Chapter 22: Goodbye's For Now

"I can't believe that you all leave tomorrow." Arizona pouted as they all sat at a picnic table at a water park eating sandwiches.

"But you can come visit us." Cody suggested as he took a bite into his ham and cheese sandwich. "It isn't that far."

"Well of course. We have to go visit you during Thanksgiving, and Christmas!" Callie told them. "Where else would we be?"

"We could come visit you for Christmas, but I think that Santa would get lost." Chloe frowned sadly.

"Well, for the sake of Santa, we'll go up to your house." Arizona smiled down at Chloe who returned it.

"Hopefully I can get out of school and make it." Annie joked.

"You better." Arizona said sternly. "I hated not seeing you during the holidays this past year."

"Sorry, I had a life." Annie rolled her eyes playfully.

"My birthday is next month, are you going to come to my party?" Chloe asked sweetly.

Callie looked over at Arizona and nodded, "Yeah, I think we can pull some strings." Arizona chuckled. "I know a few people who owe me a favor."

"Black mail. Nice." Annie joked.

Arizona simply rolled her eyes, "It's not blackmail." She argued back.

"You never come visit me for my birthday." Annie pouted.

"That's cause you're old." Cody pointed and laughed at Annie. Annie gave him a fake glare and began tickling him.

"I'm old? Am I really? Are you sure about that, Cody?" Annie laughed as Cody shook his head giggling.

"Fine! You're not old!" He shrieked.

"That's what I thought." Annie stated.

"Also, if you made an attempt to visit us on holidays, maybe we'd make an attempt to visit you on your birthday." Arizona smiled smugly. "So, who's going to go down the tube chute with me?" Arizona grinned as she stood up and grabbed her tube excitedly.

"Me, me, me!" Chloe giggled as she attempted to hold her oversized tube.

"Count me in." Callie grinned as she helped Chloe hold her tube.

"I'm gonna stay here and eat my sandwich." Cody shrugged.

"Ditto." Annie announced as she grabbed Cody's sandwich and proudly took a big bite out of it.

"Hey!" Cody frowned. "Get your own, Annie."

"Alright, don't kill each other." Arizona teased as she walked out of the cabana and toward the tube chute.

"Auntie Zona, you're my favorite person in the whole world." Chloe stated as she skipped along side of her toward the water ride.

"Well, you're my favorite person in the whole world too!" Arizona smiled as she lifted her leg side ways and kicked Chloe in the butt.

"Even more than Callie?" Chloe asked in shock looking over at Callie who was smirking at Arizona.

"Oh yeah! She can't compare." Arizona teased giving Callie a hidden wink.

"Whohoo!" Chloe cheered.

"Look at them." Callie whispered with her body turned slightly as she pointed to the back seat where Annie and the two kids were knocked out on their drive home.

"They are so much nicer like that." Arizona joked as she looked at them through her rear view mirror.

"Oh please, you love them more than life itself." Callie smiled.

"Today was nice." Arizona commented as she looked over at Callie slightly, but returning her eyes back to the road.

"It was nice, it will definitely be weird having the apartment all to ourselves after tomorrow, though." Callie replied with hint of sadness in her voice.

"Don't get me wrong, Calliope, I think it will be fun with it being only us." Arizona whispered seductively, "but I can't lie. I'm really going to miss the noise in the home."

"Me too." Callie nodded, "it actually reminded me of summers out our house. Since we lived right on the beach, all my cousins and family would come stay with us for the summer."

"You miss your family." Arizona stated simply with a nod.

"I don't miss my family, well I do, but I more miss the idea of family. All that comes with it. All the simple joys." Callie whispered with a smile on her face from ear to ear.

"Am I hearing what I think I'm hearing?" Arizona asked as she turned to look Callie in the eyes.

Callie smiled, "Eyes on the road, babe." Arizona nodded and turned her eyes back to the road, "But, yeah, I mean I know we decided to wait awhile, but why wait? We can easily go back to Addison, and get her friend Naomi to help us start a family."

"If that's what you want, Calliope, then I'm thrilled. I am more than ready for this. I think- I think-..." Arizona trailed off speechless.

"You think that it's super?" Callie teased.

"I do." Arizona nodded quickly leaning over to kiss Callie on the cheek. "I do, I do." Arizona nodded eagerly.

"Why is this summer ending so fast?" Arizona pouted as she and Callie got ready in their bathroom to go to the airport. That morning was the morning of Chloe, Cody, and Annie's departure. Annie was going to go pack up what she had left at the house and then head back over to the university since Nate was already there.

