her eyes to become unfocussed from the seemingly harmless jewel and looked at her badly sliced arms. Although they were both covered in gauze and bandaged, she could still see the red starting to seep to the surface again. The deep wounds needed stitches, but for some reason she didn't want to let them heal properly. They were her penance in a way.. She shook her head and focused back on the Shikon no Tama, her curse and perhaps… her blessing. But that was yet to be seen.

Only a couple of days ago her and her friends stood in this same place, 500 years in the past, in the most important battle of their life and possibly the most significant to the world's future. Yes, they had finally faced Naraku and yes they had come out victorious, but what was the price of that victory. Miroku, Sango, Koga and… Shippo. Losing her little kit had hurt her the most. Just the thought that her loved ones had been taken from her so suddenly was unbearable. She didn't want to think about it, but everywhere she turned something would remind her of them and the images of the battle would flash in her mind again. The blood, the sounds of anguish, the sadness and it was all her fault. They were all gone and she blamed herself "If only I had been stronger."

During the battle Naraku had her friends in his clutches and in a last ditch effort to save them to save them she had latched herself onto him and pored as much of her fading purifying powers into him as possible. It hadn't been enough and he had only been crippled while slicing at her and ripping her off of him. In the end it had been Kikyo who saved the day, just in time to save Inuyasha and herself, but not in time to save the others. Kikyo was gone by the time the dust had settled, not even bothering to take Naraku's portion of the jewel.

Kagome's mind wandered to Kikyo, Inuyasha's first love. She had always been better at everything than she was. Kikyo was even better at stealing Inuyasha's heart. And that brings us back to the jewel. It was hers to do with as she pleased after Inuyasha had declined her offer to make his wish. He was to afraid of losing himself as a full demon and hated the thought of being a weak human. She had thought of wishing her friends back, but Kaede had informed her that even the jewel couldn't bring them back the way she wanted. Now the only thing that gave Kagome any sort of hope to hold out for was Inuyasha. If he gave her his love then she could somehow make it through this ordeal, but that was a long shot and Kagome new it. How could he choose her over the oh so perfect Kikyo? This was the very thought that had sparked the idea she was mulling over now. The Jewel could give her the edge she needed to win him over.

With the Shikon she could remedy her flaws and give herself a way to get closer to her love. She would no longer be weak and useless, she could share things with him that no other could, she would wish herself a half demon. At least that's what she wanted to do, but as they say, easier said than done. She was still trying to build up the courage she needed to do it. Again she found her gaze wondering to her arms and she scoffed at herself in disgust. The cuts would be an ever present reminder of her weakness. "I'm even to weak to just do what I need to do." That made up her mind as she rose with a determined look on her face. She placed the jewel and necklace back around her neck as she took of towards the well.

* on the other side of the well

Inuyasha was on his way to go check up on Kagome. He was worried about her. Her normally cheerful demeanor was nonexistent, which was understandable given resent events, but something just didn't sit right with him. The way she sat and stared at the Jewel since he gave it to her and the few things she did say just didn't sound right. It was like she blamed herself for the death of their friends and he didn't want her to make any rash decisions in her current state. As he neared the well he saw a smiling Kagome jump out of the well and for a moment he was happy to see her acting happy, but as he drew closer he realized her smile looked… funny. Not like her at all. "Kagome," he said concernedly "are you ok?"

Her awkward smile widened. "I'm doing better now. In fact I'm about to make everything a lot better."

Inuyasha gave her a confused look. "Are you sure you're ok, you don't seem like yourself." He said as he took a step towards her.

"Inuyasha" She said as if amazed that he didn't believe her. "Everything will be fine as soon as I use this." Kagome yanked the Jewel off her neck breaking the chain, all the while still holding the awkward smile.

Now Inuyasha took a step back. "Just hold on a minute Kagome. What do you plan on doing with that."

"Don't you see, I'm going to make us both happier." She held the powerful object high in the air. "I wish…"

"Don't do it Kagome, your not well." He pleaded with her

She gave him a smile and spoke louder this time. "I wish to be a half demon." Inuyasha's jaw just about hit the ground and he froze in place. Kagome just smiled as the jewel pulsed pink a couple of times. However, her smile faded as the Jewel made a deep pounding sound and started pulsing a dark purple. She turned confused eyes at her love. "Inuyasha, what's happening." Her voice sounded scared.

The half-demon snapped out of it at the sound of her voice. "I don't know just get rid of it."

