Title: Past (also known on Goldenlake as Rosierocks)

Rating: G

Summary: Lerant remembers his aunt Delia. Written for Goldenlake prompt 2, 'hauntings'.

- - -

He barely remembers his aunt.

Mostly he just remembers a swish of emerald skirts and flashing jewels. Light, throaty laughter. An easy smile. To this motherless three-year-old boy, she was his world.

He doesn't acknowledge it, but there is one faint memory, tucked in the depths of his mind. A memory of being scooped up and twirled round. Kissed on the forehead. A quiet promise that when she was Queen, she would dress him in silks and diamonds, and make him her Prince.

What Lerant does remember, is the day the soldiers came and arrested the Eldorne men for treason.