"It has gone fast, but look at it this way, the rest of the year will be just you and me." Callie whispered in her ear seductively as she kissed her softly on the cheek.

Arizona looked over at Callie through the mirror and grinned, "That you are right my dear. You know... the chief gave us the whole day off."

"I know, and their plane leaves at nine this morning, which gives us a whole day to do nothing. What will we do with ourselves?" Callie asked innocently as she stood behind arizona putting her arms around her waist and laying her chin on her shoulder.

"I'm sure we'll think of something..." Arizona giggled as she pulled out of Callie's embrace giving her a small kiss on the lips before exiting the bathroom.

"Cody, Chloe, are you two packed and ready?" Arizona asked calling into the guest room.

"Yep!" Cody nodded pulling their suitcases out of their room.

"Great." Arizona clapped her hands together, "Now where is Chloe and Annie?"

"They're in Annie's room getting ready." Cody rolled his eyes.

"They're just going to be on a plane." Arizona complained.

"...we're only dropping them off and yet you look like you're going out to a 4-star restaurant." Callie joked as she entered the living room.

"Ha. Ha." Arizona fake laughed.

"I'm only joking hon." Callie smiled, "So Cody, you ready to go back and see your Mom and Dad?"

Cody shook his head, "No, I want to stay."

"Me too!" Chloe pouted as she ran into the living room running straight into Arizona's arms.

"Well, sweetie, Calliope and I are planning on going down for your birthday." Arizona negotiated.

"Promise?" Chloe smiled.

"Of course!" Arizona kissed her temple. "Why would I ever lie to my favorite niece."

"I don't know." Chloe shrugged with a grin. "Are you going to visit us soon?"

"I just said I was, didn't I?" Arizona teased as she bent down and tickled Chloe.

"Alright, Alright, we don't want to miss our plane." Annie walked in breaking of the tickle fight.

"Let's hit the road, Jack." Callie joked as she helped Cody with his bags.

"Callie, my name is Cody!" Cody laughed.

"I'm sorry! I keep forgetting." Callie teased as she gently nudged Cody out the door.

"Make sure to call as soon as you get in." Arizona said with worry in her voice as they stood in front of security getting ready to say their good-byes.

"We will, Mom." Annie smiled softly as she leaned in and hugged her mom tightly.

"Not tomorrow, Annie. As soon as you get in. Make sure to take everything you need to School also. You don't want to get there and realize you forgot something." Arizona brushed the hair out of her daughters hair.

"Mom, I'm a big girl. I'm a sophomore now, not a freshman." Annie reminded her mother who simply brushed it off.

"I don't care, I am just upset I won't be there."

"You have to save sick kids. It's cool. I get it." Annie smiled as she pulled her mother into another hug.

At the same time Callie was kneeled down giving Cody and Chloe tight hugs.

"Promise to take care of Auntie Zona?" Cody asked softly.

"Always." Callie nodded seriously.

"Pinky promise?" Chloe held out her pink.

"Pinky promise." Callie joined pinkies with Chloe.

"Alright Miss Chloe, come give your Auntie Zona a hug." Arizona forced a smile as she wiped away the tears and bent down to hug Chloe.

"Me too!" Cody laughed as he ran into Arizona's arms took.

"So, see you soon?" Annie asked Callie.

"See you soon." Callie confirmed with a tight hug. "Take care, Annie. Call your mother. She worries." Callie smiled.

Annie shrugged, "She shouldn't. I'm a big girl."

"You're still her baby girl." Callie pointed out.

"Not for long, though." Annie winked.

"Eavesdropper!" Callie eyes shot opened as she pointed to Annie accusingly.

Annie shrugged as she lifted her carry-on bag and walked off toward security with the kids. "Sue me!"

"What is that all about?" Arizona asked softly as she watched them walk through the medal detectors.

"Nothing." Callie smiled. "So... you said something about a whole day of... what?"

Arizona's frown turned into a wide grin, "I think we said we would think of something."

"Well, any ideas?" Callie asked sweetly.

Arizona shrugged, "I can think of a few." She whispered huskily.

"What a great way to end the summer." Callie smiled as she grasped Arizona's hand and led her out of the airport and to their car.


WELL... I haven't given much thought to a sequel, but hey, WHO KNOWS! Maybe I'll be inspired one of these rainy days. Keep a look out.