Hey! This is my first Lost fan fiction ever, but I've been a devout fan of the series since it first came out. I write other fanfiction for other fandoms under another name, but as I am older now, I decided to try something new. I thought I would try my had at some JULES (James x Juliet, since I refuse to call it Suliet) fanfiction. I think it will be roughly 45-50 short vigettes of Sawyer and Juliet's years in Dharmaville with my own personal interpretation of how the couple came to be. Each chapter will be inspired by one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!

Swallowed in the Sea

Two weeks.

Juliet sighed as the water skimmed over her toes. Two weeks...and then what? She really hadn't thought that far ahead. Sawyer, all jokes aside, had been right about something after all: she had nowhere left to go. She felt like screaming.

Her feet seemed to move on their own accord bringing her closer and closer to the deep end. The water was gentle and coaxing, pushing her further and further away from her personal hell. She knew she shouldn't be doing this and that she should turn back, but she didn't want to. Something within her knew, that if she stepped foot on the island, she would never leave.

Midriff barely above the water, she continued. It was nice, she thought, to finally have control over something, to be free to finally make her own decision. The men in her life had never allowed her to do much of anything. She was an object of fancy to them, nothing more than a pretty face.

She had always wished for something to make everything disappear, yet the answer had always been here, violently crashing against the shore.

Once upon a time, she thought Jack was that something. He was a force within himself, a leader not truly actualized, broken in many more ways than one. Somehow, she had thought, he would rescue her.

But he was no different, and perhaps without realizing it, he had used her too.

The water pushed against her neck, like a chain, pulling her below the surface. She closed her eyes, thinking of the life she could have lived, being with the people she could have loved, seeing Rachael and meeting Julian…

Her foot caught in the underbrush and the waves began to relentlessly consume her body.

"What the hell you doin'?"

Juliet looked up, startled. "Just thinking," she said as she turned back to stare at the alluring waves.

Sawyer looked down at her dubiously. "Ain't nothing to think about Barbie."

She turned her head to stare at him as he sat down next to her, their shoulders almost touching. He knew.

"Just remember, your damn promise."

Her body suddenly felt heavier next to his, as though he was anchoring her down. She didn't respond; she only smiled and closed her eyes.

And for the first time in a long time, Juliet truly let herself dream.

All credit for the song "Swallowed in the sea", my inspiration for this chapter, goes to the awesome band Coldplay! I think next chapter will be from Sawyer's perspective, inspired by the song "You could be happy" by Snow Patrol. Three guesses who he'll be thinking about. Please let me know what you think about this chapter!