She tried to throw it, but it stuck to her like someone had super glued it to her hand. "I can't it's stuck." She was starting to panic. "Inuyasha I'm scared."

As he went to comfort her a purple burst of energy threw him back and a voice that sounded like many people speaking just out of sink with each other boomed loudly through the clearing. "Insolent human…. Poisoned miko…. You have tainted us once again." A bubble like barrier surrounded her and lifted her into the air. "For your selfish and impure wish you are to be punished… Hahahaha"

Inuyasha ran back to her and pounded on the barrier dread showing in every aspect of his being. "Why Kagome, why?"

She stopped in her attempts to get out of the barrier and smiled at him sadly. "Because… I wanted you to love me and want to be with me… like I do you."

He in return stopped his pounding and had an astonished look on his face. "You never had to change, I have always love you for who you are."

Kagome's heart jumped into her throat. Then her eyes filled with tears as she realized her mistake. "Oh Inuyasha, I…" She never got to finish her sentence as the barrier she was encased in speed off into the distance. It only took Inuyahsa a moment to pursue her, but he was having trouble keeping up. Kagome began to beat as hard as she could on the thing taking her from her now requited love. "No no…. please NO!" The world seemed to fade around her as she picked up speed and then finally faded completely to black.

A pain like she had never felt before engulfed her entire being. Her clothes and bandages seemed to disintegrate and she watched as her deep cuts scarred over, healing to fast to return to normal. She felt like everything down to her bones were being mutilated. As she watched her fingernails turn into deadly claws and felt her ears moving to the top of her head she heard that eerie voice speak again. "Enjoying your wish?" twisted laughter filled her now very sensitive ears making her cringe.

She gabbed her stomach as the immense pain threw her spine made her want to throw up. She grit her teeth and was barely able to ask "What are you doing to me?"

"Giving you your wish."

"Is… is this my punishment." She curled into the fetal position and shook.

"No miko… this is what you wanted, but in return for your tainted wish you will do our biding. You will be sent to a place that will need your help, never to see your loving half-demon again. And in the form you wished yourself into the mission will be that much more grave."

Kagome just barely caught what the malevolent voices said in her pain-filled and exhausted state. The pain stopped abruptly, but she still felt like she had been hit by a freight train. Through her hazed vision she saw light again and felt her self start to fall. Unable to catch herself, she hit the ground hard. Luck would have it she landed on a muddy riverbank. She tried to lift herself with her arms, but as she figured she was to weak and fell back in the thick mud with a splat. Deciding moving was not an option she let the inviting peacefulness of sleep take over.

*Naruto land, morning

You ever have a night of sleep that seemed to feel like it passed in seconds and when you opened your eyes it gave you an immediate headache, making you want nothing more than to crawl into a dark hole and die. That's how Kagome felt when she awoke. Not to mention the sun filtered through the trees at just the right angle to hit her sensitive eyes. She daringly pushed herself into a sitting position, ignoring the painful ache that still persisted. She noticed three things; she was covered in mud, Naked!, and every little thing hurt her senses. She crawled over to the water to try and wash some of the grime off and startled when something soft rubbed against her leg. She looked over her shoulder only to see a disheveled, muddy, furry white tail. She fell over into the mud again at the shock. Realization of what happened sinking in. With the discovery of the new appendage she shook her head clear and decided to try and concentrate on the moment lest her brain explode.

When she reached the water, the person staring back at her was a stranger. Silvery white hair, blue-green eyes, fangs, but most important two slender white ears that swivelled on top of her head. She inspected them closer and realized though they looked similar to Inuyasha's, they were sleeker. "What am I?!"

Her chest pulsed and inside her mind she once more heard those damnedable voices laughing at her. She clutched her head as they began to speak. "hahaha… you never specified a type of half-demon now did you… Fox."

"Get out of my Head!" She yelled to the voices only she could hear.

"We are with you always…" her chest pulsed again and she clutched it. "You are still our protector."

She was about to ask them more, but she shut up as she heard four sets of foot steps heading quickly her way. She quickly got over the amazement that she could tell that just from listening and jumped high into a near by tree concealing herself in it's branches and leafs. Kagome watched quietly as what looked to be more modern dressed ninja come to a halt where she had just been sitting.

IVX: I hope you like how this is going so far. This has been in my head for a while and it sounded like fun. Hope you enjoyed it… ^_~