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Somewhere Close to Hell
By Starlite1

The first thing he was aware of was the rasping call of the vultures barrelling into his skull.

This was quickly followed by the burning heat that enveloped him. As much as he tried to escape from the agony of the situation, he knew that the second his eyes opened, things would become a hundred times worse.

Throughout their entire relationship, he'd had a healthy respect for Angela's father. The man was honest, and he loved Ange enough for him to understand his over protectiveness.

After everything that happened with Grayson, and everything had gone to hell in one of his should-have-been-father-in-law's fast cars, the last thing he'd thought about was the fallout beyond the DC boarders. As the weeks had turned into months and his pulverised internal organs began to scar over, there had been no reason, no argument to even dredge that conversation the night before their failed wedding from the crevices of his mind.

Now he desperately wished that he had.

His pupils contracted painfully in the blinding white sunlight, and another semi began endlessly driving full pelt off his Zygomatic arch to bounce around his cranium in almost poetic agony.

There was no doubt in his mind that he was somewhere close to the hell Sweet's had mentioned lurked in the man's eyes.

Another ache made its presence known. As he gingerly sat up, idly noting that the semis were now converging into general throb, he turned towards his arm.

To see the beaming, and all too recognisable face of his ex staring back at him.

With a groan, he flopped into his original position in the sand, praying that a miracle might see him wake up and this all be a dream.

He waited,

And checked his arm again.

No such luck.

He eventually began to push himself back to his feet, ready for however long the trek back to civilisation may be.

With a glance down at his arm, with the memories of the past three years suddenly hitched to the trailers to be dragged out and into the open, he sighed reluctantly.

Despite how it had ended, he'd loved it.

And in the minutes since he'd woken up, the blasted tattoo had begun to grow on him as well.


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